Gladys Hulette

Portrait Gladys HuletteHerec, Scénárista - USA
Narodilo 21. červenec 1896 v Arcade, New York, USA
Zemžel 8. srpen 1991 v Montebello, California, USA

Gladys Hulette was born on July 21, 1896 in Arcade, New York, USA. She was an American Herec, Scénárista, known for The Iron Horse (1924), Waifs (1918), Mrs. Slacker (1918), Gladys Hulette's first movie on record is from 1908. Gladys Hulette died on August 8, 1991 in Montebello, California, USA. Her last motion picture on file dates from 1934.

Gladys Hulette Filmografie [Auszug]
1934: [12.14] One hour late (Herci: Gertrude (/xx/) ), Režie Ralph Murphy, with , Helen Twelvetrees, Conrad Nagel,
1928: [10.20] Life's Crossroads (Herci: The Lady ), Režie Edgar Lewis, with Mahlon Hamilton, William Conklin,
1926: [01.27] The skyrocket (Herci: Lucia Morgan), Režie Marshall Neilan, with Gladys Brockwell, Charles West, Muriel McCormack,
1924: [08.28] The Iron Horse (Herci: Ruby), Režie John Ford, with George O'Brien, Madge Bellamy, Charles Edward Bull,
1923: [03.31] The Enemies of Women (Herci: Vittoria ), Režie Alan Crosland, with Lionel Barrymore, Alma Rubens, Pedro de Cordoba,
1922: [10.01] The Secrets of Paris (Herci: Mayflower), Režie Kenneth S. Webb, with Lew Cody, Effie Shannon,
1921: [12.31] Tol'able David (Herci: Esther Hatburn ), Režie Henry King, with Richard Barthelmess, Walter P. Lewis,
1920: [01.17] High Speed (Herci: Edith Rhoades), Režie Charles Miller, with Edward Earle, L. Rogers Lytton,
1918: [08.04] Waifs (Herci: Marjorie Whitney), Režie Albert Parker, with Creighton Hale, John H. Gilmour,
1918: [07.07] Annexing Bill (Herci: Enid Barwell ), Režie Albert Parker, with Creighton Hale, Mark Smith,
1918: [06.09] For Sale (Herci: Dorothy Daniels), Režie Fred E. Wright, with Creighton Hale, Helene Chadwick,
1918: [03.31] Mrs. Slacker (Herci: Susie Simpkins ), Režie Hobart Henley, with Creighton Hale, Paul Clerget,
1917: [12.30] Over the Hill (Herci: Esther ), Režie William Parke, with John H. Gilmour, Dan Mason,
1917: [09.30] A Crooked Romance (Herci: Mary Flynn ), Režie William Parke, with Paul Clerget, William Parke jr.,
1917: [08.19] Miss Nobody (Herci: Roma), Režie William Parke, with Cesare Gravina, ,
1917: [08.12] The Streets of Illusion (Herci: Beam), Režie William Parke, with John H. Gilmour, William Parke jr.,
1917: [07.22] The Last of the Carnabys (Herci: Lucy Carnaby), Režie William Parke, with William Parke jr., Eugenie Woodward,
1917: [07.08] The Cigarette Girl (Herci: The Cigarette Girl), Režie William Parke, with Warner Oland, William Parke jr.,
1917: [05.20] The Candy Girl (Herci: Nell), Režie Eugene Moore, with William Parke jr., John H. Gilmour,
1917: [03.18] Pots-and-Pans Peggy (Herci: Peggie McGraw), Režie Eugene Moore, with Wayne Arey, George Marlo,
1917: [01.07] Her New York (Herci: Phoebe Lester), Režie O.A.C. Lund, Eugene Moore, with William Parke jr., Riley Chamberlin,
1916: [10.22] Prudence, the Pirate (Herci: Prudence), Režie William Parke, with Flora Finch, Riley Chamberlin,
1916: [08.27] The Shine Girl (Herci: The Shine Girl), Režie William Parke, with Wayne Arey, Kathryn Adams,
1916: [06.01] Other People's Money (Herci: The Girl), Režie William Parke, with Fraunie Fraunholz, John H. Gilmour,
1916: [05.09] When She Played Broadway (Herci: The Young Actress ), Režie N. N., with Howard M. Mitchell, Daniel Leighton,
1916: [04.18] The Girl from Chicago (Herci: The Girl from Chicago), Režie N. N., with George Marlo, John H. Gilmour,
1916: [04.08] The Traffic Cop (Herci: Casey's Sweetheart), Režie Howard M. Mitchell, with Howard M. Mitchell, Ernest Howard,
1916: [03.11] The Flight of the Duchess (Herci: Lady Alice - The Earl's Ward ), Režie Eugene Nowland, with Robert Gray, Barnett Parker,
1916: [03.01] What Doris Did (Herci), Režie George Foster Platt, with Doris Grey, Florence LaBadie,
1916: [01.11] In the Name of the Law (Herci: Daisy Rudyard - the Mountain Girl ), Režie Eugene Nowland, with John Lehnberg, Morgan Thorpe,
1915: [09.10] What Happened on the Barbuda (Herci: Ruth Dislow - the Professor's Granddaughter), Režie Langdon West, with William West, Augustus Phillips,
1915: [08.14] A Sprig of Shamrock (Herci: The New Stenographer), Režie Harry Beaumont, with Pat O'Malley, Bessie Learn, Margery Bonney Erskine,
