Peter Ustinov

Portrait Peter UstinovActor, Author, Director - Great Britain
Born April 16, 1921 in London
Died March 28, 2004 in Geneva

Peter Ustinov was born on April 16, 1921 in London. He was an English Actor, Author, Director, known for Evil under the Sun (1981), The Comedians (1967), The Egyptian (1954), Peter Ustinov's first movie on record is from 1940. Peter Ustinov died on March 28, 2004 in Genf. His last motion picture on file dates from 2003.
Biographical Notes in German: geboren in London, 1934-37 Westminster School in London, Theaterausbildung
bei Michael St. Denis am London Theatre Studio 1937-39.
Theaterdebut 1938 in Shere, Surrey; 1939 in London an der Ayelsbury
Repertory Company. 1941 Film Debut in "Hullo Fame". 1942 bis 1946
Militärdienst. Nach 1943 eigene Theaterstücke und Inszenierungen, nach 1962
Operninszenierungen in Covent Garden, Hamburg und Berlin.
1960 Oscar für beste Nebenrolle in "Spartacus", 1964 Oscar für beste
Nebenrolle in "Topkapi", 1972 Spezialpreis Berlinale, 1975 Commander des
Order of the British Empire, 1990 geadelt Sir Peter Ustinov, 2001 Goldene
Kamera für sein Lebenswerk. Am 28. März 2004 stirbt Sir Peter an den Folgen
eines Herzinfarktes.
Seine Autobiographie "Dear Me" erschien 1977 in London.

Peter Ustinov Filmography [Auszug]
2003: [] Luther (Cast), Directed by Eric Till, with Mathieu Carrière, Joseph Fiennes, Jonathan Firth,
2003: [] Rosamunde Pilcher - Wintersonne (Cast: Hughie Mc Lellan), Directed by Martyn Friend, with Jan Niklas, Geraldine Chaplin, Sinead Cusack,
1999: [/ /1] Alice in wonderland (Cast: Walrus), Directed by Nick Willing, with Robbie Coltrane, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley,
1998: [/ /1] Planet Ustinov (Cast: Peter Ustinov),
1998: [/ /1] Stiff upper lips (Cast: Horace),
1994: [/ /1] The Old curiosity shop (Cast: Grossvater),
1992: [/ /1] Lorenzo's Oil (Cast: Prof. Nikolais), Directed by George Miller, with Nick Nolte, Zach O'Malley Greenburg, Susan Sarandon,
1990: [/ /1] C'era un castello di 40 cani (Cast),
1989: [/ /1] Dogs in Heaven (Cast), Directed by Roberto Alpi, Duccio Tessari, with Mercedes Alonso, Delphine Forest,
1988: [/ /1] Around the world in 80 days (In 80 Tagen um die Welt) (Cast: Detective Fix), Directed by Buzz Kulik, with Julia Nickson, Robert Morley,
1988: [/ /1] Appointment with Death (Cast: Hercule Poirot), Directed by Michael Winner, with Carrie Fisher, John Gielgud, Piper Laurie,
1988: [/ /1] La Révolution Francaise (The French Revolution) (Cast: Mirabeau), Directed by Robert Enrico,
1986: [/ /1] Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly" (Dead Man's Folly) (Cast: Hercule Poirot), Directed by Clive Donner, with Jonathan Cecil, Constance Cummings, Tim Pigott-Smith,
1986: [/ /1] Murder in three acts (Agatha Christie's 'Murder in three acts', Mord in drei Akten) (Cast: Hercule Poirot), Directed by Gary Nelson, with Jonathan Cecil, Tony Curtis, Emma Samms,
1985: [/ /1] Thirteen at Dinner (Agatha Christie's 'Thirteen at Dinner') (Cast: Hercule Poirot),
1984: [/ /1] Memed my Hawk (Director),
1984: [/ /1] Abgehört (Cast),
1981: [] Evil under the Sun (Cast: Hercule Poirot), Directed by Guy Hamilton, with Jane Birkin, Maggie Smith,
1981: [/ /1] Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (Cast: Charlie Chan), Directed by Clive Donner, with Angie Dickinson, Lee Grant, Richard Hatch,
