William Humphrey

Portrait William HumphreyHerec, Režisér - USA
Narodil 2. leden 1875 v Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, USA
Zemžel 4. říjen 1942 v Hollywood, California, USA
Also known as : Уильям Хамфри,

William Humphrey was born under the given name William Jonathan Humphrey on Januar 2, 1875 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, USA. He was an American Herec, Režisér, known for The Phantom of the Opera (1925), The vampire bat (1933), The public menace (1935), William Humphrey's first movie on record is from 1909. He was married to Berthe Sotenberg . William Humphrey died on October 4, 1942 in Hollywood, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1937.

William Humphrey Filmografie [Auszug]
1937: [] Dick Tracy (Herci: Mr. James (/xx/)), Režie Alan James, Ray Taylor, with Ralph Byrd, Kay Hughes, ,
1937: [01.08] Find the Witness (Herci: Minister), Režie David Selman, with Charles Quigley, Henry Mollison, ,
1936: [11.16] The plainsman (Herci: Hugh McCulloch (/xx/)), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Jean Arthur, Charles Bickford, Helen Burgess,
1935: [10.22] False Pretenses (Herci: Newman), Režie Charles Lamont, with Irene Ware, Sidney Blackmer, Betty Compson,
1935: [09.30] The public menace (Herci: Funeral Spectator (/xx/)), Režie Erle C. Kenton, with Jean Arthur, George Murphy, Douglass Dumbrille,
1935: [07.11] Get That Man (Herci: Mr. Brownlee (AKA William Humphries) ), Režie Spencer Gordon Bennet, with Wallace Ford, Finis Barton, E. Alyn Warren,
1935: [02.14] The Fighting Pilot (Herci: F.S. Reynolds (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie Noel M. Smith, with Richard Talmadge, Gertrude Messinger, Robert Frazer,
1934: [06.06] Are We Civilized? (Herci: Napoleon), Režie Edwin Carewe, with William Farnum, Anita Louise, Frank McGlynn,
1934: [04.20] The Crime of Helen Stanley (Herci: Doctor (/xx/)), Režie D. Ross Lederman, with Ralph Bellamy, Shirley Grey, Gail Patrick,
1933: [10.20] Secret Sinners (Herci: (AKA William Humphries)), Režie Wesley Ford, with Jack Mulhall, Sue Carol, Nick Stuart,
1933: [10.01] Curtain at Eight (Herci: Mr. Alison - Actor in Play (/xx/)), Režie E. Mason Hopper, with C. Aubrey Smith, Dorothy Mackaill, Paul Cavanagh,
1933: [08.25] One Year Later (Herci: Train Conductor), Režie E. Mason Hopper, with Mary Brian, Russell Hopton, Don Dillaway,
1933: [05.01] Cheating Blondes (Herci: City Editor), Režie Joseph Levering, with Thelma Todd, Ralf Harolde, Inez Courtney,
1933: [91.21] The vampire bat (Herci: Dr. Haupt (/xx/)), Režie Frank R. Strayer, with Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas,
1932: [11.20] A Strange Adventure (Herci: Coroner (/xx/)), Režie Phil H. Whitman, Hampton Del Ruth, with Regis Toomey, June Clyde, Lucille La Verne,
1932: [10.18] Tangled Destinies (Herci: Professor Hartley ), Režie Frank R. Strayer, with Gene Morgan, Doris Hill, ,
1932: [10.15] The Cowboy Counsellor (Herci: Judge Kendell (AKA Wm. Humphreys) ), Režie George Melford, with Hoot Gibson, Sheila Bromley, Jack Rutherford,
1932: [07.23] Madame Racketeer (Herci: Bank Director (/xx/)), Režie Alexander Hall, Harry Wagstaff Gribble, with Alison Skipworth, Richard Bennett, George Raft,
1931: [01.10] Manhattan Parade (Herci: Napoleon (/xx/) ), Režie Lloyd Bacon, with Winnie Lightner, Charles Butterworth, Joe Smith,
