Hobart Bosworth

Portrait Hobart Bosworthактер, производитель, Режиссер, Сценарист - США
Родился 11. августа 1867 в Marietta, Ohio, USA
Ушёл 30. декабря 1943 в Glendale, California, USA

Hobart Bosworth was born under the given name Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth on August 11, 1867 in Marietta, Ohio, USA. He was an American актер, производитель, Режиссер, Сценарист, known for Dirigible (1931), Hangman's House (1928), The Chinese Parrot (1928), Hobart Bosworth's first movie on record is from 1908. He was married to Adele Farrington (????-1919) and Cecile Kibre (????-1943). Hobart Bosworth died on Dezember 30, 1943 in Glendale, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1941.

Hobart Bosworth Фильмография [Auszug]
1941: [07.19] Bullets for O'Hara (Актеры: Southerland), Режиссер William K. Howard, with , Roger Pryor, Anthony Quinn,
1931: [/ /1] Dirigible (Актеры: Louis Rondelle), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Jack Holt, Ralph Graves, Fay Wray,
1931: [] Sit Tight (Актеры: Walter Dunlap), Режиссер Lloyd Bacon, with Winnie Lightner, Joe E. Brown, Paul Gregory,
1930: [08.23] The Office Wife (Актеры), Режиссер Lloyd Bacon, with Joan Blondell, Lewis Stone,
1930: [] Abraham Lincoln (Актеры: General Robert E. Lee), Режиссер D.W. Griffith, with Walter Huston, Kay Hammond, Una Merkel,
1930: [] Du Barry, Woman of Passion (Актеры: Duc de Brissac), Режиссер Sam Taylor, with Norma Talmadge, William Farnum, Conrad Nagel,
1930: [] Mammy (Актеры), Режиссер Michael Curtiz, with Al Jolson, Lois Moran, Louise Dresser,
1930: [] Just Imagine (Актеры: Z-4), Режиссер David Butler, with El Brendel, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Garrick,
1930: [05.09] The Devil's Holiday (Актеры: Ezra Stone), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Nancy Carroll, Phillips Holmes, James Kirkwood,
1930: [01.25] General Crack (Актеры: Count Hensdorff), Режиссер Alan Crosland, with John Barrymore, Philippe de Lacy, Lowell Sherman,
1929: [11.21] Show of Shows (Актеры: Executioner - Guillotine Sequence ), Режиссер John G. Adolfi, with Frank Fay, William Courtenay, H.B. Warner,
1929: [05.11] Eternal Love (Актеры: Reverend Tass ), Режиссер Ernst Lubitsch, with John Barrymore, Camilla Horn, Victor Varconi,
1928: [/ /1] The Chinese Parrot (Актеры), Режиссер Paul Leni, with Sojin Kamiyama, Marian Nixon,
1928: [/ /1] Woman of Affairs (Актеры), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Lewis Stone, John Gilbert,
1928: [04.19] After the Storm (Актеры: Manin Dane), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Eugenia Gilbert, Charles Delaney,
1928: [03.13] Hangman's House (Актеры: James O'Brien), Режиссер John Ford, with Victor McLaglen, June Collyer,
1927: [] My best Girl (Актеры), Режиссер Sam Taylor, with Mary Pickford, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers,
1926: [02.14] The Far Cry (Актеры: Julian Marsh), Режиссер Silvano Balboni, with Blanche Sweet, Jack Mulhall, Myrtle Stedman,
1925: [11.05] The Big Parade (Актеры: Mr. Apperson), Режиссер King Vidor, with John Gilbert, Renée Adorée,
1925: [08.16] Winds of Chance (Актеры: Sam Kirby), Режиссер Frank Lloyd, with Anna Q. Nilsson, Ben Lyon, Viola Dana,
1925: [] My Son (Актеры), Режиссер Edwin Carewe, with Alla Nazimova, Jack Pickford,
1925: [] The Golden Strain (Актеры: Maj. Milton Mulford), Режиссер Victor Schertzinger, with Ann Pennington, Kenneth Harlan,
1924: [10.05] The Silent Watcher (Актеры: John Steele, 'The Chief'), Режиссер Frank Lloyd, with , Bessie Love,
1924: [] Through the Dark (Актеры: Wärter), Режиссер George William Hill, with Tom Bates, Margaret Seddon, Eddie Phillips,