1981: [/ /1] Dr. Snuggles (Cast),
1981: [/ /1] The Search for Santa Claus (Cast: Grossvater),
1981: [/ /1] Grendel Grendel Grendel (Cast: Grendel),
1981: [/ /1] Omni: The New Frontier (Cast: Präsentator),
1981: [06.26] The Great Muppet Caper (Cast: Truck Driver), Directed by Jim Henson, with John Cleese, Charles Grodin, Trevor Howard,
1979: [/ /1] Ashanti (Ashanti, Land of no mercy) (Cast: Suleiman), Directed by Richard Fleischer, with Michael Caine, Rex Harrison, William Holden,
1979: [/ /1] Tarka the Otter (Cast: Erzähler),
1979: [/ /1] Nous maigrirons ensemble (We'll grow thin together) (Cast: Victor),
1978: [/ /1] The Thief of Bagdad (Cast: Kalif), Directed by Clive Donner, with Roddy McDowall,
1978: [/ /1] Winds of Change (Metamorphoses) (Cast: Erzähler),
1977: [/ /1] Doppio Delitto (Doppelmord in Rom, Double Murders) (Cast: Harry Hellman), Directed by Steno, with Ursula Andress, Agostina Belli, Jean-Claude Brialy,
1977: [/ /1] Un Taxi mauve (The purple taxi) (Cast: Taubelman), Directed by Yves Boisset, with Edward Albert, Fred Astaire, Agostina Belli,
1977: [] Death on the Nile (Cast: Hercule Poirot), Directed by John Guillermin, with Jane Birkin, Bette Davis,
1977: [] Jesus of Nazareth (Cast: Herodes der Grosse), Directed by Franco Zeffirelli, with ,
1977: [/ /1] The mouse and his child (Cast: Manny die Ratte),
1977: [] The last remake of Beau Geste (Cast: Markov), Directed by Marty Feldman, with Ann-Margret, Henry Gibson,
1976: [] Logan's Run (Cast: Alter Mann), Directed by Michael Anderson, with Jenny Agutter, Roscoe Lee Browne, Farrah Fawcett,
1976: [/ /1] Treasure of Matecumbe (Cast: Dr. Ewing T. Snodgrass), Directed by Vincent McEveety, with Johnny Doran, Robert Foxworth, Joan Hackett,
1976: [/ /1] Muppet Show (Cast: Peter Ustinov),
1975: [10.31] One of our dinosaurs is missing (Cast: Hnup Wan), Directed by Robert Stevenson, with Joan Sims, Clive Revill, Natasha Pyne,
1973: [/ /1] Robin Hood (Cast: Prince John),
1972: [/ /1] Hammersmith is out (Director), with Leon Ames, Leon Askin, Beau Bridges,
1970: [/ /1] A Storm in Summer (Cast: Abel Shaddick),
1969: [/ /1] Viva Max! (Cast: Gen. Maximilian de Santos),
1968: [/ /1] Hot millions (Cast: Pendleton, alias Cesar Smith), Directed by Eric Till, with Karl Malden, Melinda May, Robert Morley,
1967: [] The Comedians (Cast: Pinada), Directed by Peter Glenville, with Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Alec Guinness,
1967: [/ /1] Blackbeard's Ghost (Cast: Captain Edward "Blackbeard"), Directed by Robert Stevenson, with Joby Baker, Dean Jones, Elsa Lanchester,
1966: [/ /1] Barefoot in Athens (Cast: Socrates), with Geraldine Page,
1965: [/ /1] Lady L. (Cast: Prinz Otto von Bayern), with Michel Piccoli, Cecil Parker,
1965: [] John Goldfarb, please come home (Cast: König Fawz),
1965: [] Max Ophuls ou la Ronde (Cast), Directed by Michel Mitrani, with Martine Carol, Danielle Darrieux, Vittorio De Sica,
1963: [/ /1] Topkapi (Cast: Arthur Simpson), Directed by Jules Dassin, with Joseph Dassin, Ege Ernart, Melina Mercouri,
1963: [/ /1] Donna nel mondo (Women of the World) (Cast: Erzähler),
1963: [/ /1] Alleman (Everyman, The Human Dutch) (Cast: Erzähler (engl. Version)), Directed by Bert Haanstra,
1962: [/ /1] Billy Budd (Director), with Melvyn Douglas, Ronald Lewis, Niall MacGinnis,