1931: [09.01] Murder at Midnight (Herci: Colton ), Režie Frank R. Strayer, with Aileen Pringle, Alice White, Hale Hamilton,
1931: [05.01] Subway Express (Herci: Mr. Cotton ), Režie Fred C. Newmeyer, with Jack Holt, Aileen Pringle, Fred Kelsey,
1929: [12.27] Devil-May-Care (Herci: Napoleon Bonaparte), Režie Sidney Franklin, with Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, ,
1929: [03.31] The Godless Girl (Herci: School Principal (/xx/) ), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Lina Basquette, Marie Prevost, Tom Keene,
1928: [10.20] Life's Crossroads (Herci: The Consul ), Režie Edgar Lewis, with Gladys Hulette, Mahlon Hamilton, William Conklin,
1928: [04.28] The Actress (Herci: Mr. Telfer), Režie Sidney Franklin, with Norma Shearer, Owen Moore, Gwen Lee,
1927: [11.28] Aflame in the Sky (Herci: Major Savage), Režie J.P. McGowan, with Sharon Lynn, ,
1927: [11.01] Temptations of a Shop Girl (Herci: John Horton (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie Tom Terriss, with Betty Compson, Pauline Garon, Armand Kaliz,
1927: [05.01] City of Shadows (Herci: (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie J.P. McGowan, with Sharon Lynn, , Walter Ackerman,
1927: [05.01] Yours to Command (Herci: Parsons), Režie David Kirkland, with George O'Hara, Shirley Palmer, William Burress,
1926: [11.14] The Silent Lover (Herci: Cornelius Sherman), Režie George Archainbaud, with Milton Sills, Natalie Kingston,
1926: [Fe.01] The Midnight Limited (Herci: John Reynolds ), Režie Oscar Apfel, with Gaston Glass, Wanda Hawley, Ashton Dearholt,
1926: [06.19] The Dice Woman (Herci: Ship Captain ), Režie Edward Dillon, with Priscilla Dean, John Bowers, Gustav von Seyffertitz,
1926: [05.23] The Volga Boatman (Herci: Head of the Tribunal (/xx/) ), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with William Boyd, Arthur C. Miller, Elinor Fair,
1926: [01.31] The Danger Girl (Herci: Pelham (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie Edward Dillon, with Priscilla Dean, John Bowers, Gustav von Seyffertitz,
1925: [12.00] The Gold Hunters (Herci: John McAllister), Režie Paul Hurst, with David Butler, Hedda Nova, Mary Carr,
1925: [09.20] Three Wise Crooks (Herci: Grogan), Režie F. Harmon Weight, with Evelyn Brent, Fanny Midgley, John Gough,
1925: [08.16] The unholy Three (Herci: Attorney for Defense (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie Tod Browning, with Lon Chaney, Mae Busch, Matt Moore,
1925: [07.26] Lady Robinhood (Herci: Governor), Režie Ralph Ince, with Evelyn Brent, Robert Ellis, Boris Karloff,
1925: [] The Phantom of the Opera (Herci: M. Debienne (/xx/) ), Režie Rupert Julian, with Mary Philbin, Lon Chaney, Norman Kerry,
1925: [06.18] Drusilla with a Million (Herci: John Thornton ), Režie F. Harmon Weight, with Mary Carr, Priscilla Bonner, Kenneth Harlan,
1924: [] Arizona Express (Herci), Režie Tom Buckingham, with Pauline Starke, David Butler, Evelyn Brent,
1924: [] The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln (Herci), Režie Phil Rosen, with George A. Billings, Ruth Clifford, Nell Craig,
1924: [03.30] Beau Brummel (Herci: Lord Alvanley), Režie Harry Beaumont, with John Barrymore, Mary Astor, Willard Louis,
1923: [12.24] The Man Life Passed By (Herci: The Lawyer ), Režie Victor Schertzinger, with Jane Novak, Percy Marmont, Eva Novak,
