Klaus Kinski

Portrait Klaus KinskiActor - Germany
Born October 18, 1926 in Zoppot
Died November 23, 1991 in Lagunitas, San Francisco

Klaus Kinski was born on October 18, 1926 in Zoppot. He was a German Actor, known for Cobra Verde (1987), The Little Drummer Girl (1984), Doctor Zhivago (1965), Klaus Kinski's first movie on record is from 0. Klaus Kinski died on November 23, 1991 in Lagunitas, San Francisco. His last motion picture on file dates from 1998.

Klaus Kinski Filmography [Auszug]
1998: [/ /1] Mein liebster Feind (Cast), Directed by Werner Herzog, with Claudia Cardinale, Eva Mattes,
1992: [/ /1] Android (Cast), Directed by Aaron Lipstadt, with Crofton Hardester, Brie Howard,
1991: [/ /1] Paganini (Director), with T.H. Rheinhold,
1987: [/ /1] Cobra Verde (Zelená kobra) (Cast: Francisco Manoel da Silva), Directed by Werner Herzog, with Peter Berling,
1987: [/ /1] Star knight (Cast), Directed by Fernando Colomo, with Harvey Keitel, Maria Lamor,
1986: [/ /1] Timestalkers (Cast: Dr. Joseph Cole), Directed by Michael Schultz, with William Devane, Lauren Hutton,
1986: [/ /1] Nosferatu a Venezia (Cast: Nosferatu), Directed by Augusto Caminito, with Clara Colosimo, Maria C. Comani, Barbara de Rossi,
1985: [/ /1] Kommando Leopard (Cast: Silveira), Directed by Anthony M. Dawson, with Lewis Collins, Manfred Lehmann,
1985: [/ /1] Creature (Cast), Directed by William Malone, with Stan Ivar, Robert Jaffe,
1984: [10.19] The Little Drummer Girl (Cast), Directed by George Roy Hill, with Michael Christofer, , ,
1982: [/ /1] Venom (Cast: Jacmel), Directed by Piers Haggard, with Sterling Hayden, Sarah Miles,
1982: [/ /1] The Soldier (Cast: Dracha), Directed by James Glickenhaus, with William Prince, ,
1981: [/ /1] Buddy, Buddy (Cast: Dr. Zuckerbrot), Directed by Billy Wilder, with Miles Chapin, Dana Elcar,
1981: [/ /1] Love and Money (Cast: Frederick Stockheinz), Directed by James Toback, with Armand Assante, Ornella Muti,
1979: [/ /1] Nosferatu - Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu, A Symphony of Fear, Nosferatu - The Vampire) (Cast: Nosferatu), Directed by Werner Herzog, with Isabelle Adjani, , Walter Ladengast,
1977: [12.07] Mort d'un pourri (Death of a Corrupt Man, The Twisted Detective) (Cast: Nicolas Tomski ), Directed by Georges Lautner, with Alain Delon, Ornella Muti, Stéphane Audran,
1977: [/ /1] Madame Claude und ihre Gazellen (Cast), Directed by Just Jaeckin, with Dayle Haddon,
1977: [/ /1] Operation Thunderbolt (Cast), Directed by Menahem Golan, with Sybill Danning, Assaf Dayan, Yehoram Gaon,
1976: [/ /1] Jack the Ripper (Cast: Dr.Denis Orloff), Directed by Jess Franco, with Josephine Chaplin, Herbert Fux,
1975: [/ /1] Un genio, due compari, un pollo (The Genius, A Genius, two friends, and an Idiot, A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe, Nobody's the Greatest, Trinity is back again) (Cast: Doc Foster), Directed by Damiano Damiani, with Robert Charlebois, Raimund Harmstorf,
1975: [/ /1] Le orme (Cast), Directed by Luigi Bazzoni, Mario Fenelli, with Florinda Bolkan, Lila Kedrova,
1975: [/ /1] L' important, c'est d'aimer (Cast), Directed by Andrzej Zulawski, with Roger Blin, Claude Dauphin, Jacques Dutronc,
1975: [/ /1] Das Netz (Cast: Emilio Bossi), Directed by Manfred Purzer, with Heinz Bennent, Mel Ferrer,
1974: [/ /1] L' important, c'est d'aimer (Cast), Directed by Andrzej Zulawski, with Roger Blin, Claude Dauphin, Jacques Dutronc,
1973: [] La mano spietata della legge (Cast: Petroni), Directed by Mario Gariazzo, with Philippe Leroy, Silvia Monti,
1972: [] Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, Wrath of God) (Cast: Don Lope de Aguirre), Directed by Werner Herzog, with Helena Rojo, Del Negro,
1971: [/ /1] L' Occhio del Ragno (Cast), Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero, with Van Johnson, Lucrezia Love,
1971: [/ /1] Prega il Morto e Amazazza il Vivo (Cast), Directed by Joseph Warren, with Anthony Rock, ,
1971: [/ /1] Nella stretta morsa del ragno (Cast: Edgar Allan Poe), Directed by Antonio Margheriti, with Raf Baldassare, Heinz Ostermann, Michèle Mercier,
1971: [/ /1] La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo (Vengeance Trail) (Cast), Directed by William Redford, with Elisabeth Everfield, Leonard Mann,
1971: [/ /1] Lo chiamavano King (Cast),
1971: [/ /1] Per una bara piena di dollari (Cast),