1924: [] Sundown (Актеры), Режиссер Harry O. Hoyt, Laurence Trimble, with Bessie Love, Roy Stewart,
1923: [01.15] Name the Man (Актеры: Christian Stowell), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Mae Busch, Conrad Nagel,
1923: [12.24] The Man Life Passed By (Актеры: 'Iron Man' Moore ), Режиссер Victor Schertzinger, with Jane Novak, Percy Marmont, Eva Novak,
1923: [10.28] In the Palace of the King (Актеры: Mendoza), Режиссер Emmett J. Flynn, with Blanche Sweet, Edmund Lowe,
1923: [08.30] The Common Law (Актеры: Henry Neville), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Corinne Griffith, Conway Tearle, Elliott Dexter,
1923: [07.08] Rupert of Hentzau (Актеры: Col. Sapt ), Режиссер Victor Heerman, with Bert Lytell, Elaine Hammerstein, Lew Cody,
1923: [03.25] Vanity Fair (Актеры: Marquis von Steyne), Режиссер Hugo Ballin, with Mabel Ballin, George Walsh,
1922: [12.31] The Strangers' Banquet (Актеры: Shane Keogh ), Режиссер Marshall Neilan, with , Rockliffe Fellowes,
1922: [/ /1] White Hands (Актеры), Режиссер Lambert Hillyer, with Muriel Frances Dana, Elinor Fair,
1921: [] The Cup of Life (Актеры), Режиссер Rowland V. Lee, with Madge Bellamy, Monty Collins,
1921: [] Blind Hearts (Актеры), Режиссер Rowland V. Lee, with Madge Bellamy, Irene Blackwell,
1920: [12.00] A Thousand to One (Актеры: William Newlands ), Режиссер Rowland V. Lee, with Ethel Grey Terry, Charles West,
1920: [09.01] His Own Law (Актеры: J.C. MacNeir ), Режиссер J. Parker Read, Jr., with Rowland V. Lee, Jean Calhoun,
1920: [06.00] Below the Surface (Актеры: Martin Flint), Режиссер Irving Willat, with Grace Darmond, Lloyd Hughes,
1919: [12.14] Behind the door (Актеры: Oscar Krug ), Режиссер Irving Willat, with Jane Novak, Wallace Beery,
1918: [07.28] The Border Legion (Актеры: Jack Kells), Режиссер T. Hayes Hunter, with Blanche Bates, ,
1917: [12.16] Дьявольский камень (The Devil-Stone) (Актеры: Robert Judson), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Geraldine Farrar, Wallace Reid,
1917: [10.28] Женщина, забывшая бога (The Woman God Forgot) (Актеры: Cortez), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Ramon Novarro, Geraldine Farrar, Olga Grey,
1917: [09.02] Betrayed (Актеры: Leopoldo Juares ), Режиссер Raoul Walsh, with Miriam Cooper, James A. Marcus,
1917: [07.16] What Money Can't Buy (Актеры: Govrian Texler), Режиссер Lou Tellegen, with Jack Pickford, Louise Huff, Theodore Roberts,
1917: [07.12] Маленькая американка (The Little American) (Актеры: German Colonel), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, Joseph Levering, with Mary Pickford, Jack Holt, Raymond Hatton,
1917: [06.14] The Inner Shrine (Актеры: Derek Pruyn), Режиссер Frank Reicher, with Margaret Illington, Jack Holt,
1917: [05.31] Unconquered (Актеры: Henry Jackson), Режиссер Frank Reicher, with Fannie Ward, Jack Dean,
1917: [05.28] Freckles (Актеры: John McLean), Режиссер Marshall Neilan, with Jack Pickford, Louise Huff,
1917: [04.22] A Mormon Maid (Актеры: John Hogue), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Mae Murray, Frank Borzage,
1916: [12.25] Жанна-женщина (Joan the Woman) (Актеры: General La Hire), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Geraldine Farrar, Raymond Hatton,
1916: [12.10] Oliver Twist (Актеры: Bill Sykes), Режиссер James Young, with Marie Doro, Edythe Chapman, Tully Marshall,
1916: [07.03] The Way of the World (Актеры: John Nevill), Режиссер Lloyd B. Carleton, with Dorothy Davenport, Emory Johnson,
1916: [05.29] The Iron Hand (Актеры: Tim Noland), Режиссер Ulysses Davis, with Edward Clark, Jack Curtis,
1916: [05.01] Doctor Neighbor (Актеры: Dr. Neighbor), Режиссер Lloyd B. Carleton, with Dorothy Davenport, Gretchen Lederer,