1923: [09.30] Scaramouche (Herci: The Chevalier de Chabrillane), Režie Rex Ingram, with Lloyd Ingraham, Alice Terry, Ramon Novarro,
1923: [10.00] The Social Code (Herci: District Attorney ), Režie Oscar Apfel, with Viola Dana, Malcolm McGregor, Edna Flugrath,
1923: [] Haldane of the Secret Service (Herci: Edward Ormsby (AKA Wm. Humphrey) ), Režie Harry Houdini, with , Gladys Leslie,
1923: [03.25] Vanity Fair (Herci: Mr. Sedley (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie Hugo Ballin, with Mabel Ballin, Hobart Bosworth, George Walsh,
1922: [12.31] The Strangers' Banquet (Herci: Groom's Friend ), Režie Marshall Neilan, with Hobart Bosworth, , Rockliffe Fellowes,
1920: [12.00] The Wife Whom God Forgot (Ředitel), with Gertrude McCoy, G.H. Mulcaster, ,
1920: [06.00] The Midnight Bride (Ředitel: (AKA William J. Humphrey) ), with Gladys Leslie, James Morrison, Gladden James,
1920: [05.00] The Black Spider (Ředitel), with Mary Clare, Lydia Kyasht, Bertram Burleigh,
1919: [09.00] Atonement (Ředitel), with Grace Davison, Conway Tearle, Huntley Gordon,
1919: [07.27] The Way of a Woman (Herci: Nathan Caspar (AKA William Humphreys) ), Režie Robert Z. Leonard, with Norma Talmadge, Conway Tearle, Gertrude Berkeley,
1919: [04.27] A House Divided (Herci: Sir Arthur Stanhope ), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Sylvia Breamer, Herbert Rawlinson, Lawrence Grossmith,
1918: [06.16] The Unchastened Woman (Ředitel), with Grace Valentine, Mildred Manning, ,
1918: [05.05] Joan of Plattsburg (Ředitel), Režie George Loane Tucker, with Mabel Normand, Robert Elliott, William Frederic,
1917: [12.24] The Scarlet Car (Herci: Member of Directors Meeting (/xx/) ), Režie Joseph De Grasse, with Franklyn Farnum, Edith Johnson, Lon Chaney,
1917: [08.00] Babbling Tongues (Ředitel: (AKA William J. Humphrey)), with Arthur Donaldson, Grace Valentine, James Morrison,
1917: [03.18] Two Men and a Woman (Ředitel), with James Morrison, Christine Mayo, Rubye de Remer,
1916: [08.21] The Footlights of Fate (Ředitel), with Naomi Childers, Marc McDermott, Robert Whitworth,
1916: [07.10] Fathers of Men (Ředitel), with Robert Edeson, Naomi Childers,
1916: [03.11] Husks (Ředitel), with Carolyn Birch, Nellie Anderson,
1916: [02.12] From Out of the Past (Ředitel), with Belle Bruce, Jacqueline Brown,
1916: [01.22] The Secret Seven (Ředitel), with Rose Tapley, Carolyn Birch,
1915: [12.16] The Flower of the Hills (Ředitel), with Carolyn Birch, Leo Delaney, Denton Vane,
1915: [12.09] Sam's Sweetheart (Ředitel), with Carolyn Birch, Mary Maurice, Anders Randolf,
1915: [11.20] Heredity (Ředitel), with Carolyn Birch, Katherine Lewis, Rose Tapley,
1915: [10.22] To Cherish and Protect (Ředitel), with Harry T. Morey, Harry S. Northrup, Gladden James,
1915: [10.21] On the Turn of a Card (Ředitel), with Harry T. Morey, Garry McGarry, Carolyn Birch,
1915: [09.27] The Butterfly's Lesson (Ředitel), with Carolyn Birch, Leo Delaney, Louise Beaudet,
1915: [09.16] The Shadow of Fear (Ředitel), with Harry T. Morey, Carolyn Birch, Gladden James,
1915: [08.15] The Good in the Worst of Us (Ředitel), with Harry T. Morey, Carolyn Birch, Gladden James,
1915: [07.18] On her Wedding Night (Ředitel), Režie George D. Baker, with , Antonio Moreno, Charles Kent,
1915: [07.11] The Scar (Ředitel), with Harry T. Morey, Estelle Mardo, Mary Maurice,
1915: [06.05] The Way of the Transgressor (Ředitel), with John Costello, Leo Delaney, Anders Randolf,