1961: [/ /1] Romanoff and Juliet (Dig that Juliet) (Director), with Thomas Chalmers, Sandra Dee, John Gavin,
1960: [] Spartacus (Cast: Lentulus Batiatus), Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Mann, with , Paul Lambert, John Ireland,
1959: [/ /1] The Sundowners (Cast: Rupert Venneker), Directed by Fred Zinnemann, with Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr,
1959: [/ /1] The adventures of Mr. Wonderful (The adventures of Mr. Wonderbird) (Cast: Wonderbird),
1957: [/ /1] Un Angel vole sobre Brooklyn (An angel passed over Brooklyn, An Angel over Brooklyn, The Man who wagged this tail) (Cast), Directed by Ladislao Vajda, with Maurizio Arena, Pablito Calvo, José Isbert,
1957: [/ /1] Les espions (Cast: Michael Kiminsky), Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, with Véra Clouzot, O.E. Hasse, Sam Jaffe,
1956: [07.18] I girovaghi (The Wanderers) (Cast: Don Alfonso Pugliesi ), Directed by Hugo Fregonese, with Carla Del Poggio, Abbe Lane,
1955: [12.23] Lola Montez (The Sins of Lola Montes) (Cast: Stallmeister), Directed by Max Ophüls, with Martine Carol, Werner Finck,
1955: [07.07] We're no Angels (Angels' Cooking (Working title)) (Cast: Jules), Directed by Michael Curtiz, with Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray,
1954: [10.06] Beau Brummell (Cast: George IV Prince of Wales), Directed by Curtis Bernhardt, with Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor,
1954: [] The Egyptian (Cast: Kepta), Directed by Michael Curtiz, with Edmund Purdom, Michael Wilding, Gene Tierney,
1952: [/ /1] La bergère et le ramoneur (Cast), Directed by Paul Grimualt,
1951: [02.29] Le Plaisir (Cast: Erzähler engl. Fassung (3)), Directed by Max Ophüls, with , Danielle Darrieux, Henri Crémieux,
1951: [] Hotel Sahara (Cast: Emad), Directed by Ken Annakin, with Roland Culver, David Tomlinson, ,
1951: [] Quo Vadis? (Cast: Nero), Directed by Mervyn LeRoy, with Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn,
1951: [/ /1] The magic box (Cast), Directed by John Boulting, with Renée Asherson, Richard Attenborough, Robert Donat,
1950: [/ /1] Odette (Cast: Lt. Alex Rabinovich / Arnauld), Directed by Herbert Wilcox, with Maurice Buckmaster, Marius Goring, Trevor Howard,
1949: [/ /1] Private Angelo (Director), Directed by Michael Anderson, with Robin Bailey, , Bill Shine,
1948: [/ /1] Vice versa (Director),
1946: [/ /1] School for secrets (Secret Flight) (Director),
1945: [/ /1] The true glory (Cast), Directed by Garson Kanin,
1944: [/ /1] The way ahead (Cast: Rispoli), Directed by Carol Reed, with , Jimmy Hanley, Leo Genn,
1942: [/ /1] The goose steps out (Cast), Directed by Basil Dearden, Will Hay, with John Williams, John Mills, Aubrey Mallalieu,
1942: [/ /1] One of our aircraft is missing (Cast: Priester), Directed by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, with Googie Withers, Robert Duncan, Selma Vaz Dias,
1942: [/ /1] Let the People sing (Cast), Directed by John Baxter, with , Gus McNaughton, Aubrey Mallalieu,
1940: [/ /1] Hullo Fame (Cast: Bit Part), Directed by Andrew Buchanan, with Hedli Anderson, Davina Craig, Wilbur Hall,
1940: [] Après 'Mein Kampf' - Mes Crimes (Mein Kampf - My crimes) (Cast: Marinus van der Lubbe), Directed by Alexandre Ryder, Norman Lee, with Alain Cuny, Line Noro, Roger Karl,

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