1915: [08.13] The King of the Wire (Herci: Patricia Beverly, his granddaughter), Režie Ashley Miller, with Charles Sutton, Pat O'Malley,
1915: [07.09] Eugene Aram (Herci: Eleanor Lester), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Marc McDermott, Mabel Trunnelle,
1915: [06.19] The Corporal's Daughter (Herci: Kate, his Daughter ), Režie Langdon West, with Ben Turbett, Arthur Housman,
1915: [06.18] The Working of a Miracle (Herci: Mary Turner, village school teacher), Režie Ashley Miller, with Edward Earle, Nellie Grant,
1915: [05.21] The Wrong Woman (Herci: Ivy Fairfax), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Mabel Trunnelle, George A. Wright, Harry B. Eytinge,
1915: [04.28] Count Macaroni (Herci: Mary), Režie Will Louis, with Raymond McKee, Julia Calhoun,
1915: [04.23] Out of the Ruins (Herci: Priscilla Varden, their daughter), Režie Ashley Miller, with Mabel Trunnelle, Pat O'Malley, William Bechtel,
1915: [04.05] Won Through Merit (Herci: Helen Morse), Režie Eugene Nowland, with Pat O'Malley, Margery Bonney Erskine, Fred Abbott,
1915: [03.08] The Mission of Mr. Foo (Herci: Florence - the Diplomat's Daughter ), Režie John H. Collins, with Carlton S. King, Bigelow Cooper, Mrs. William Bechtel,
1915: [02.03] A Thorn among Roses (Herci: May Hope), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Dan Mason, Harry Linson,
1915: [01.25] Joey and his Trombone (Herci: Tillie Perkins), Režie James W. Castle, with Edward Boulden, Dan Mason,
1915: [01.22] Tracked by the Hounds (Herci: Katherine Stuart), Režie Charles H. France, with Carlton S. King, William Bechtel,
1915: [01.20] A Weighty Matter for a Detective (Herci: Miss Stout), Režie Charles M. Seay, with , Arthur Housman, Andy Clark,
1915: [01.01] Young Mrs. Winthrop (Herci: Edith - Mrs. Douglas Winthrop's Sister-in-Law), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Margery Bonney Erskine, Robert Conness, Mabel Trunnelle,
1914: [12.02] A Double Elopement (Herci: May Smalley, his daughter), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Dan Mason, Helen Strickland,
1914: [11.18] A Millinery Mix-up (Herci: Tillie - the stenographer), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Dan Mason, Carol Cushman,
1914: [11.07] Getting to the Ball Game (Herci: Mrs. Meekley), Režie Charles H. France, with Arthur Housman, Yale Benner,
1914: [10.12] George Washington Jones (Herci), Režie Charles H. France, with Yale Benner, Curtis Cooksey, William Fables,
1914: [10.02] The Poisoned Bit (Herci), Režie Preston Kendall, with Edwin Clarke, Robert Harvey, Mrs. William Bechtel,
1914: [09.16] A Summer Resort Idyll (Herci: Jane ), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Augustus Phillips, William Wadsworth,
1914: [09.02] A Village Scandal (Herci: Margaret ), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Dan Mason, , Arthur Housman,
1914: [07.31] The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Herci: Nellie Davis), Režie Charles H. France, with Richard Tucker, Harry B. Eytinge,
1914: [07.22] A Deal in Statuary (Herci: Ethel - Gerald's Sweetheart ), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Augustus Phillips, Ida Ward, T. Tamamoto,
1914: [07.14] The Two Doctors (Herci: Alice's friend), Režie George Lessey, with Augustus Phillips, Joseph Manning, Sally Crute,
1914: [06.23] A Foolish Agreement (Herci: Betty Wallace - the Daughter), Režie Ashley Miller, with Charles Sutton, Barry O'Moore,
1914: [06.15] The Adventure of the Missing Legacy (Herci: Nancy, Dolan's 1st Daughter), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Barry O'Moore, Sally Crute, Edward O'Connor,
1914: [05.06] The Lucky Vest (Herci: Mrs. Dora Flynn ), Režie Charles H. France, with Edward O'Connor, Harold Holland,
1914: [03.20] The Double Shadow (Herci: Marie Fielding - James's Daughter ), Režie Preston Kendall, with Augustus Phillips, William Bechtel, Robert Brower,
1914: [03.03] With the Eyes of Love (Herci: A Stenographer), Režie George Lessey, with Robert Brower, Augustus Phillips, Edward Boulden,
1914: [02.18] Courting Betty's Beau (Herci: Betty), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Richard Neill, Gertrude Braun,