1915: [04.04] The Return of Maurice Donnelly (Ředitel), with Leo Delaney, Leah Baird, Anders Randolf,
1915: [03.20] The Millionaire's Hundred Dollar Bill (Ředitel), with Leo Delaney, Tom Brooke, Leah Baird,
1915: [03.13] The Radium Thieves (Ředitel), with Charles Kent, Leah Baird, Leo Delaney,
1915: [02.08] Hearts to Let (Ředitel), with Leo Delaney, Leah Baird, Ethel Lloyd,
1915: [02.06] For Another's Crime (Ředitel), with Leo Delaney, L. Rogers Lytton, William R. Dunn,
1915: [01.25] The Slightly Worn Gown (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Leo Delaney, Louise Beaudet,
1914: [12.26] Affair for the Police (Ředitel), with Leo Delaney, Leah Baird, Louise Beaudet,
1914: [12.03] The Man That Might Have Been (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Leo Delaney,
1914: [11.10] The Senator's Brother (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Anders Randolf,
1914: [10.15] His Dominant Passion (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, J. Herbert Frank,
1914: [10.19] His wedded Wife (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Rex Ingram,
1914: [09.21] Fine Feathers make Fine Birds (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Carolyn Birch,
1914: [09.14] The Man Who Knew (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Carolyn Birch,
1914: [09.03] The Upper Hand (Ředitel), with Leah Baird, Rex Ingram,
1914: [07.18] The Song of the Ghetto (Ředitel), with Antonio Moreno, Carolyn Birch,
1914: [07.13] Uncle Bill (Herci: John Mason ), Režie Ralph Ince, with Donald Hall, Julia Swayne Gordon,
1914: [06.22] Maria's Sacrifice (Ředitel), with Eulalie Jensen, Sidney Rankin Drew,
1914: [06.15] Mr. Bingle's Melodrama (Herci: An Author), Režie George D. Baker, with James Lackaye, Hughie Mack,
1914: [04.27] The Awakening of Barbara Dare (Herci: John Dare (AKA William J. Humphrey)), Režie Wilfrid North, with Clara Kimball Young, Mary Maurice,
1914: [04.13] Mr. Barnes of New York (Herci: Count Musso Danella ), Režie Maurice Costello, Robert Gaillard, with Maurice Costello, Mary Charleson, Darwin Karr,
1914: [03.17] The Price of Vanity (Herci: Gilman Beverly, their friend), Režie Harry Lambart, with Naomi Childers, Mrs. E.M. Kimball, George Stevens,
1914: [02.28] The Drudge (Herci: Thurley Briggs ), Režie Tefft Johnson, with Dorothy Kelly, Sidney Rankin Drew,
1914: [01.24] Hearts of Women (Ředitel), Režie Tefft Johnson, with Julia Swayne Gordon, Naomi Childers,
1913: [08.13] The Flirt (Ředitel), with Dorothy Kelly, Earle Williams,
1913: [12.25] The Spirit of Christmas (Ředitel), Režie Tefft Johnson, with , George Stewart,
1913: [09.00] A Princess of Bagdad (Herci: The Caliph ), Režie Charles L. Gaskill, with Helen Gardner, Robert Gaillard, Maurice Costello,
1913: [08.22] Playing the Pipers (Ředitel), with Hughie Mack, Charles Brown, Dorothy Kelly,
1913: [08.16] The Line-Up (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, Dorothy Kelly, Harry T. Morey,
1913: [08.07] The Penalties of Reputation (Ředitel), with Dorothy Kelly, Sidney Rankin Drew,
1913: [07.15] My Lady of Idleness (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, Leah Baird,
1913: [07.07] The Glove (Ředitel), with Sidney Rankin Drew, Dorothy Kelly,
1913: [07.04] Unwritten Chapter (Ředitel), with Sidney Rankin Drew, Dorothy Kelly,
1913: [] The Trap (Ředitel), with L. Rogers Lytton, ,
