Émile Chautard

Portrait Émile ChautardDirector, Actor, Author - France
Born September 7, 1881 in Avignon
Died April 24, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Other names or known as : Emile Chautard,

Émile Chautard was born under the given name Émile Pierre Chautard on September 7, 1881 in Avignon. He was a French Director, Actor, Author, known for Upstream (1927), Viva Villa ! (1934), Bardelys the Magnificent (1926), Émile Chautard's first movie on record is from 1910. Émile Chautard died on April 24, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1934.
Biographical Notes in German: laut IMDb am 7. September 1864 in Paris geboren. ?

Émile Chautard Filmography [Auszug]
1934: [] Viva Villa ! (Cast: General Told to Leave Room (/xx/) ), Directed by Jack Conway, Howard Hawks, with Wallace Beery, Fay Wray,
1932: [12.23] Rasputin and the Empress (Rasputin the Mad Monk) (Cast: (/xx/) ), Directed by Richard Boleslawski, Charles Brabin, with Lionel Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore, Ralph Morgan,
1928: [08.19] Out of the Ruins (Cast: Père Gilbert), Directed by John Francis Dillon, with Richard Barthelmess, Robert Frazer, Marian Nixon,
1927: [12.18] The Love Mart (Cast: Louis Frobelle), Directed by George Fitzmaurice, with Billie Dove, Gilbert Roland, ,
1927: [10.22] Now we're in the Air (Cast: Monsieur Chelaine), Directed by Frank R. Strayer, with Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Russell Simpson,
1927: [] Seventh Heaven (Cast: Père Chevillon), Directed by Frank Borzage, with Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Ben Bard,
1927: [01/30] Upstream (Cast: Campbell-Mandare), Directed by John Ford, with , Earle Foxe, Grant Withers,
1926: [09.30] Bardelys the Magnificent (Cast), Directed by King Vidor, with John Gilbert, Karl Dane, Eleanor Boardman,
1926: [04.18] Paris at Midnight (Cast: Père Goriot ), Directed by E. Mason Hopper, with Jetta Goudal, Lionel Barrymore,
1924: [05.05] Untamed Youth (Beware the Woman (Working title)) (Director), with Derelys Perdue, Lloyd Hughes, Ralph Lewis,
1922: [05.28] The Glory of Clementina (Director), with Pauline Frederick, Edward Martindel, George Cowl,
1921: [05.15] The Black Panther's Cub (Director), with Florence Reed,
1919: [] The Mystery of the Yellow Room (Director), with William H. Burton, , ,
1919: [03.16] The marriage price (For Sale (Working title)) (Director), with Elsie Ferguson, Wyndham Standing, Lionel Atwill,
1919: [02.23] Paid in Full (Director), with Pauline Frederick, Robert Cain, Wyndham Standing,
1919: [01.19] His Parisian Wife (Director), with Elsie Ferguson, David Powell, Courtenay Foote,
1919: [01.12] Out of the Shadow (The Shadow of the Rope (Working title)) (Director), with Pauline Frederick, Wyndham Standing, Ronald Byram,
1918: [12.08] Under the Greenwood Tree (Director), with Elsie Ferguson, Eugene O'Brien, Edmund Burns,
1918: [11.24] A Daughter of the Old South (Director), with Pauline Frederick, Pedro de Cordoba, ,
1918: [06.23] Her Final Reckoning (Director), with Pauline Frederick, John Miltern, Robert Cain,
1918: [05.00] The Ordeal of Rosetta (The Phantom Feud (Working title)) (Director), with Alice Brady, Crauford Kent, Ormi Hawley,
1918: [02.00] The House of Glass (Director), with Clara Kimball Young, Pell Trenton, ,
1918: [01.00] The Marionettes (Director), with Clara Kimball Young, Nigel Barrie, Alec B. Francis,
1917: [12.09] The Eternal Temptress (Director), with Lina Cavalieri, Elliott Dexter, Mildred Conselman,
1917: [10.24] The Heart of Ezra Greer (Director), with , Leila Frost, ,