1970: [/ /1] La peau de torpédo (Children of Mata Hari, Only the Cool, Pill of Death) (Cast), Directed by Jean Delannoy, with Stéphane Audran, Jean Claudio, Michel Constantin,
1970: [/ /1] I leopardi di Churchill (Cast), Directed by Maurizio Pradeaux, with Antonio Casas, Richard Harrison,
1970: [01,15] Wie kommt so ein reizendes Mädchen zu diesem Gewerbe (The naughty Cheerleader, How did a nice girl like you get into this business) (Cast), Directed by Will Tremper, with José-Luis de Villalonga, , Lionel Stander,
1969: [07.04] A doppia faccia (Doubleface, Puzzle of Horrors, Liz & Helen) (Cast: John Alexander), Directed by Riccardo Freda, with Christiane Krüger, Günther Stoll,
1969: [/ /1] ... e Dio disse a Caino (Cast: Gary Hamilton), Directed by Anthony M. Dawson, with Antonio Cantafora, Peter Carsten,
1969: [/ /1] I Bastardi (The Cats) (Cast), Directed by Duccio Tessari, with Claudine Auger, William Berger, Giuliano Gemma,
1969: [////1] El conde Dracula (Cast: Renfield), Directed by Jess Franco, with Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom,
1969: [/ /1] Mister zehn Prozent - Miezen und Moneten (Cast: Pierre Luigi), Directed by Guido Zurli, with Andrea Aureli, Paolo Carlini, Karin Field,
1969: [/ /1] Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino (Sartana - Bete um deinen Tod) (Cast), Directed by Gianfranco Parolini, with Andrew Scott, Gianni Rizzo, Franco Pesce,
1969: [/ /1] Treffpunkt mit der Schande (Naked Choised) (Cast), Directed by Adriano Bolzoni, with Adolfo Celi, Michael Craig,
1969: [/ /1] La Legge dei Gangsters (Cast), Directed by Siro Marcellini, with , Maurizio Poli, Micaela Pignatelli,
1969: [/ /1] Paroxismus (Cast), Directed by Hans Billian, with James Darren, Margaret Lee,
1969: [/ /1] Il Dito nella Piaga (Cast), Directed by Teodoro Ricci, with Ugo Adinolfi, Marta Salvadori, Enrico Pagano,
1969: [/ /1] Cinque per l'inferno (Cast), Directed by Gianfranco Parolini, with Sal Borgese, John Garko, Nick Jordan,
1968: [] Il grande silenzio (The Great Silence) (Cast: Loco), Directed by Sergio Corbucci, with , Frank Wolff,
1968: [/ /1] Justine (Deadly Sanctuary, Justine and Juliet) (Cast), Directed by Jess Franco, with Akim Tamiroff, Romina Power, Oscar Petite,
1967: [/ /1] L' Assassino ha le ore contate (Cast), Directed by Yves Boisset, with Claude Brook, Serge Jossa,
1967: [/ /1] Die blaue Hand (Cast), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Ilse Steppat, Harry Riebauer, Ilse Pagé,
1967: [/ /1] Five golden dragons (Cast), Directed by Joachim Linden, with Bob Cummings, Maria Rohm, George Raft,
1967: [/ /1] L' Uomo, L'Orgoglio, La Vendetta (Cast), Directed by Luigi Bazzoni, with Tina Aumont, Alberto Dell'Acqua,
1966: [/ /1] Ad ogni costo (Cast), Directed by Giuliano Montaldo, with Adolfo Celi, Robert Hoffmann,
1966: [] Ognuno per se (Cast: Der Blonde), Directed by Giorgio Capitani, with Van Heflin, George Hilton,
1966: [////1] Quién sabe ? (Cast: El Santo), Directed by Damiano Damiani, with Martine Beswick, Lou Castel,
1966: [/ /1] Circus of Fear (Circus of Terror, Psycho-Circus) (Cast: Manfred), Directed by Werner Jacobs, John Llewellyn Moxey, with Eddi Arent, Heinz Drache, Leo Genn,
1966: [/ /1] Bang, Bang, you're dead (Our Man in Marrakesh, Bang Bang !) (Cast), Directed by Don Sharp, with Senta Berger, Wilfrid Hyde-White,
1966: [/ /1] Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt (Cast), Directed by Alberto Cardone, Robert Lynn, with Peter Vogel, Richard Münch, Johanna Matz,
1966: [/ /1] Tiro a segno per iccidere (Das Geheimnis der gelben Mönche, How to kill a Lady, The Secret of the Yellow Monks, Target for killing) (Cast: Pilot Caporetti), Directed by Manfred R. Köhler, with Dimitri Bitenic, Allen Pinson, Molly Peters,
1966: [] Martine Grant (Cast), Directed by George Fuller, with Martine Carol, Guy Madison,
1965: [12.22] Doctor Zhivago (Cast: Kostoyed), Directed by David Lean, with Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin,
1965: [] Neues vom Hexer (Cast), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Gisela Hahn, Margot Trooger, Siegfried Schürenberg,
1965: [/ /1] Per qualche Dollaro in più (For a few dollars more, For some Dollars more) (Cast: Wild), Directed by Sergio Leone, with Clint Eastwood, , Gian Maria Volonté,
1965: [/ /1] Estambul 65 (Operacion Estambul, That Man in Istanbul) (Cast: Schenck), Directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi, with , Umberto Raho, Perrette Pradier,
