Irving Cummings

Actor, Director, Producer - USA
Born October 9, 1888 in New York City, New York, USA
Died April 18, 1959 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Irving Cummings was born under the given name Irving Caminsky on October 9, 1888 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an American Actor, Director, Producer, known for Hollywood Calvalcade (1939), My Gal Sal (1942), The Saphead (1920), Irving Cummings's first movie on record is from 1910. He was married to Ruth Cummings (1917-1959). Irving Cummings died on April 18, 1959 in Los Angeles, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1951.

Irving Cummings Filmography [Auszug]
1951: [] Double Dynamite (Director), with Groucho Marx, Jane Russell, Frank Sinatra,
1943: [] What a Woman! (Director), with Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne, Willard Parker,
1942: [04.30] My Gal Sal (Director), with Rita Hayworth, Carole Landis, Victor Mature,
1941: [12.31] Louisiana Purchase (Director), with Bob Hope, , Victor Moore,
1941: [/ /1] Belle Starr (The Queen Bandit) (Director), with Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, Shepperd Strudwick,
1939: [12.15] Everything happens at Night (Director), with Sonja Henie, Ray Milland, Robert Cummings,
1939: [/ /1] Hollywood Calvalcade (Director),
1939: [] Hollywood Cavalcade (Director), with Hank Mann, Don Ameche, Alice Faye,
1939: [] Down Argentine Way (Director), with Don Ameche, Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda,
1939: [] The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (Director), with Loretta Young, Don Ameche, Henry Fonda,
1938: [11.11] Just Around the Corner (Director), with Shirley Temple, Joan Davis, Charles Farrell,
1938: [] Little Miss Broadway (Director), with Claire du Brey, Shirley Temple, Jimmy Durante,
1937: [08.19] The Vogues of 1938 (Director), with Warner Baxter, Joan Bennett, ,
1936: [] Poor Little Rich Girl (Director), with Shirley Temple, Alice Faye, Gloria Stuart,
1935: [] Curly Top (Director), with Shirley Temple, John Boles, Rochelle Hudson,
1933: [10.23] The Mad Game (Director), with Spencer Tracy, Claire Trevor, Ralph Morgan,
1932: [] Night Club Lady (Director), with Gerald Fielding,
1931: [] Holy Terror (Director), with George O'Brien, Sally Eilers, James Kirkwood,
1930: [/ /1] Camero Kirby (Director), with Carrie Daumery, J. Harold Murray, Charles Morton,
1930: [] A devil with woman (Director), with Luana Alcaniz, John St. Polis, Mona Rico,
1929: [] Behind that curtain (Director), with Warner Baxter, Lois Moran, Boris Karloff,
1929: [01.20] In Old Arizona (Director), Directed by Raoul Walsh, with Warner Baxter, Edmund Lowe, Dorothy Burgess,
1928: [11.11] A Romance of the Underworld (Director), with Mary Astor, Ben Bard, Robert Elliott,
1927: [04/30] The Brute (Director), with Monte Blue, Leila Hyams,
1925: [/ /1] Infatuation (Director), with Corinne Griffith, Percy Marmont, Warner Oland,
1925: [06.21] The Desert Flower (Director), with Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes, Kate Price,
1925: [01.11] As Man Desires (Director), with Milton Sills, Viola Dana, Ruth Clifford,
1923: [07.08] Rupert of Hentzau (Cast: Von Bernenstein ), Directed by Victor Heerman, with Bert Lytell, Elaine Hammerstein, Lew Cody,
1923: [07.00] Broken Hearts of Broadway (Director), with Colleen Moore, Johnnie Walker, Alice Lake,
1922: [12.01] Environment (Director), with Milton Sills, Alice Lake, ,
1922: [09.17] The eternal flame (Cast: Count de Marsay), Directed by Frank Lloyd, with Norma Talmadge, Adolphe Menjou, Wedgwood Nowell,
1922: [08.27] Flesh and Blood (Director), with Lon Chaney, Edith Roberts, Noah Beery,
1920: [09.13] Harriet and the Piper (Cast: Anthony Pope), Directed by Bertram Bracken, with Anita Stewart, Ward Crane, Myrtle Stedman,
1920: [09.00] The Saphead (Cast: Mark Turner), Directed by Herbert Blaché, Winchell Smith, with Buster Keaton, William H. Crane,
1920: [] Sex (Cast: Dave Wallace), Directed by Fred Niblo, with Louise Glaum, Viola Barry,
