Jack Holt

Portrait Jack Holt
актер - США
Родился 31. май 1888 в New York, NY, US
Ушёл 18. января 1951 в Sawtelle, CA, US

Jack Holt was born on May 31, 1888 in New York, NY, US. He was an American актер, known for По широкой Миссури (1951), Flight (1929), Submarine (1928), Jack Holt's first movie on record is from 1914. Jack Holt died on Januar 18, 1951 in Sawtelle, CA, US. His last motion picture on file dates from 1951.

Jack Holt Фильмография [Auszug]
1951: [10/26] По широкой Миссури (Across the wide Missouri) (Актеры: Bull's Tail / Bear Ghost / Bärentatze), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with Ben Watson, Adolphe Menjou, María Elena Marqués,
1950: [06.24] Return of the Frontiersman (Актеры: Sheriff Sam Barrett), Режиссер Richard L. Bare, with Gordon MacRae, Julie London, Rory Calhoun,
1949: [09.30] Task Force (Актеры: Reeves), Режиссер Delmer Daves, with Gary Cooper, , Wayne Morris,
1946: [/ /1] The Chase (Актеры), Режиссер Arthur Ripley, with Steve Cochran, Lloyd Corrigan, Robert Cummings,
1946: [] Renegade Girl (Актеры), Режиссер William A. Berke, with Ann Savage, Alan Curtis, Edward Brophy,
1945: [] They were expendable (Актеры: General Martin), Режиссер John Ford, Robert Montgomery, with , Jack Pennick, Robert Montgomery,
1942: [/ /1] Гром птицы (Thunder Birds) (Актеры), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with , Connie Leon,
1942: [] Cat People (Актеры: The Commodore), Режиссер Jacques Tourneur, with Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway,
1939: [] Whispering Enemies (Актеры), Режиссер Lewis D. Collins, with Donald Briggs, Dolores Costello, Joseph Crehan,
1936: [/ /1] End of the Trail (Актеры), Режиссер Earl C. Kenton, with Louise Henry, Edward J. Le Saint,
1936: [] San Francisco (Актеры: Jack Burley), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy,
1935: [/ /1] The best man wins (Актеры), Режиссер Earl C. Kenton, with Forrester Harvey, Mitchell Lewis,
1935: [] The Littlest Rebel (Актеры), Режиссер David Butler, with Shirley Temple, John Boles,
1935: [] (Актеры), Режиссер Lambert Hillyer, with Florence Rice, Jimmy Butler,
1934: [] Black Moon (Актеры: Stephen Lane), Режиссер Roy William Neill, with Fay Wray, Dorothy Burgess,
1932: [05.25] Behind the Mask (Актеры: Jack Hart), Режиссер John Francis Dillon, with Constance Cummings, Boris Karloff,
1931: [/ /1] Dirigible (Актеры: Cmdr. Jack Bradon), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Ralph Graves, Fay Wray,
1931: [/ /1] Maker of Men (Актеры), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Joan Marsh, John Wayne,
1931: [] The Last Parade (Актеры), Режиссер Earl C. Kenton, with Steve Pendleton, Tom Moore, Edward LeSaint,
1931: [] A Dangerous Affair (Актеры: Lt. McHenry), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with , Charles B. Middleton, DeWitt Jennings,
1931: [05.01] Subway Express (Актеры: Inspector Killian ), Режиссер Fred C. Newmeyer, with Aileen Pringle, Fred Kelsey,
1929: [/ /1] Flight (Актеры: St. 'Panama' Williams), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Lila Lee, Ralph Graves,
1929: [/ /1] The Donovan affair (Актеры), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Hank Mann, Dorothy Revier,
1928: [/ /1] Submarine (Актеры), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Clarence Burton, Ralph Graves,