1913: [06.23] The Snare of Fate (Ředitel), with Dorothy Kelly, Louise Beaudet, Charles Kent,
1913: [06.13] Infernal Tangle (Ředitel), with Rose Tapley, Sidney Rankin Drew,
1913: [06.06] The Butler's Secret (Ředitel), with James Morrison, Charles Eldridge,
1913: [05.30] A Husband's Trick (Ředitel), with Lillian Walker, Florence Ashbrooke,
1913: [05.16] His Life for His Emperor (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, Harry T. Morey,
1913: [05.03] Captain Mary Brown (Ředitel), with , Herbert Barry, Tefft Johnson,
1913: [04.28] Hearts of the First Empire (Ředitel), with , Leah Baird,
1913: [04.04] The Golden Hoard; or, Buried Alive (Ředitel), with William E. Shay, Harry T. Morey,
1913: [03.21] Mixed Identities (Ředitel), with Wally Van, Edna Nash, Alice Nash,
1913: [03.10] Red and White Roses (Ředitel), Režie Ralph Ince, with Julia Swayne Gordon, Leah Baird,
1913: [03.06] That College Life (Ředitel), with Louis Thomas, Leah Baird, Frank Bennett,
1912: [12.30] Planting the Spring Garden (Ředitel), with Hughie Mack, Flora Finch,
1912: [12.14] The Dandy, or Mr. Dawson Turns the Tables (Ředitel), with Edward See, ,
1912: [12.03] The Scoop (Ředitel), with , E.K. Lincoln, L. Rogers Lytton,
1912: [10.28] None But the Brave Deserve the Fair (Ředitel), with James R. Waite, , Leo Delaney,
1912: [10.14] Every Inch a Man (Ředitel), with Wallace Reid, Hal Reid, Rose Tapley,
1912: [10.07] Nothing to Wear (Ředitel), with Kate Price, William Shea, ,
1912: [08.16] The Bogus Napoleon (Herci: Napoleon), Režie Charles Kent, with Charles Kent, John Bunny,
1912: [] The Money Kings (Ředitel), Režie Van Dyke Brooke, with Maurice Costello, Rose Tapley, Frank A. Lyons,
1912: [06.17] The French Spy (Herci: An Arabian Chieftain ), Režie Laurence Trimble, with , James Young,
1912: [05.27] The Lady of the Lake (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Harry T. Morey, Ralph Ince, ,
1912: [03.27] The Governor Who Had a Heart (Herci: William Browden - the Governor (as Mr. Humphries)), Režie N. N., with , Adele de Garde,
1912: [03.23] Her Forgotten Dancing Shoes (Herci), Režie N. N., with Lillian Walker, James Morrison,
1912: [01.03] The Heart of the King's Jester (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, ,
1911: [02.14] The Chains of an Oath (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, ,
1911: [12.12] The Military Air Scout (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, , Alec B. Francis,
1911: [12.05] Slight Mistake (Ředitel), with John Bunny, Kate Price, Etienne Girardot,
1911: [11.28] The Freshet (Ředitel), with Ralph Ince, Helen Gardner, Fred Herzog,
1911: [11.11] An Aeroplane Elopement (Ředitel), with Earle Williams, ,
1911: [11.04] A Message from Beyond (Herci: Mr. Morrison - Jack's Father ), with Julia Swayne Gordon, James Morrison,
1911: [11.01] Southern Soldier's Sacrifice (Ředitel), with Rose Tapley, James Young,
1911: [10.18] Selecting His Heiress (Ředitel), with John Bunny, Flora Finch, Kate Price,
1911: [09.22] Forgotten; or, An Answered Prayer (Herci: Max Earle - the Father ), Režie Van Dyke Brooke, with Julia Swayne Gordon, Hazel Neason,
1911: [08.29] The Wrong Patient (Herci: Dr. Goodwin), Režie N. N., with John Bunny, Florence Turner,
1911: [08.28] The General's Daughter (Herci), with Alec B. Francis, Anne Schaefer, Helen Case,