1917: [10.00] Magda (Director), with Clara Kimball Young, Alice Gale, ,
1917: [09.23] Under False Colors (Director), with , Jeanne Eagels, Robert Vaughn,
1917: [06.17] The Fires of Youth (Director), with , , Ernest Howard,
1917: [04.16] Forget-Me-Not (Director), with Kitty Gordon, Montagu Love, Alec B. Francis,
1917: [04.09] The Family Honor (The Honor of the Waynes (Working title)) (Director), with Robert Warwick, June Elvidge, Alec B. Francis,
1917: [03.05] The Web of Desire (Director), with Ethel Clayton, Rockliffe Fellowes, ,
1917: [02.26] A Girl's Folly (A Movie Romance (Working title)) (Cast: Actor (uncredited (unconfirmed), Directed by Maurice Tourneur, with Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon, June Elvidge,
1917: [02.05] A Hungry Heart (The Hungry Heart) (Director), with Alice Brady, Edward T. Langford, George MacQuarrie,
1917: [01.15] The Man Who Forgot (Director), with Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon, Gerda Holmes,
1916: [12.27] The Rack (Director), with Alice Brady, Milton Sills, June Elvidge,
1916: [12.04] All Man (Director), with Robert Warwick, Mollie King, Gerda Holmes,
1916: [11.06] The Heart of a Hero (Director), with Robert Warwick, Gail Kane, Alec B. Francis,
1916: [09.18] Friday the 13th (Friday the Thirteenth) (Director), with Robert Warwick, Clarence Harvey, Charles Brandt,
1916: [05.15] Sudden Riches (Director), with Robert Warwick, Gerda Holmes, Clara Whipple,
1916: [04.10] Human Driftwood (Velma (Working title)) (Director), with Robert Warwick, Frances Nelson, Leonore Harris,
1916: [02.14] Love's Crucible (Director), with Frances Nelson, June Elvidge, Douglas MacLean,
1915: [12.03] Le col bleu (Director), with Josette Andriot, André Servaes, André Liabel,
1915: [08.23] The Little Dutch Girl (Director), with Vivian Martin, William J. Gross, Chester Barnett,
1915: [] Des pas dans le sable (Director), with Josette Andriot, ,
1915: [05.24] The Boss (Director), with Holbrook Blinn, Alice Brady, William Marion,
1915: [03.29] The Arrival of Perpetua (Director), with Vivian Martin, Julia Stuart, Nora Cecil,
1914: [07.31] Le faiseur de fous (Director: (AKA Émile Chautard) ), with Mévisto, Henri Gouget, Gilbert Dalleu,
1914: [07.25] La dame blonde (Director: (--??--)), Directed by Charles Maudru, with Henry Roussel, André Liabel, Ève Francis,
1914: [07.25] Le Berger (Director),
1914: [07.09] Le mystère de Coatserbo (Director), with Gilbert Dalleu, Henri Gouget, Jacques Volnys,
1914: [07.02] Le roman d'un caissier (Director), with Devalence, Nita Romani, Bahier,
1914: [] L' indépendance de la Belgique en 1830 (Director), with André Liabel, Camille Bardou, Gilbert Dalleu,
1914: [00.00] L' Aiglon (Director), with , , Louis Ravet,
1914: [03.27] L' idée de Françoise (Director), with Renée Sylvaire, , Marise Dauvray,
1914: [02.27] Les ruses de l'amour (Director: (--??--)), Directed by Maurice Tourneur, with Renée Sylvaire,
1914: [02.20] L' Apprentie (Director), with Henri Gouget, Henri Bosc, Marise Dauvray,
1914: [01.16] Bagnes d'Enfants (Director), with Henri Gouget, Gilbert Dalleu, Georges Dorival,
1913: [12.12] Le coeur d'un gosse (The Lion Tamer's Revenge, The Divine Appeal) (Director), with Marise Dauvray, Renée Sylvaire, André Liabel,
1913: [11.28] La fiancée maudite (Director), with Josette Andriot, Renée Sylvaire, René d'Auchy,
1913: [11.21] Le dictateur (Director), with Charles Krauss, André Liabel,
1913: [11.14] La duchesse des Folies-Bergères (Director), with Marcel Simon, , ,
1913: [10.10] La Dame de Monsoreau (Director: (--??--)), Directed by Charles Krauss, with Marie-Louise Derval, , Marise Dauvray,
