Richard Tucker

Portrait Richard TuckerHerec - USA
Narodil 4. červenec 1884 v Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Zemžel 5. prosinec 1942 v Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Richard Tucker was born on July 4, 1884 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. He was Herec, known for Cameo Kirby (1923), Wings (1927), Manslaughter (1930), Richard Tucker's first movie on record is from 1911. He was married to Ruth Mitchell. Richard Tucker died on Dezember 5, 1942 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1939.

Richard Tucker Filmografie [Auszug]
1939: [] While America sleeps (Herci), Režie Fred Zinnemann, with , Paul Stanton,
1936: [06.02] Hollywood - The Second Step (Herci: Screen Test Director (/xx/) ), Režie Felix E. Feist, with Carey Wilson, , Maureen O'Sullivan,
1935: [01.04] Biography of a Bachelor Girl (Herci: Mr. Neff (/xx/) ), Režie Edward H. Griffith, with Ann Harding, Robert Montgomery, Edward Everett Horton,
1934: [/ /1] Handy Andy (Herci), Režie David Butler, with Peggy Wood, Will Rogers, Jessie Pringle,
1933: [11.01] Only Yesterday (Herci: One of Jim's Friends (/xx/) ), Režie John M. Stahl, with Margaret Sullavan, John Boles, Edna May Oliver,
1933: [10.27] Day of Reckoning (Herci: Party Guest (/xx/) ), Režie Charles Brabin, with Richard Dix, Madge Evans, Conway Tearle,
1933: [02.04] The Iron Master (Herci: Paul Rankin ), Režie Chester M. Franklin, with Reginald Denny, Lila Lee, J. Farrell MacDonald,
1932: [] The Kongo (Herci), Režie Richard Thorpe, with Lupe Velez, Jacqueline Logan, Walter Miller,
1931: [] Holy Terror (Herci), Režie Irving Cummings, with George O'Brien, Sally Eilers, James Kirkwood,
1930: [/ /1] Manslaughter (Herci: J.P. Albee), Režie George Abbott, with Fredric March, Emma Dunn, Natalie Moorhead,
1930: [] The Benson Murder Case (Herci: Anthony Benson), Režie Frank Tuttle, with William Powell, William Stage Boyd, Eugene Pallette,
1930: [03/01] Puttin' on the Ritz (Herci: George Barnes ), Režie Edward Sloman, with Harry Richman, Joan Bennett, James Gleason,
1929: [09.14] The Unholy Night (Herci: Col. Davidson), Režie Lionel Barrymore, with Ernest Torrence, Roland Young, Dorothy Sebastian,
1929: [/ /1] The Squall (Herci: Josef Lajos), Režie Alexander Korda, with Harry Cording, Nicholas Soussanine,
1929: [] The Dummy (Herci: Blackie Baker), Režie Robert Milton, with Ruth Chatterton, ZaSu Pitts,
1929: [] Navy Blues (Herci), Režie Clarence Brown, with William Haines, Anita Page, Karl Dane,
1928: [10.21] Show Folks (Herci: Vaudeville Performer), Režie Paul L. Stein, with Eddie Quillan, Lina Basquette, Carole Lombard,
1928: [09.23] Show Girl (Herci: Jack Milton), Režie Alfred Santell, with Alice White, Donald Reed, Lee Moran,
1928: [07.10] The Grain of Dust (Herci: George), Režie George Archainbaud, with Ricardo Cortez, , Alma Bennett,
1928: [/ /1] Beware of married men (Herci: Leonard Gilbert), Režie Archie Mayo, with Hugh Allan, Clyde Cook, Audrey Ferris,
1928: [] Crimson City (Herci), Režie Archie Mayo, with Matthew Betz, Anna May Wong,
1928: [] Loves of an Actress (Herci: Baron Hartman), Režie Rowland V. Lee, with Pola Negri, Nils Asther, Mary McAllister,
1927: [08.12] Wings (Herci: Air commander), Režie William A. Wellman, with Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen,