1914: [02.16] The Adventure of the Extra Baby (Herci), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Barry O'Moore, Julian Reed, Edward Earle,
1914: [02.06] An American King (Herci: Princess Sonia Ostravitch, his daughter), Režie George Lessey, with Charles Sutton, , Sally Crute,
1914: [01.31] The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies (Herci), Režie Walter Edwin, with Mary Fuller, Yale Boss, Charles Ogle,
1914: [01.28] How Bobbie Called Her Bluff (Herci: Rosalyn ), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Yale Boss, Mrs. William Bechtel,
1914: [01.19] The Janitor's Flirtation (Herci: Jimmy's Sister), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Dan Mason, , Frank A. Lyons,
1913: [12.17] Falling in Love with Inez (Herci: Inez), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Joseph Allen sr., Alice Washburn,
1913: [11.29] A Royal Romance (Herci: Princess Olga ), Režie Ashley Miller, with Barry O'Moore, Bigelow Cooper,
1913: [10.27] A Hornet's Nest (Herci), Režie Charles H. France, with Barry O'Moore, Alice Davenport,
1913: [10.24] Silas Marner (Herci: Effie), Režie Charles Brabin, with William West, Yale Benner,
1913: [10.13] Bill's Career as Butler (Herci: Mrs. Melville ), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Arthur Housman, William Bechtel,
1913: [10.03] Why Girls Leave Home (Herci: The Stenographer ), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Dan Mason, Bessie Learn, Edward Boulden,
1913: [09.24] The Embarrassment of Riches (Herci: Maggie Clancy - Pat's Daughter ), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Edward O'Connor, Mrs. William Bechtel,
1913: [09.01] The Younger Generation (Herci: Maggie Riley), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Arthur Housman, Edward O'Connor,
1913: [08.20] Bobbie's long trousers (Herci: Girl in the Office), Režie Charles M. Seay, with Yale Boss, Edna Flugrath, Marion Weeks,
1913: [08.11] The Treasure of Captain Kidd (Herci: Modern Sweetheart), Režie Richard Ridgely, with Edwin Clarke, Bigelow Cooper,
1913: [06.16] Her Royal Highness (Herci: Peasant Child (/xx/) ), Režie Walter Edwin, with Shirley Mason, Ida Williams, May Abbey,
1912: [08.16] The Harbinger of Peace (Herci), Režie Robert Brower, with Robert Brower, Mary Fuller, William West,
1912: [08.09] The Librarian (Herci), Režie N. N., with Mary Fuller, Harry Beaumont,
1912: [07.06] How the Boys Fought the Indians (Herci: (--??--)), Režie N. N., with Yale Boss, Andy Clark, William Wadsworth,
1912: [06.21] The Passer-By (Herci: (--??--) ), Režie Oscar Apfel, with George Lessey, Miriam Nesbitt, Marc McDermott,
1912: [06.10] Martin Chuzzlewit (Herci: (--??--)), Režie Oscar Apfel, J. Searle Dawley, with George Lessey, Bessie Learn, Guy Hedlund,
1912: [05.04] The Bank President's Son (Herci: The Secretary), Režie Oscar Apfel, with George Lessey, Miriam Nesbitt, Harold M. Shaw,
1912: [01.16] Jack and the Beanstalk (Herci: Jack), Režie J. Searle Dawley, with Miriam Nesbitt, Harry B. Eytinge,
1911: [12.26] Papa's Sweetheart (Herci: One of the Children ), Režie Bannister Merwin, with Marc McDermott, Bannister Merwin,
1911: [12.16] Stage-Struck Lizzie (Herci: Bit Part), Režie C. Jay Williams, with Alice Washburn, Ida Williams, Frances Hulette,
1911: [12.01] Pull for the Shore, Sailor! (Herci: The Little Lame Boy ), Režie N. N., with Laura Sawyer, James Gordon, Edna May Weick,
1911: [07.04] The Price of a Man (Herci: One of Mrs. Johnson), Režie N. N., with Charles Ogle, Miriam Nesbitt,
1911: [06.30] The Star Spangled Banner (Herci), Režie J. Searle Dawley, with Guy Coombs, Sydney Booth, Mabel Trunnelle,
1911: [06.07] Father's Dress Suit (Herci: The Little Girl), Režie Bannister Merwin, with , Alice Washburn,
1909: [12.25] A Midsummer Night's Dream (Herci: Puck), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, Charles Kent, with Rose Tapley, Maurice Costello, Florence Turner,
1909: [10.25] Hiawatha (Herci: Hiawatha), Režie William V. Ranous, with William V. Ranous,
1909: [] Princess Nicotine (Herci: die šltere Fee), with Paul Panzer,
1908: [06.06] Romeo and Juliet (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, William V. Ranous, with Paul Panzer, Florence Lawrence, John G. Adolfi,

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