Lydia Yeamans Titus

Actress - USA
Born 1865 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died December 29, 1929 in Glendale, California, USA

Lydia Yeamans Titus was born under the given name Lydia Yeamans in 1865 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was an American Actress, known for A Gun fightin' Gentleman (1919), The Prince of Avenue A (1920), The freeze out (1921), Lydia Yeamans Titus's first movie on record is from 1911. She was married to Frederick Titus. Lydia Yeamans Titus died on December 29, 1929 in Glendale, California, USA. Her last motion picture on file dates from 1930.

Lydia Yeamans Titus Filmography [Auszug]
1930: [01.18] Lummox (Cast), Directed by Herbert Brenon, with Winifred Westover, Sidney Franklin,
1929: [] Shanghai Lady (Cast),
1929: [] The Voice of the storm (Cast),
1928: [] Two Lovers (Cast: Innkeeper's Wife), Directed by Fred Niblo, with Vilma Banky, Marcella Daly,
1928: [] Sweet Sixteen (Cast), Directed by Scott Pembroke, with Helen Foster, Gertrude Olmstead,
1928: [] The Water Hole (Cast),
1928: [] While the city sleeps (Cast), Directed by Jack Conway, with Lon Chaney, Anita Page,
1927: [] Heroes in Blue (Cast),
1927: [] Night Life (Cast),
1927: [05.29] The Lure of the Night Club (Cast: Aunt Susan), Directed by Tom Buckingham, with Viola Dana, Robert Ellis, Jack Dougherty,
1927: [01/30] Upstream (Cast: The Landlady), Directed by John Ford, with , Earle Foxe, Grant Withers,
1926: [11.28] Twinkletoes (Cast: (/xx/) ), Directed by Charles Brabin, with Colleen Moore, Kenneth Harlan, Tully Marshall,
1926: [] The Lily (Cast),
1926: [] Sunshine of Paradise Alley (Cast),
1926: [02.21] Irene (Cast: Mrs. Cheston), Directed by Alfred E. Green, with Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes, George K. Arthur,
1925: [] The Rag Man (Cast: Mrs. Mallory), Directed by Edward F. Cline, with William Conklin, Jackie Coogan, Max Davidson,
1925: [] Arizona Romeo (Cast),
1925: [] Head Winds (Cast),
1925: [] The limited mail (Cast),
1925: [] The Talker (Cast),
1925: [05.03] Up the ladder (Cast: Hannah, Jane's Old Nurse ), Directed by Edward Sloman, with Virginia Valli, Forrest Stanley, Margaret Livingston,
1924: [] Cytherea (Cast),
1924: [] Tarnish (Cast),
1924: [] A Boy in Flanders (Cast),
1924: [] In Fast Company (Cast),
1924: [] Young Ideas (Cast),
1924: [02.01] Big Timber (Stranger of the North) (Cast: (--??--)), Directed by John W. Noble, with , , Charles E. Graham,
1924: [01.20] The Lullaby (Cast: Mary ), Directed by Chester Bennett, with Jane Novak, Robert Anderson, Fred Malatesta,
1923: [11.26] The Wanters (Cast), Directed by John M. Stahl, with Marie Prevost, Robert Ellis, Norma Shearer,
1923: [09.30] Scaramouche (Cast: Madame Binet), Directed by Rex Ingram, with Lloyd Ingraham, Alice Terry, Ramon Novarro,
1923: [/ /1] Big Dan (Cast), Directed by William A. Wellman,
1923: [] The Famous Mrs. Fair (Cast), Directed by Fred Niblo, with Carmel Myers,
1923: [] The Footlight Ranger (Cast),
1922: [] A Girl's Desire (Cast),
1922: [] The Lavender Bath Lady (Cast),
1922: [] The Married Flapper (Cast),
1922: [05.28] The Glory of Clementina (Cast: Shiela's Maid ), Directed by Émile Chautard, with Pauline Frederick, Edward Martindel, George Cowl,
1922: [03.18] Beauty's Worth (Cast: Maid in Whitney Estate), Directed by Robert G. Vignola, with Marion Davies, Forrest Stanley, June Elvidge,
1922: [01.22] Two kinds of women (Cast: Mrs. Simpson), Directed by Colin Campbell, with Pauline Frederick, Tom Santschi, Charles Clary,
1921: [10.22] His Nibs (Cast: The Boy’s Mother), Directed by Gregory La Cava, with Charles Chic Sale, Colleen Moore, Joseph J. Dowling,
