Naomi Childers

Portrait Naomi Childersартистка - США
Родился 15. ноября 1892 в Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
Ушёл 9. май 1964 в Hollywood, California, USA

Naomi Childers was born on November 15, 1892 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA. She was an American артистка, known for Sea of Grass (1947), Arena (1953), Mrs. Parkington (1944), Naomi Childers's first movie on record is from 1913. She was married to Luther Reed. Naomi Childers died on May 9, 1964 in Hollywood, California, USA. Her last motion picture on file dates from 1953.
биография (на немецком языке): Actress (1892-1964), born of English parentage in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, juvenile pianist, in movies since 1913. With her deep blue eyes and her golden hair she was called the girl with the Grecian face. She was for several years with Vitagraph, despite her leading part in “Lord and Lady Algy” (1919) Naomi Childers remained at secondary roles. In the Twenties her career broke down, in later years she played uncredited parts until the early Fifties. (lhg 2009)

Naomi Childers Фильмография [Auszug]
1953: [06.19] Arena (Актеры: Rodeo Spectator (/xx/) ), Режиссер Richard Fleischer, with Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen,
1950: [11.30] Dial 1119 (Актеры: Mother (voice, /xx/)), Режиссер Gerald Mayer, with , Virginia Field, Sam Levene,
1947: [] Sea of Grass (Актеры), Режиссер Elia Kazan, with , Ruth Nelson,
1946: [] The Cockeyed Miracle (Актеры), with Audrey Totter,
1945: [10.??] Week-end at the Waldorf (Актеры: Night Maid), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Ginger Rogers, , Walter Pidgeon,
1945: [08.13] Ziegfeld Follies (Актеры: The Duchess), Режиссер Charles Walters, Vincente Minnelli, with Audrey Totter, Lena Horne, Kathryn Grayson,
1944: [/ /1] Mrs. Parkington (Актеры: Nurse), Режиссер Tay Garnett, with Selena Royle, Agnes Moorehead, Hugh Marlowe,
1944: [] Lost Angel (Актеры: Matron), Режиссер Roy Rowland, with Margaret O'Brian, James Craig, Marsha Hunt,
1936: [] San Francisco (Актеры), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy,
1934: [] White Heat (Актеры: Mrs. Cheney), Режиссер Lois Weber, with Virginia Cherrill, Mona Maris, Hardie Albright,
1934: [] The Mighty Barnum (Актеры: Woman in Museum), Режиссер Walter Lang, with Virginia Bruce, Robert Anderson,
1928: [] Trial Marriage (Актеры: Mrs. George Bannister 1st),
1924: [] Virtous Liars (Актеры: Julia Livingston),
1924: [01.06] Restless Wives (Актеры: Mrs. Drake ), Режиссер Gregory La Cava, with Doris Kenyon, James Rennie, Montagu Love,
1923: [02.25] Success (Актеры: Jane Randolph), Режиссер Ralph Ince, with , Mary Astor,
1922: [] Mr. Barnes of New York (Актеры: Enid Anstruther), Режиссер Victor Schertzinger, with Ramon Novarro, Tom Moore, Anna Lehr,
1921: [] Courage (Актеры: Jeon Blackmore),
1921: [] Hold your Horses (Актеры: Beatrice Newness),
1920: [08.11] Earthbound (Актеры: Caroline Desborough), with T. Hayes Hunter, Wyndham Standing,
1920: [] The Street called Straight (Актеры: Olivia Guion ), Режиссер Wallace Worsley, with Charles Clary, Lawson Butt,
1920: [02.22] Duds (Актеры: Olga Karakoff ), Режиссер Thomas R. Mills, with Tom Moore, Christine Mayo,
1919: [12.21] The Gay Lord Quex (Актеры: The Duchess of Strood), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Tom Moore, Gloria Hope,
1919: [11.00] Human Desire (Актеры: Marguerite Hunt ), Режиссер Wilfrid North, with Anita Stewart, Conway Tearle, Vernon Steele,
1919: [09.07] The World and its woman (Актеры: Baroness Olga Amilahvari), Режиссер Frank Lloyd, with Geraldine Farrar, Lou Tellegen, Mae Giraci,
1919: [09.01] Lord and Lady Algy (Актеры: Lady Algy ), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Tom Moore, Leslie Stuart,
1919: [04.28] After His Own Heart (Актеры: Sally Reeves), Режиссер Harry L. Franklin, with Hale Hamilton, ,
1919: [03.10] Blind Man's Eyes (Актеры: Harriet Santoine), Режиссер John Ince, with Bert Lytell, Frank Currier,
1919: [02.23] Shadows of Suspicion (Актеры: Doris Mathers), Режиссер Edwin Carewe, with Harold Lockwood, Helen Lindroth,
1919: [01.20] The Divorcee (Актеры: Kitty Beresford), Режиссер Herbert Blaché, with Ethel Barrymore, E.J. Ratcliffe, Holmes Herbert,
1917: [05.03] The Auction of Virtue (Актеры: Phyllis), Режиссер Herbert Blaché, with , Evelyn Dumo,