1925: [] Ancient Highway (Актеры), Режиссер Irving Willat, with Billie Dove,
1925: [] Wild Horse Mesa (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Billie Dove, Douglas Fairbanks jr.,
1925: [03.01] The Thundering Herd (Актеры: Tom Doan), Режиссер William K. Howard, with Lois Wilson, Noah Beery,
1924: [08.17] (Актеры: Grimshaw), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Norma Shearer, Charles Clary,
1924: [] The Wanderer of the Wasteland (Актеры), Режиссер Irving Willat, with Billie Dove,
1923: [] The Cheat (Актеры: Dudley Drake), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Pola Negri, Charles De Rochefort,
1922: [] While Satan Sleeps (Актеры), Режиссер Joseph Henabery, with Wade Boteler, Mabel Van Buren,
1921: [11/13] The Grim Comedian (Актеры: Harvey Martin ), Режиссер Frank Lloyd, with , Gloria Hope,
1921: [] The Call of the North (Актеры), Режиссер Joseph Henabery, with Noah Beery jr., Madge Bellamy, Helen Ferguson,
1920: [07/00] The Best of Luck (Актеры: Kenneth, Lord Glenayr), Режиссер Ray C. Smallwood, with Kathryn Adams, Lila Leslie,
1919: [12.07] Победа (Victory) (Актеры: Axel Heyst), Режиссер Maurice Tourneur, with Seena Owen, Wallace Beery,
1919: [10.12] Kitty Kelly, M.D. (Актеры: Bob Lang ), Режиссер Howard C. Hickman, with Bessie Barriscale, Joseph J. Dowling,
1919: [09.28] The Life Line (Актеры: Jack Hearne, the Romany Rye), Режиссер Maurice Tourneur, with Wallace Beery, Lew Cody,
1919: [07.27] The Woman Michael Married (Актеры: Michael Ordsway), Режиссер Henry Kolker, with Bessie Barriscale, Marcia Manon,
1919: [06.08] The Woman Thou Gavest Me (Актеры: Lord Raa), Режиссер Hugh Ford, with Fritzi Brunette, Katherine Griffith,
1919: [04.27] В горе и в радости (For Better, for Worse) (Актеры: Crusader), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Elliott Dexter, Tom Forman, ,
1919: [01.26] Cheating Cheaters (Актеры), Режиссер Allan Dwan, with Clara Kimball Young, Anna Q. Nilsson,
1918: [12.15] Муж индианки (The Squaw Man) (Актеры: Cash Hawkins), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Elliott Dexter, Ann Little, Katherine MacDonald,
1918: [08.26] The Marriage Ring (Актеры: Rodney Heathe), Режиссер Fred Niblo, with Enid Bennett, Thomas H. Ince Corporation,
1918: [] The Road Through the Dark (Актеры), Режиссер Edmund Mortimer, with Clara Kimball Young, Henry Woodward,
1918: [06.23] A Desert Wooing (Актеры: Barton Masters), Режиссер Jerome Storm, with Enid Bennett, Donald MacDonald,
1918: [06.10] The Claw (Актеры: Maurice Stair ), Режиссер Robert G. Vignola, with Clara Kimball Young, Milton Sills, Henry Woodward,
1918: [05.06] The White Man's Law (Актеры: Sir Harry Falkland), Режиссер James Young, with Sessue Hayakawa, Florence Vidor,
1918: [04.01] The Honor of His House (Актеры: Robert Farlow), Режиссер William C. de Mille, with Sessue Hayakawa, Florence Vidor,
1918: [02.25] Headin' South (Актеры), Режиссер Allan Dwan, Arthur Rosson, with Douglas Fairbanks, Frank Campeau, Katherine MacDonald,
1918: [02.25] One More American (Актеры: Sam Potts), Режиссер William C. de Mille, with George Beban, Marcia Manon, ,
1918: [02.18] The Hidden Pearls (Актеры: Robert Garvin), Режиссер George Melford, with Sessue Hayakawa, Margaret Loomis, Florence Vidor,
1917: [12.03] The Secret Game (Актеры: Maj. John Northfield), Режиссер William C. de Mille, with Florence Vidor, Mayme Kelso,