1921: [/ /1] The freeze out (Cast), Directed by John Ford,
1921: [] Beating the game (Cast),
1921: [] Beau Revel (Cast), with Florence Vidor,
1921: [] The Concert (Cast: Mrs. Pollinger), Directed by Victor Schertzinger, with , Russell Powell,
1921: [] The Invisible Power (Cast),
1921: [] The Marriage of William Ashe (Cast),
1921: [] Nobody's Fool (Cast: Housekeeper), Directed by King Baggot, with Marie Prevost, , ,
1921: [] Queenie (Cast),
1921: [03.00] All Dolled up (Cast), Directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon,
1921: [02.27] The Mistress of Shenstone (Cast: Susannah Murgatroyd ), Directed by Henry King, with Pauline Frederick, Roy Stewart, Emmett King,
1921: [01.31] The Mad Marriage (Cast), Directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon, with Carmel Myers, ,
1920: [10.10] Deep waters (Cast: Aunty Bell), Directed by Maurice Tourneur, with Rudolf Christians, Barbara Bedford, John Gilbert,
1920: [07.19] Smiling all the Way (Cast: Mrs. Webster ), Directed by Fred J. Butler, Hugh C. McClung, with David Butler, Leatrice Joy, Frances Raymond,
1920: [07.18] Go and get it (Cast: Lilly Doody ), Directed by Marshall Neilan, Henry Roberts Symonds, with Pat O'Malley, Wesley Barry, Agnes Ayres,
1920: [] The Prince of Avenue A (Cast), Directed by John Ford,
1920: [] The Street called Straight (Cast: Mme. Victoria De Melcourt ), Directed by Wallace Worsley, with Charles Clary, Naomi Childers, Lawson Butt,
1920: [] Water, Water everywhere (Cast),
1920: [04.04] Nurse Marjorie (Cast: Biddy O'Mulligan (/xx/)), Directed by William Desmond Taylor, with Mary Miles Minter, Arthur Hoyt, Vera Lewis,
1919: [11.29] A Gun fightin' Gentleman (Cast: Helens Tanten (AKA Lydia Titus)), Directed by John Ford, with Harry Carey, J. Barney Sherry, Kathleen O'Connor,
1919: [09.07] The World and its woman (The Golden Song) (Cast: Mamie Connors ), Directed by Frank Lloyd, with Geraldine Farrar, Lou Tellegen, Mae Giraci,
1919: [] The Fear Woman (Cast),
1919: [] The Peace of Roaring River (Cast),
1919: [] Strictly Confidential (Cast),
1919: [] The unpainted woman (Cast), Directed by Tod Browning, with David Butler, Mary MacLaren,
1919: [04.21] A Yankee Princess (Cast: Lady Windbourne), Directed by David Smith, with Bessie Love, Robert Gordon, George C. Pearce,
1919: [03.23] Partners Three (Cast: Gossip), Directed by Fred Niblo, with Enid Bennett, Casson Ferguson, J.P. Lockney,
1919: [02.23] Happy Though Married (Cast: Aunt Mattie ), Directed by Fred Niblo, with Enid Bennett, Hallam Cooley, Charles K. French,
1919: [01.26] The Romance of Happy Valley (Cast: Old Lady Smiles), Directed by D.W. Griffith, with Robert Harron, Kate Bruce,
1919: [01.19] The Call of the Soul (Cast: Mrs. Weber ), Directed by Edward LeSaint, with Gladys Brockwell, William Scott,
1918: [11.30] All Night (One Bright Idea (Working title)) (Cast: Cook), Directed by Paul Powell, with Carmel Myers, Rudolph Valentino, Charles Dorian,
1918: [09.23] A Society Sensation (The Borrowed Duchess (Working title)) (Cast: Mrs. Jones), Directed by Paul Powell, with Carmel Myers, Rudolph Valentino,
1918: [08.04] A Burglar for a Night (Cast), Directed by Ernest C. Warde, with J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson, William Elmer,
1918: [07.03] Phoney Photos (Cast: Mrs. Grouch ), Directed by Edwin Frazee, with Stan Laurel, Rena Rogers, Neal Burns,
1918: [02.02] The Fifth Wheel (Cast: Mrs. Van Smuythe), Directed by David Smith, with Walter Rodgers, Charles Wheelock,
1917: [10.25] Little Mariana's Triumph (Cast: Mrs. Murphy ), Directed by Marshall Stedman, with Lina Basquette, Frankie Lee, Walter Belasco,