1911: [08.05] The Death of King Edward III (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Charles Kent, Helen Gardner,
1911: [07.01] Tested by the Flag (Herci), Režie N. N., with Leo Delaney, ,
1911: [05.13] Prejudice of Pierre Marie (Herci: Giovanni, ein Musiker), Režie Laurence Trimble, with Tefft Johnson, Florence Turner,
1911: [04.29] Picciola; or, The Prison Flower (Herci: De Charney, a Prisoner ), Režie N. N., with Mabel Normand,
1911: [02.21] A Tale of Two Cities (Herci: Herzog D'Evremon), Režie Rollin S. Sturgeon, with Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, John Bunny,
1911: [01.31] Jean Rescues (Herci), Režie Laurence Trimble, with Florence Turner, Leo Delaney,
1910: [12.27] In Neighboring Kingdoms (Ředitel), with Norma Talmadge, John Bunny,
1910: [12.24] Jean and the Waif (Herci), Režie Laurence Trimble, with Adele de Garde, Leah Baird,
1910: [09.10] The Three of Them (Ředitel),
1910: [02.05] The Twelfth Night (Herci: Sir Toby Belch), Režie Eugene Mullin, Charles Kent, with Julia Swayne Gordon, Charles Kent, Florence Turner,
1910: [01.29] The Girl and the Judge; or, A Terrible Temptation (Herci: The Judge), Režie N. N., with Maurice Costello,
1909: [12.31] Richelieu, or The Conspiracy (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Maurice Costello, Charles Kent,
1909: [12.25] A Midsummer Night's Dream (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, Charles Kent, with Rose Tapley, Maurice Costello, Florence Turner,
1909: [12.04] The Life of Moses (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Pat Hartigan, Julia Arthur,
1909: [11.16] Benedict Arnold (Herci: Major Andre ), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Charles Kent,
1909: [09.04] Les Miserables (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with William V. Ranous, Maurice Costello,
1909: [08.21] The Way of the Cross (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Rose Tapley, Maurice Costello,
1909: [07.13] The Cobbler and the Caliph (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Charles Kent, Earle Williams,
1909: [] Benedict Arnold and Major Andre (Herci: Benedict Arnold), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Charles Kent,
1909: [06.26] Washington under the American Flag (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Joseph Kilgour, Clara Kimball Young,
1909: [06.26] Washington under the British Flag (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Joseph Kilgour, Charles Kent,
1909: [06.22] The Duke's Jester or A Fool's Revenge (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Maurice Costello,
1909: [05.22] The Judgment of Solomon (Herci: King Solomon), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Florence Lawrence,
1909: [05.01] Oliver Twist (Herci: Fagin), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with , Elita Proctor Otis,
1909: [04.10] Napoleon: The Man of Destiny (Herci: Napoleon ), Režie N. N., with Julia Arthur, Edwin R. Phillips,
1909: [04.06] The Life Drama of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine (Herci: Napoleon), Režie N. N., with John G. Adolfi, Julia Arthur,
1909: [03.27] King Lear (Herci: Fool), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, William V. Ranous, with William V. Ranous, ,
1909: [01.19] Ruy Blas (Herci), Režie J. Stuart Blackton, with Maurice Costello, Julia Arthur,

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