1917: [10.15] The Call of the East (Актеры: Alan Hepburn), Режиссер George Melford, with Sessue Hayakawa, Tsuru Aoki,
1917: [07.12] Маленькая американка (The Little American) (Актеры: Karl Von Austreim), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, Joseph Levering, with Mary Pickford, Raymond Hatton,
1917: [06.14] The Inner Shrine (Актеры: Viscount D'Arcourt), Режиссер Frank Reicher, with Margaret Illington, Hobart Bosworth,
1917: [05.03] Sacrifice (Актеры: Paul Ekald), Режиссер Frank Reicher, with Margaret Illington, Winter Hall,
1917: [01.14] Patria (Актеры), Режиссер Leopold Wharton, Theodore Wharton, with Irene Castle, Milton Sills, Warner Oland,
1916: [12.25] Жанна-женщина (Joan the Woman) (Актеры), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Geraldine Farrar, Raymond Hatton, Hobart Bosworth,
1916: [10.23] The Black Sheep of the Family (Актеры: Kenneth Carmont), Режиссер Jay Hunt, with Francelia Billington, Gilmore Hammond,
1916: [10.09] Чаша скорботи (The Chalice of Sorrow) (Актеры), Режиссер Rex Ingram, with Cleo Madison, Wedgwood Nowell, Charles Cummings,
1916: [09.11] Saving the Family Name (Актеры: Jansen Winthrop), Режиссер Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley, with Mary MacLaren, Gerard Alexander, Carl von Schiller,
1916: [08.27] Brennon o' the Moor (Актеры: The Mayor's Son), Режиссер Francis Ford, with Francis Ford, Grace Cunard, Jack Francis,
1916: [08.20] Liberty (Актеры: Captain Bob Rutledge), Режиссер Henry MacRae, Jacques Jaccard, with Marie Walcamp, Eddie Polo,
1916: [07.21] The 'Phone Message (Актеры: Laurelton ), Режиссер Allen Holubar, with Allen Holubar, Ruth Stonehouse,
1916: [06.20] The False Part (Актеры: J. Kenneth Simpson), Режиссер William Worthington, with Herbert Rawlinson, Agnes Vernon, Ethel Clarke,
1916: [06.04] The Wire Pullers (Актеры: Mr. Page), Режиссер William Worthington, with Herbert Rawlinson, Yona Landowska,
1916: [05.10] Naked Hearts (Актеры: Howard), Режиссер Rupert Julian, with Francelia Billington, Rupert Julian, Douglas Gerrard,
1916: [04.08] Behind the Mask (Актеры: Count Charles), Режиссер Francis Ford, with Peter Fitzgerald, Grace Cunard,
1916: [04.03] The Dumb Girl of Portici (Актеры: Conde )AKA John Holt)), Режиссер Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley, with Anna Pavlova, Rupert Julian, Wadsworth Harris,
1916: [03.22] The Desperado (Актеры: The Sheriff), Режиссер Rupert Julian, with Rupert Julian, Zoe Rae,
1916: [03.17] The Cry of Erin (Актеры: The Squire's Son), Режиссер Francis Ford, with Francis Ford, , Marie Manley,
1915: [12.03] The Power of Fascination (Актеры: Rafael), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Tom Chatterton,
1915: [08.30] Jewel (Актеры: Nat Bonnell), Режиссер Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber, with Ella Hall, Rupert Julian, Frank Elliott,
1915: [08.10] A Cigarette - That's All (Актеры: Stanley Ivans (as Frank Holt)), Режиссер Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber, with Phillips Smalley, Maude George, Rupert Julian,
1915: [06.21] The Broken Coin (Актеры: Captain Williams), Режиссер Francis Ford, with Grace Cunard, Francis Ford, Eddie Polo,
1914: [11.28] The Master Key (Актеры: Donald Faversham), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Robert Z. Leonard, Ella Hall, Harry Carter,

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