1927: [] The Jazz Singer (Herci), Režie Alan Crosland, with Al Jolson, Robert Gordon, Otto Lederer,
1927: [04.09] Matinee Ladies (Herci: Tom Mannion), Režie Byron Haskin, with May McAvoy, Malcolm McGregor, Hedda Hopper,
1926: [10.01] Shameful Behavior? (Herci: Jack Lee), Režie Albert H. Kelley, with Edith Roberts, Martha Mattox,
1925: [] The Star Dust Trail (Herci), Režie Edmund Mortimer, with Shirley Mason, Bryant Washburn, Thomas R. Mills,
1924: [] Helen's Babies (Herci: Tom Lawrence), Režie William A. Seiter, with Claire Adams, Clara Bow, Jeanne Carpenter,
1924: [03.30] Beau Brummel (Herci: Lord Stanhope), Režie Harry Beaumont, with John Barrymore, Mary Astor, Willard Louis,
1923: [10.21] Cameo Kirby (Herci: Cousin Aaron Randall), Režie John Ford, with John Gilbert, Gertrude Olmstead, Alan Hale,
1923: [03.16] Is Divorce a Failure? (Herci: David Lockwood ), Režie Wallace Worsley, with Leah Baird, Walter McGrail,
1923: [01.28] Poor Men's Wives (Herci: Richard Smith-Blanton), Režie Louis J. Gasnier, with Barbara La Marr, David Butler, Betty Francisco,
1923: [01.01] Hearts Aflame (Herci: Philip Rowe ), Režie Reginald Barker, with Frank Keenan, Anna Q. Nilsson, ,
1922: [02.04] The Dangerous Age (Herci: Robert Chanslor), Režie John M. Stahl, with Lewis Stone, Cleo Madison, Edith Roberts,
1922: [05.28] Strange Idols (Herci: Malcolm Sinclair), Režie Bernard J. Durning, with Dustin Farnum, Doris Pawn, Philo McCullough,
1921: [09.11] What Love Will Do (Herci: Herbert Dawson), Režie William K. Howard, with Edna Murphy, Johnnie Walker, Glen Cavender,
1921: [04.00] (Herci: Lewis Marsh), Režie Frank Lloyd, with Pauline Frederick, John Bowers,
1920: [11.00] The Branding Iron (Herci: Prosper Gael), Režie Reginald Barker, with Barbara Castleton, James Kirkwood, Russell Simpson,
1920: [08.16] Darling Mine (Herci: Jay Savoy), Režie Laurence Trimble, with Olive Thomas, Walter McGrail, Walt Whitman,
1920: [] The Woman in Room 13 (Herci: Joe), Režie Frank Lloyd, with Pauline Frederick, Charles Clary,
1917: [09.03] Behind the Mask (Herci: Lord Strathmore), Režie Alice Guy, with Catherine Calvert, Kirke Brown,
1917: [08.11] The Little Chevalier (Herci: Delaup), Režie Alan Crosland, with Shirley Mason, Raymond McKee,
1917: [08.00] Babbling Tongues (Herci: Viscount de Bellerive ), Režie William Humphrey, with Arthur Donaldson, Grace Valentine, James Morrison,
1917: [07.29] The On-the-Square Girl (Herci: Actor ), Režie George Fitzmaurice, with Mollie King, L. Rogers Lytton, ,
1917: [04.09] The Power of Decision (Herci: Austin Bland), Režie John W. Noble, with Frances Nelson, John Davidson,
1917: [04.02] The Law of the North (Herci: The Rt. Hon. Reginald Annesley), Režie Burton George, Edward H. Griffith, with Shirley Mason, Pat O'Malley,
1917: [03.08] The Cloud (Herci: John Saunders), Režie Will S. Davis, with Jean Sothern, , Franklyn Hanna,
1917: [01.22] Threads of Fate (Herci: Dr. Grant Hunter), Režie Eugene Nowland, with Viola Dana, Augustus Phillips,
1917: [01.08] The Master Passion (Herci: Professor Alberto Martino ), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, Robert Conness, Alpheus Lincoln,
1916: [11.13] The Cossack Whip (Herci: Sergius Kordkin), Režie John H. Collins, with Viola Dana, Grace Williams, Robert Walker,
1916: [02.09] When Love Is King (Herci: Felix, the King), Režie Ben Turbett, with Carroll McComas, Bigelow Cooper,