1920: [01.17] The Thirteenth Commandment (Cast: Thomas Warwick Duane), Directed by Robert G. Vignola, with Ethel Clayton, Charles Meredith, Monte Blue,
1919: [11.09] What Every Woman Learns (Cast: Dick Gaylord), Directed by Fred Niblo, with Enid Bennett, Milton Sills,
1919: [07.13] The Better Wife (Cast: Comte de Cheveral ), Directed by William P.S. Earle, with Clara Kimball Young, Edward Kimball, Nigel Barrie,
1919: [06.15] Secret Service (Cast: Benton Arrelsford ), Directed by Hugh Ford, with Robert Warwick, Wanda Hawley, Theodore Roberts,
1919: [06.09] Some Bride (Patricia (Working title)) (Cast: Henry Morley), Directed by Henry Otto, with Viola Dana, ,
1919: [04.14] The Scar (Cast: George Reynolds), Directed by Frank Hall Crane, with Kitty Gordon, Jennie Ellison,
1919: [04.06] Her Code of Honor (The Call of the Heart (Working title)) (Cast: Jacques), Directed by John M. Stahl, with Florence Reed, William Desmond, Robert Frazer,
1919: [01.26] Don't Change Your Husband (Cast: (/xx/) ), Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, with Elliott Dexter, Gloria Swanson, Lew Cody,
1919: [01.19] Auction of Souls (Cast: Andranik), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Anna Q. Nilsson, ,
1919: [01.19] Ravished Armenia (Cast: Andranik), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Aurora Mardiganian, Anna Q. Nilsson,
1918: [08.19] Merely Players (Cast: Rodney Gale), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Kitty Gordon, George MacQuarrie,
1918: [07.01] The Heart of a Girl (Cast: Brandon Kent), Directed by John G. Adolfi, with Barbara Castleton, Charles Wellesley,
1918: [03.10] The Debt of Honor (Her Debt of Honor) (Cast: Chester Holbrooke), Directed by O.A.C. Lund, with Peggy Hyland, Eric Mayne,
1918: [06.03] The Interloper (Cast: Paul Whitney), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Kitty Gordon, Warren Cook,
1918: [05.00] Toys of Fate (Cast: Greggo), Directed by George D. Baker, with Alla Nazimova, Charles Bryant,
1918: [04.00] The Struggle Everlasting (Cast: Soul / Dean), Directed by James Kirkwood, with Florence Reed, Milton Sills,
1917: [12.17] An American Widow (Cast: Jasper Mallory), Directed by Frank Reicher, with Ethel Barrymore, H. Dudley Harvey,
1917: [10.05] Rasputin, the Black Monk (Cast: Prince Felix), Directed by Arthur Ashley, with Montagu Love, Henry Hull, June Elvidge,
1917: [08.04] Wrath Of Love (Cast: Bob Lawson), Directed by James Vincent, with Virginia Pearson, ,
1917: [03.25] The Whip (Cast), Directed by Maurice Tourneur, with Alma Hanlon, June Elvidge,
1917: [03.04] Sister Against Sister (Cast: Dunsmore), Directed by James Vincent, with Virginia Pearson, , Walter Law,
1916: [10.16] The Hidden Scar (The Scorching Way) (Cast: Dale Overton), Directed by Barry O'Neil, with Ethel Clayton, Holbrook Blinn,
1916: [06.25] The World's Great Snare (Cast: Bryan), Directed by Joseph Kaufman, Robert G. Vignola, with Pauline Frederick, Ferdinand Tidmarsh,
1916: [03.23] The Saleslady (The Girl from Macy's, The Longest Way Round) (Cast: Bruce ), Directed by Frederick A. Thomson, with Hazel Dawn, ,
1915: [05.03] The Diamond from the Sky (Cast: Arthur Stanley, II ), Directed by Jacques Jaccard, William Desmond Taylor, with Lottie Pickford, William Russell,
1914: [12.14] The Three of Us (Cast: Louis Beresford), Directed by John W. Noble, with Mabel Taliaferro, Creighton Hale, ,
1914: [09.22] The Varsity Race (Cast: Jack Stimson), Directed by Carroll Fleming, with Muriel Ostriche, ,
1914: [08.25] A Conscience (Scenario), Directed by N. N., with Mignon Anderson, ,
1914: [08.22] The Last Volunteer (Cast: Prince Ludwig, King of Saxe-Tholburg), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Paul Panzer, Eleanor Woodruff,
1914: [08.10] Uncle Tom's cabin (Cast: George Harris ), Directed by William Robert Daly, with Sam Lucas, Walter Hitchcock, Hattie Delaro,
1914: [07.28] The Messenger of Death (Cast: Jones), Directed by N. N., with , Mignon Anderson,
1914: [06.27] Jane Eyre (Cast: Edward Rochester), Directed by Martin Faust, with Alberta Roy, Lisbeth Blackstone,
1914: [06.22] The Million Dollar Mystery (Cast), Directed by Howell Hansel, with Florence LaBadie, Marguerite Snow, James Cruze,