1917: [09.24] The Edge of the Law (Cast), Directed by Louis Chaudet, with Ruth Stonehouse, Lloyd Whitlock, Harry Dunkinson,
1917: [07.16] High Speed (Cast: Mother), Directed by George L. Sargent, Elmer Clifton, with Jack Mulhall, , Harry L. Rattenberry,
1917: [] The Mark of Cain (Cast), Directed by George Fitzmaurice, Frank Hall Crane, with Antonio Moreno, John H. Gilmour, ,
1917: [04.30] The Birth of Patriotism (Cast: Sallie Hawkins), Directed by E. Magnus Ingleton, with Irene Hunt, Ann Forrest, Leo Pierson,
1917: [03.03] The Girl Who Lost (Cast: The Landlady ), Directed by George Cochrane, with Cleo Madison, Roberta Wilson, Molly Malone,
1916: [12.26] Birds of a Feather (Cast), Directed by William V. Mong, with William V. Mong, Nellie Allen, Harry Holden,
1916: [12.21] The Right to be Happy (Scrooge the Skinflint, A Christmas Carol (Working title)) (Cast: Mrs. Fezziwig (AKA Mrs. Titus)), Directed by Rupert Julian, with Rupert Julian, , Claire McDowell,
1916: [12.16] The Taint of Fear (Cast: The Mother), Directed by Allen Holubar, with Allen Holubar, Joseph W. Girard,
1916: [12.03] Just Her Luck (Cast: Mrs. Vandervelt), Directed by Donald MacDonald, with Irene Hunt, Lee Hill, A.E. Witting,
1916: [10.31] Felix on the Job (Cast: Tad's Wife), Directed by George Felix, with George Felix, Eva Loring, Lon Chaney,
1916: [08.07] The Mark of Cain (By Fate's Degree (Working title)) (Cast: Dick's Mother), Directed by Joseph De Grasse, with Lon Chaney, Dorothy Phillips, Frank Whitson,
1916: [07.16] Davy Crockett (Cast: Widow Crockett ), Directed by William Desmond Taylor, with Dustin Farnum, , ,
1916: [04.30] David Garrick (Cast: Amiranta), Directed by Frank Lloyd, with Dustin Farnum, , Herbert Standing,
1916: [02.17] He fell in love with his wife (Cast: Bridget Malony), Directed by William Desmond Taylor, with Florence Rockwell, Forrest Stanley, Page Peters,
1916: [02.06] Madame la Presidente (Madame President) (Cast: Madame Galipaux ), Directed by Frank Lloyd, with Anna Held, Forrest Stanley, Herbert Standing,
1916: [01.06] The Tongues of Men (Cast: Mrs. Kearsley ), Directed by Frank Lloyd, with Constance Collier, Forrest Stanley, Herbert Standing,
1915: [12.31] Babbling Tongues (Cast: Mrs. Haswell), Directed by Murdock MacQuarrie, with Murdock MacQuarrie, Edna Payne, Arthur Moon,
1915: [12.06] Jane (Cast: Mrs. Chadwick ), Directed by Frank Lloyd, with Charlotte Greenwood, Sydney Grant, Myrtle Stedman,
1915: [10.25] The Yankee Girl (Cast: Jessie's Tante), Directed by Jack J. Clark, with Blanche Ring, Forrest Stanley, Herbert Standing,
1915: [10.04] Fatherhood (Cast: Landlady), Directed by Hobart Bosworth, with Hobart Bosworth, Helen Wolcott, Joseph Flores,
1915: [09.27] Judge not; or, the Woman of Mona Diggings (Lest Ye Be Judged, Renunciation (Working title)) (Cast: Housekeeper), Directed by Robert Z. Leonard, with Julia Dean, Harry Carter, Harry Carey,
1915: [08.14] A Fiery Introduction (Cast: Nora's Maid), Directed by Charles Giblyn, with Cleo Madison, S.J. Bingham, Ray Hanford,
1915: [08.07] Gene of the Northland (Cast: Mother Morey), Directed by Jack J. Clark, with Gene Gauntier, Jack J. Clark, Duke Worne,
1915: [07.10] The Ulster Lass (Cast), Directed by Jack J. Clark, with Gene Gauntier, Jack J. Clark, Albert MacQuarrie,
1915: [07.06] Steady Company (Cast: Mrs. Ford - Jimmy), Directed by Joseph De Grasse, with Pauline Bush, Lon Chaney,
1915: [06.26] Learning to Be a Father (Cast: The Baby's Nurse), Directed by Jacques Jaccard, with Charles Manley,
1911: [02.21] A Tale of Two Cities (Cast), Directed by William Humphrey, Rollin S. Sturgeon, with Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, John Bunny,

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