1915: [12.01] The Magistrate's Story (Herci: Tom Weldon ), Režie Langdon West, with Gertrude McCoy, Pat O'Malley,
1915: [11.26] The Ring of the Borgias (Herci: Donald Gaynor), Režie Langdon West, with Cora Linton, Augustus Phillips, Helen Strickland,
1915: [11.20] Black Eagle (Herci: Dick Rockwell), Režie George D. Parker, with Margaret Prussing, Augustus Phillips,
1915: [11.19] A Child in Judgment (Herci: John Desmond), Režie Carlton S. King, with Mary Elizabeth Forbes, Maurice Steuart,
1915: [11.06] Waifs of the Sea (Herci: Jack), Režie Frank McGlynn, with Grace Williams, John Sturgeon,
1915: [10.06] Vanity Fair (Herci: George Osborne), Režie Charles Brabin, Eugene Nowland, with Minnie Maddern Fiske, Shirley Mason, Yale Benner,
1915: [10.02] The Butler (Herci: Hugh Graham), with George Ridgwell, William Wadsworth,
1915: [04.17] The Landing of the Pilgrims (Herci: John Alden), Režie Langdon West, with Duncan McRae, Margaret Prussing,
1915: [03.12] On the Stroke of Twelve (Herci: Arthur Colby ), Režie John H. Collins, with Gertrude McCoy, Mrs. William Bechtel,
1915: [03.01] In Spite of All (Herci: Blake, Stella's Adorer), Režie Ashley Miller, with Robert Conness, Robert Brower, Margery Bonney Erskine,
1915: [02.26] The Life of Abraham Lincoln (Herci: John Wilkes Booth), Režie Langdon West, with Frank McGlynn, Nellie Grant, Guido Collucci,
1915: [02.20] The Voice of Conscience (Herci: Jack Cravin - the Interloper), Režie Langdon West, Charles H. France, with Frank McGlynn, Sally Crute,
1915: [02.10] The Tailor's Bill (Herci: Ralston), Režie Charles Ranson, with Arthur Housman, William Wadsworth,
1915: [01.02] Uncle Crusty (Herci: (--??--)), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Dan Mason, , Bessie Learn,
1914: [11.20] What Could She do? (Herci: Robert Gray ), Režie John H. Collins, with Gertrude McCoy, Bigelow Cooper, Robert Brower,
1914: [10.30] The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (Herci: Lt. Graves ), Režie Charles Brabin, with Augustus Phillips, Carlton S. King, Harry Linson,
1914: [08.28] The Birth of the Star Spangled Banner (Herci: Lieutenant Cusack), Režie George Lessey, with Augustus Phillips, , Charles Sutton,
1914: [07.31] The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Herci: Joe Spifkins), Režie Charles H. France, with Gladys Hulette, Harry B. Eytinge,
1914: [07.20] The Adventure of the Absent-Minded Professor (Herci), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Barry O'Moore, Julian Reed, William West,
1914: [] A Romance of the Everglades (Herci), Režie Charles H. France, with Mabel Trunnelle, Bigelow Cooper, Herbert Prior,
1914: [05.16] The Southerners (Herci: Boyd Peyton, C.S.A., his son), Režie Richard Ridgely, John H. Collins, with Mabel Trunnelle, , Bigelow Cooper,
1914: [04.04] His Comrade's Wife (Herci: George Harcourt), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, Bigelow Cooper,
1914: [03.29] The Two Vanrevels (Herci: Craley Gray), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Bigelow Cooper, Mabel Trunnelle,
1914: [03.21] The Message in the Rose (Herci: Joe, his assistant), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, Herbert Prior, Bigelow Cooper,
1914: [03.10] The Mexican's Gratitude (Herci: The Frio Kid), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, Herbert Prior,