1914: [06.02] From the Shadows (Cast: Hesper Verne), Directed by N. N., with Florence LaBadie, Violet Stuart,
1914: [05.26] Pamela Congreve (Pamela's Past) (Cast: ), Directed by Eugene Moore, with Maude Fealy, Harry Benham,
1914: [05.04] The Dawn of Romance (Cast), Directed by George Loane Tucker, with Ethel Grandin, Howard Crampton,
1914: [03.28] A Leech of Industry (Cast: Ivan Romanoff), with Oscar Apfel, Pearl Sindelar,
1914: [02.09] Jane Eyre (Cast: Edward Rochester), Directed by Frank Hall Crane, with Ethel Grandin, ,
1914: [02.07] In the Mesh of Her Hair (Cast: Harry Forbes), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Eleanor Woodruff, Paul Panzer,
1914: [01.22] A Sword of Damocles (The Sword of Damocles) (Cast: Damocles / Paul Hodgson - the Composer (??)), Directed by N. N., with Eleanor Woodruff, Gerald Harcourt,
1914: [01.03] The Resurrection (Cast: Bruce - an Artist), Directed by N. N., with Pearl Sindelar, Jack Standing,
1913: [08.23] Success (Cast: Allan Brooks), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Irene Hunt, Vivian Prescott,
1913: [08.09] The Fight for Right (Cast: John Ward - Mary's Sweetheart), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Rosemary Theby, Ralph Lewis,
1913: [07.26] The Higher Justice (Cast: Allen - the District Attorney - the Poor Son ), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Earl Talbot, Irene Hunt,
1913: [07.16] Her Rosary (Cast: The Boy), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Rosemary Theby, Irene Howley,
1913: [07.12] Ashes (Cast: The Old Man), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Rosemary Theby, Edgena De Lespine,
1913: [06.28] The Tangled Web (Cast: Hugh Conway), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Rosemary Theby, Virginia Westbrook,
1913: [05.31] The Master Cracksman (Cast: Robert Thatcher_Jr. - the Master Cracksman), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Irene Howley, Ralph Lewis,
1913: [04.30] The Bawlerout (Cast: Dick Lewis - the Bank Clerk), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Edgena De Lespine, Sue Balfour,
1913: [04.16] Held for Ransom (Cast: Gordon Grant), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Ralph Lewis, Irene Howley,
1913: [04.12] For Love of Columbine (Cast: Pierrot), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Irene Howley, George Siegmann,
1913: [04.09] The Grey Sentinel (The Grey Sentinal) (Cast), Directed by Burton L. King, with Charles Ray, J. Barney Sherry, John Emerson,
1913: [04.02] The Judge's Vindication (Cast: The Young Reporter), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Mae Botti, Edward P. Sullivan,
1913: [03.05] The Man from Outside (Cast: Burt - the Good Brother / Albert - the Bad Brother (dual role)), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Edith Lyle, Ralph Lewis,
1913: [02.19] The Bells (Cast: Christian), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Edward P. Sullivan, Gertrude Robinson,
1913: [02.05] The Strike Leader (Cast: Larry - the Strike Leader), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Gertrude Robinson,
1913: [01.27] The Marked Card (Marked Cards) (Cast: Harry Wade ), Directed by N. N., with Gladden James,
1913: [01.23] The Open Road (Cast: Tom / Liza in Play), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Gertrude Robinson, Ralph Lewis,
1913: [01.01] Duty and the Man (Cast: Philip Steele - the Deputy), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with James Ashley, Gertrude Robinson, Charles Elliott,
1912: [12.18] The Fires of Conscience (Cast: Howard Wallis), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Gertrude Robinson, Edgena De Lespine,
1912: [06.10] Camille (Cast: Armand Du Val ), Directed by Jay Hunt, with Gertrude Shipman, Arthur Evers,
1912: [04.00] The Life of Buffalo Bill (Cast), Directed by Paul Panzer, with William F. Cody, William V. Ranous, ,
1910: [05.17] His Yankee Girl (Cast), Directed by N. N., with Pearl White, Mildred Holland,

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