1916: [04.03] Two Men of Sandy Bar (Актеры: John Oakhurst), Режиссер Lloyd B. Carleton, with Jack Curtis, Charles H. Hickman,
1916: [03.19] The Yaqui (Актеры: Tambor), Режиссер Lloyd B. Carleton, with Goldie Colwell, Dorothy Clark,
1916: [03.06] The Target (Актеры: Big Bill Brent), Режиссер Norval MacGregor, with Anna Lehr, A. Kammeyer,
1916: [02.17] He fell in love with his wife (Продюсер), Режиссер William Desmond Taylor, with Florence Rockwell, Forrest Stanley, Page Peters,
1915: [10.04] Fatherhood (Режиссер), with Helen Wolcott, Joseph Flores,
1915: [09.23] 'Twas Ever Thus (Актеры: Hard Muscle / Colonel Warren /John Rogers), Режиссер Elsie Janis, with Elsie Janis, Owen Moore,
1915: [09.13] Business Is Business (Актеры: Christ), Режиссер Otis Turner, with Nat C. Goodwin, Jack Nelson, Maude George,
1915: [08.12] Nearly a Lady (Режиссер), with Elsie Janis, Frank Elliott, Owen Moore,
1915: [08.02] The Scarlet Sin (Актеры: Eric Norton), Режиссер Otis Turner, with Jane Novak, Frank Elliott,
1915: [] The Beachcomber (идея ), Режиссер Phil Rosen, with Helen Wolcott, ,
1915: [02.04] Buckshot John (Режиссер), with Courtenay Foote, Carl von Schiller,
1915: [06.24] The Wild Olive (Продюсер), Режиссер Oscar Apfel, with Myrtle Stedman, Forrest Stanley, Mary Ruby,
1915: [05.06] Little Sunset (Режиссер: (--??--)), with Gordon Griffith, Rhea Haines,
1915: [04.29] Help Wanted (Режиссер), with Lillian Elliott, Adele Farrington,
1914: [11.23] The Country Mouse (Режиссер), with Adele Farrington, Myrtle Stedman,
1914: [11.23] The Chechako (Режиссер), with Jack Conway, Myrtle Stedman, Joe Ray,
1914: [10.01] The Pursuit of the Phantom (Режиссер), with Rhea Haines, Helen Wolcott,
1914: [10.00] Burning Daylight: The Adventures of Burning Daylight in Civilization (Режиссер), with Myrtle Stedman,
1914: [09.14] Burning Daylight: The Adventures of Burning Daylight in Alaska (Режиссер), with Rhea Haines, J. Charles Haydon,
1914: [] The Traitor (Актеры), Режиссер Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber, with Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley,
1914: [09.03] An Odyssey of the North (Режиссер), with Rhea Haines, Gordon Sackville,
1914: [08.16] Martin Eden (Режиссер), with Lawrence Peyton, Viola Barry, Herbert Rawlinson,
1914: [02.15] John Barleycorn (Режиссер), Режиссер J. Charles Haydon, with Matty Roubert, Antrim Short, Elmer Clifton,
1914: [06.00] The Valley of the Moon (Актеры), with Jack Conway, Myrtle Stedman, Al Ernest Garcia,
1913: [12.07] The Sea Wolf (Режиссер), with Herbert Rawlinson, Viola Barry,
1913: [10.13] The Love of Penelope (Актеры: Henry Brent), Режиссер Francis J. Grandon, with Harold Lockwood, Kathlyn Williams,
1913: [09.22] The Young Mrs. Eames (Актеры: Bob Cary), Режиссер Francis J. Grandon, with Harold Lockwood, Kathlyn Williams,
1913: [05.09] In the Days of Witchcraft (Актеры: Reverend Cotton Mathers), Режиссер Fred Huntley, with Herbert Rawlinson, George Hernandez,
1913: [02.10] Pierre of the North (Актеры: Pierre), Режиссер Henry MacRae, with Al Ernest Garcia, Herbert Rawlinson,
1913: [01.21] Fate Fashions a Letter (Актеры: Detective Rand ), Режиссер Fred Huntley, with Eugenie Besserer, Henry Otto,
1913: [01.02] Greater Wealth (Актеры: John Sharon), Режиссер Colin Campbell, with Eugenie Besserer, Wheeler Oakman,
1912: [12.23] Harbor Island (Актеры: Hardin Cole - Railroad Director), Режиссер Lem B. Parker, with Harold Lockwood, Kathlyn Williams, Henry Otto,
1912: [11.25] Miss Aubry's Love Affair (Режиссер), with Lillian Hayward, Herbert Rawlinson,
1912: [10.24] The Awakening (Режиссер), Режиссер Hardee Kirkland, with , Lillian Leighton, Rose Evans,