1917: [04.09] Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation (Актеры: Jane Strong ), Режиссер J. Stuart Blackton, William P.S. Earle, with Alice Joyce, Harry T. Morey,
1916: [11.13] The Price of Fame (Актеры: Constance Preston ), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Marc McDermott, L. Rogers Lytton,
1916: [11.06] The Devil's Prize (Актеры: Adeline St. Clair), Режиссер Marguerite Bertsch, with Antonio Moreno, Albert S. Howson,
1916: [08.21] The Footlights of Fate (Актеры: Joan Thursday ), Режиссер William Humphrey, with Marc McDermott, Robert Whitworth,
1916: [07.10] Fathers of Men (Актеры: Jeanne Howland ), Режиссер William Humphrey, with Robert Edeson, William Humphrey,
1916: [02.19] The Man He Used to Be (Актеры: Virginia Merrill), Режиссер Eugene Mullin, with William R. Dunn, Belle Bruce, Logan Paul,
1916: [02.14] The Writing on the Wall (Актеры), Режиссер Tefft Johnson, with Joseph Kilgour, Virginia Pearson,
1916: [01.29] The Ruse (Актеры: Emily Cottrell - John's Wife), Режиссер Eugene Mullin, with James Kilgour, Harry T. Morey, Denton Vane,
1915: [11.06] Anselo Lee (Актеры: Gertrude Carlton), Режиссер Harry Handworth, with Antonio Moreno, Donald Hall,
1915: [11.01] The Turn of the Road (Актеры: Helen King ), Режиссер Tefft Johnson, with Bobby Connelly, Robert Gaillard,
1915: [10.18] The Man Who Couldn't Beat God (Актеры: Hilma Lake), Режиссер Maurice Costello, Robert Gaillard, with Maurice Costello, Robert Gaillard, Denton Vane,
1915: [10.04] The Dust of Egypt (Актеры: Violet Manning ), Режиссер George D. Baker, with Antonio Moreno, , Hughie Mack,
1915: [06.29] The Hand of God (Актеры: Gladys - Hugh's Wife), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Charles Wellesley, Bobby Connelly,
1915: [06.16] Philanthropic Tommy (Актеры: Edith Moreland - Tommy's Older Sister), Режиссер Harry Davenport, with Lucille Hammill, Charles Eldridge,
1915: [05.17] The Island of Regeneration (Актеры: Virginia Charnock ), Режиссер Harry Davenport, with , Bobby Connelly, Antonio Moreno,
1914: [11.00] The Tangle (Актеры: Margaret Lane), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Darwin Karr, L. Rogers Lytton,
1914: [10.06] His Unknown Girl (Актеры), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Charles Wellesley, Gladden James, Jasper Ewing Brady,
1914: [08.11] Девід Гаррік (David Garrick) (Актеры), Режиссер James Young, with James Young, Clara Kimball Young, Edward Kimball,
1914: [04.21] The Spirit and the clay (Актеры: Marie), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Darwin Karr, Edward Kimball,
1914: [04.13] Mr. Barnes of New York (Актеры: Enid Anstruther ), Режиссер Maurice Costello, Robert Gaillard, with Maurice Costello, Mary Charleson, Darwin Karr,
1914: [04.04] The Crucible of Fate (Актеры: Mrs. Powell - the Mother), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Donald Hall, Arthur Ashley,
1914: [03.17] The Price of Vanity (Актеры: Rhoda Mills), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Mrs. E.M. Kimball, George Stevens,
1914: [03.10] The Portrait (Актеры), Режиссер James Young, with James Young, Mary Maurice, James Morrison,
1914: [02.21] Iron and Steel (Актеры: Mrs. Carl Heiner ), Режиссер Maurice Costello, Robert Gaillard, with Maurice Costello, Anders Randolf, Mary Charleson,
1914: [01.24] Hearts of Women (Актеры: Belle Gannon ), Режиссер William Humphrey, Tefft Johnson, with Julia Swayne Gordon, William Humphrey,
1913: [11.29] Golden Pathway (Актеры: Helen Greene ), Режиссер Maurice Costello, Robert Gaillard, with Maurice Costello, Mary Charleson,
1913: [10.04] The Test (Актеры: Mrs. Burton ), Режиссер Harry Lambart, with Clara Kimball Young, Harry S. Northrup, Herbert Barry,
1913: [09.16] Their Mutual Friend (Актеры: Patty Gordon ), Режиссер Frederick A. Thomson, with Earle Williams, Florence Ashbrooke,
1913: [05.05] The Heart of an Actress (Актеры: Jane Thompson ), Режиссер Edmund Lawrence, with Alice Joyce, Tom Moore,
1913: [04.23] The Hoodoo Pearls (Актеры: Helen), Режиссер Frederick Sullivan, with , William Sloan,
1913: [03.31] The American Princess (Актеры: Alexa's Maid), Режиссер Marshall Neilan, with Tom Moore, Alice Joyce, Edgar L. Davenport,
1913: [02.19] Panic Days in Wall Street (Актеры: Edna Harding ), Режиссер Edmund Lawrence, with Tom Moore, Richard Purdon,

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