1913: [10.03] Jean la Poudre (The Guerrillas of Algiers, The Mosque in the Desert) (Director), Directed by Maurice Tourneur, with Henri Gouget, Henry Roussel,
1913: [09.05] Protéa (Cast: le ministre de Celtie), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with Josette Andriot, Lucien Bataille, Charles Krauss,
1913: [09.05] Le sculpteur aveugle (The blind sculptor) (Director), with Edmond Duquesne,
1913: [07.25] La malédiction (Director), with André Liabel, Henri Gouget, Renée Sylvaire,
1913: [07.18] Le chiffonnier de Paris (Father John, The Ragpicker of Paris) (Director), with Edmond Duquesne, Renée Sylvaire, Louis Paglieri,
1913: [07.04] Les moineaux affâmés (Director), with Edmond Duquesne, , ,
1913: [00.00] L' auberge sanglante (Director), with André Liabel, , Charles Krauss,
1913: [00.00] La Marseillaise (Director), with Mévisto, Emmy Lynn, Georges Dorival,
1913: [00.00] La crinière (Director), with André Liabel, , Renée Sylvaire,
1913: [05.23] L' Assaut de la terre (In the Jaws of the Land Shark) (Director), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with Charles Krauss, Josette Andriot, Renée Sylvaire,
1913: [05.09] Autour d'un testament (The Master Rogue, A Dumb Accuser, The Black Sheep, The Fight for an Inheritance) (Director), with Henry Roussel, Marcel Simon, Mévisto,
1913: [04.11] Le mystère de la chambre jaune (The Mystery of the Yellow Room) (Scenario: (--??--)), Directed by Maurice Tourneur, with Jean Garat, Marcel Simon, Paul Escoffier,
1913: [02.14] Mathilde (Director), with Renée Sylvaire, Henry Roussel, Henri Gouget,
1913: [01.10] La veuve joyeuse (Director), with Alice de Tender,
1912: [12.27] La Occupe-toi d'Amélie (Director), with Alice de Tender, , Marcel Simon,
1912: [11.29] Sapho (Director), with Charles Krauss, Cécile Guyon,
1912: [11.18] La dame de chez Maxim (Director), with Edmond Duquesne, , ,
1912: [08.02] Conscience d'enfant (Director), with Georges Saillard, Suzanne Revonne, Renée Pré,
1912: [06.07] Le bonhomme jadis (The Kind Old Man) (Director), with Gilbert Dalleu, Renée Pré, Henri Gouget,
1912: [05.12] La tourmente (Scenario), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with René d'Auchy, Suzanne Grandais, ,
1912: [05.10] La légende de l'aigle - Le Döserteur (Director: (--??--)),
1912: [05.03] La légende de l'Aigle - La boucle de cheveux (The Lock of Hair) (Director),
1912: [05.03] Le mystère de Notre-Dame de Paris (Director), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with Edmond Duquesne, Germaine Dermoz, Roger Karl,
1912: [04.26] La légende de l'Aigle - Il était trois grenadiers (Director),
1912: [04.05] La légende de l'Aigle - Tu ne tueras point (Director),
1911: [06.15] L' Aventure de Miette (Director), with Suzanne Grandais, René d'Auchy, ,
1911: [03.16] César Birotteau (Director), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with Georges Saillard, Charles Krauss, Juliette Clarens,
1910: [10.13] Le trait d'union (Director), with , , ,
1910: [06.23] La petite maman (Director), with , , ,
1910: [06.02] Le voleur volé (The Elusive Robber) (Director), with Albert Dieudonné, , ,
1910: [05.26] Eugenie Grandet (Director), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with Suzanne Revonne, , Charles Krauss,
1910: [04.28] La quenouille de Barberine (Barberine) (Director), with Germaine Dermoz, , ,
1910: [04.04] Après la chute de l'Aigle (After the Fall of the Eagle) (Director: (--??--)), Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, with Edmond Duquesne, Charles Krauss, Émile Drain,

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