1914: [01.20] The Message of the Sun Dial (Herci: Ensign Gridley Thurston, U.S.N.), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, Herbert Prior, Ida Williams,
1914: [01.13] Rorke's Drift (Herci: Tommy Brandon, a private), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, Harry Gripp,
1914: [01.05] The Girl in the Middy (Herci: Robert North), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Mabel Trunnelle, Ida Williams, William Chalfin,
1913: [10.31] Janet of the Dunes (Herci: Richard Thornley - Janet's Sweetheart), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Herbert Prior, Mabel Trunnelle, Charles Ogle,
1913: [10.14] The Family's Honor (Herci: Josť, his son), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Charles Sutton, Mabel Trunnelle,
1913: [09.26] Hard Cash (Herci: Alfred Hardie, Richard's Sohn), Režie Richard Ridgely, Charles M. Seay, with Charles Ogle, May Abbey, Gertrude McCoy,
1913: [09.12] Caste (Herci: The Honorable George D'Alroy), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Bigelow Cooper, William West,
1913: [08.25] A Mutual Understanding (Herci: John Smith - the Bank Clerk), Režie George Lessey, with Bessie Learn, ,
1913: [08.22] The Mystery of West Sedgwick (Herci: Gregory Hall - Crawford's Private Secretary), Režie N. N., with Augustus Phillips, Bigelow Cooper, Robert Brower,
1913: [08.16] The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Herci), Režie George Lessey, with Herbert Prior, Robert Brower, Mary Fuller,
1913: [08.11] The Treasure of Captain Kidd (Herci: ), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Edwin Clarke, Gladys Hulette, Bigelow Cooper,
1913: [07.26] Who Will Marry Mary? (Herci: Duke Leonardo de Ferrara ), Režie Walter Edwin, with Mary Fuller, ,
1913: [07.15] In the Garden (Herci: A Young Lover), Režie George Lessey, with Augustus Phillips, Gertrude McCoy,
1913: [07.05] The Signal (Herci: Count St. Pierre), Režie George Lessey, with May Abbey,
1913: [07.04] A Gentleman's Gentleman (Herci: Eric Jardine), Režie Bannister Merwin, with General Film Company, Charles Sutton,
1913: [06.16] Her Royal Highness (Herci: The King), Režie Walter Edwin, with Shirley Mason, Ida Williams, May Abbey,
1913: [06.06] Mercy Merrick (Herci: Lady Roy's Nephew ), Režie Charles Brabin, with Mary Fuller, Robert Brower, Bigelow Cooper,
1913: [05.31] An Almond-Eyed Maid (Herci: Frank Grant - the American), Režie Walter Edwin, with Mary Fuller, Bigelow Cooper,
1913: [05.24] The Translation of a Savage (Herci: Frank Armour - The Aristocrat), Režie Walter Edwin, with Mary Fuller, Gertrude McCoy,
1913: [04.30] A Reluctant Cinderella (Herci: Dinner Guest), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Elsie MacLeod, Arthur Housman, Cora Williams,
1913: [03.31] The Elder Brother (Herci: Eric Wade - the Elder Brother), Režie George Lessey, with William West, Mary Fuller, Harry Beaumont,
1913: [03.25] Bread on the Waters (Herci: George Varick ), Režie George Lessey, with Harry Beaumont, Bessie Learn,
1913: [03.05] A Letter to Uncle Sam (Herci: 2nd Officer), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Kathleen Coughlin, Gertrude McCoy, Elsie MacLeod,
1911: [10.11] Mae's Suitors (Herci: A Suitor ), Režie N. N., with John R. Cumpson, Elsie MacLeod, Harry B. Eytinge,

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