1912: [10.14] Monte Cristo (Актеры: Edmond Dantes), Режиссер Colin Campbell, with Tom Santschi, Herbert Rawlinson,
1912: [09.13] The Trade Gun Bullet (Режиссер), with Phyllis Gordon, ,
1912: [07.18] The Polo Substitute (Сценарист), Режиссер Colin Campbell, with Herbert Rawlinson, Tom Santschi,
1912: [06.13] The Vision Beautiful (Актеры: The Master), with Tom Santschi, Herbert Rawlinson,
1912: [05.21] Rivals (Актеры: Big Bill), Режиссер Colin Campbell, with Tom Santschi, Phyllis Gordon,
1912: [04.16] The End of the Romance (Актеры: John Strong), Режиссер Frank Montgomery, with Eugenie Besserer, Herbert Rawlinson,
1912: [04.08] Darkfeather's Strategy (Актеры: Rain Cloud), Режиссер Frank Montgomery, with Mona Darkfeather, Tom Santschi,
1912: [03.26] Hobo (Режиссер), with Frank Clark, Frank Richardson,
1912: [03.22] The Junior Officer (Актеры: John Hampton - the Junior Officer), Режиссер Frank Montgomery, with Roy Watson, Eugenie Besserer,
1912: [03.18] The Girl of the Lighthouse (Актеры: Tony - a Fisherman), Режиссер James Dayton, with , Frank Richardson,
1912: [03.11] A Crucial Test (Актеры), Режиссер Frank Montgomery, with Tom Santschi, Herbert Rawlinson,
1912: [03.04] The Shrinking Rawhide (Актеры: The Alcalde), Режиссер Frank Montgomery, with Herbert Rawlinson, Frank Richardson,
1912: [03.01] As Told by Princess Bess (Актеры: Lt. Allen - the Retired Army Officer), Режиссер Frank Montgomery, with Jane Keckley, Roy Watson,
1912: [02.19] The Danites (Актеры: Sandy - Miner), Режиссер Francis Boggs, with , George Hernandez,
1912: [02.02] Bunkie (Режиссер), with , Fred Huntley,
1912: [01.18] Merely a Millionaire (Режиссер), with Herbert Rawlinson, Al Ernest Garcia,
1912: [01.04] The Mate of the Alden Bessie (Режиссер), with Frank Clark, Bessie Eyton,
1912: [01.04] Disillusioned (Режиссер), with Fred Huntley, Nick Cogley,
1911: [12.25] A Modern Rip (Режиссер), with Frank Richardson, Nick Cogley,
1911: [12.07] The Maid at the Helm (Актеры: Bill Hartley), Режиссер Francis Boggs, with Sydney Ayres, Fred Huntley,
1911: [11.14] The Bootlegger (Режиссер), with Frank Richardson, Fred Huntley,
1911: [01.26] The Spy (Актеры: Gerald Haines - the Spy), Режиссер Otis Turner, with ,
1910: [12.29] Justinian and Theodora (Актеры: Justinian), Режиссер Otis Turner, with , Marshall Stedman,
1910: [09.22] The Sergeant (Сценарист), Режиссер Francis Boggs, with Iva Shepard, Tom Santschi,
1910: [] Davy Crockett (Актеры: Davy Crockett), Режиссер Francis Boggs, with , Tom Santschi,
1910: [04.04] The Common Enemy (Актеры), Режиссер Otis Turner, with , Robert Z. Leonard,
1910: [03.24] Великолепный волшебник страны Оз (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) (Актеры: Wizard of Oz and King), Режиссер Otis Turner, with Bebe Daniels, Eugenie Besserer,
1910: [03.10] Across the Plains (Актеры), Режиссер Francis Boggs, with , Tom Santschi,
1910: [01.20] The Courtship of Miles Standish (Актеры: John Alden), Режиссер Otis Turner, with , Robert Z. Leonard,
1909: [12.23] The Christian Martyrs (Актеры), Режиссер Otis Turner, with , Robert Z. Leonard,
1908: [07.11] The Spirit of ’76 (Актеры), Режиссер Francis Boggs, with , Tom Santschi,
1908: [06.00] Damon and Pythias (Актеры), Режиссер Otis Turner, with , Otis Turner,
1908: [05.02] A Rip Van Winkle (Актеры: Rip Van Winkle), Режиссер Otis Turner, with ,
1908: [03.07] Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Актеры), Режиссер Otis Turner, with ,
1908: [02.15] The Count of Monte Cristo (Актеры: Edmond Dantes), Режиссер Francis Boggs, Thomas Persons, with Francis Boggs,

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