1964: [] Der letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz (Cast: José), Directed by Rolf Olsen, with Mario Adorf, Sieghardt Rupp, Edmund Purdom,
1964: [/ /1] Winnetou II (Cast: Luke), Directed by Harald Reinl, with Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Karin Dor,
1964: [/ /1] Das Geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke (Secret of the chinese carnation) (Cast), Directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber, with Dominique Boschero, Paul Dahlke, Horst Frank,
1964: [/ /1] Traitor's Gate (Cast: Kane), Directed by Freddie Francis, with Eddi Arent, Margot Trooger, ,
1964: [04.30] Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloss (Cast: George), Directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb, with Harry Wüstenhagen, Siegfried Schürenberg, Kurt Pieritz,
1964: [04.23] Wartezimmer zum Jenseits (Cast: Shapiro), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Hildegard Knef, Götz George, Richard Münch,
1963: [09.20] Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse (Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard) (Cast: Joe Rank), Directed by Paul May, with Gert Wiedenhofen, Agnes Windeck, Peter van Eyck,
1963: [/ /1] Kali Yug, La Dea della Vendetta (Kali Yug (I), La Dea della Vendetta, La Déesse de la Vengeance) (Cast: Saddhu), Directed by Mario Camerini, with Michael Medwin, I.S. Johar,
1963: [/ /1] Il Mistero del Tempio Indiano (Kali Yug (II), Das Geheimnis des indischen Tempels, Le Mystère du Temple Hindou, Aufruhr in Indien) (Cast: Saddhu), Directed by Mario Camerini, with Claudine Auger, Roldano Lupi,
1963: [] Das indische Tuch (The indian scarf) (Cast: Peter Ross), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Corny Collins, , Hans Nielsen,
1963: [/ /1] Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Witwe (The Secret of the black widow, La arana negra) (Cast), Directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb, with Eddi Arent, Karin Dor, O.W. Fischer,
1963: [////1] Der schwarze Abt (Cast: Thomas), Directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb, with Joachim Fuchsberger, Dieter Borsche, Grit Boettcher,
1963: [/ /1] Piccadilly, null Uhr zwölf (Cast: Whitey), Directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber, with , Ann Smyrner, Hanns Lothar,
1963: [04.26] Der Zinker (The Squeaker) (Cast: Tierpfleger Krischna), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Heinz Drache, Barbara Rütting, Günter Pfitzmann,
1962: [] Das Gasthaus an der Themse (Cast: Gregor), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Joachim Fuchsberger, Richard Münch, Eddi Arent,
1962: [/ /1] Die Tür mit den sieben Schlössern (The Door with seven locks) (Cast: Pheeny), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Albert Bessler, Siegfried Schürenberg, Werner Peters,
1962: [] Der rote Rausch (Cast), Directed by Wolfgang Schleif, with Brigitte Grothum, Marina Petrowa,
1961: [11/10] Die seltsame Gräfin (The Strange Countess) (Cast: Stuart), Directed by Jürgen Roland, Josef von Baky, with Joachim Fuchsberger, Brigitte Grothum, Lil Dagover,
1961: [/ /1] Bankraub in der Rue Latour (Cast), Directed by Curd Jürgens, with Curd Jürgens, Christiane Nielsen,
1961: [/ /1] Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen (The Daffodil Killer, The Devil's Daffodil) (Cast: Peter Keene), Directed by Akos von Rathony, with Joachim Fuchsberger, Sabine Sesselmann, Albert Lieven,
1961: [/ /1] Das Rätsel der roten Orchidee (Cast: Steve), Directed by Helmuth Ashley, with Eddi Arent, Fritz Rasp, Eric Pohlmann,
1960: [] The counterfeit traitor (Cast), Directed by George Seaton, with William Holden, Lilli Palmer, Wolfgang Preiss,
1960: [/ /1] Die Rächer (The Avenger) (Cast: Lorenz Voss), Directed by Karl Anton, with Albert Bessler, Benno Sterzenbach, Siegfried Schürenberg,
1960: [////1] Die toten Augen von London (Cast: Edgar Strauss), Directed by Alfred Vohrer, with Joachim Fuchsberger, Karin Baal, Dieter Borsche,
1958: [/ /1] Geliebte Corinna (Cast: Klaus Brockmann), Directed by Eduard von Borsody, with Alexander Kerst, Elisabeth Müller,
1958: [06.25] A time to love and a time to die (Cast: Untersturmführer), Directed by Douglas Sirk, with John Gavin, Liselotte Pulver, Jack Mahoney,
1956: [03.26] Waldwinter (Cast: Otto Hartwig), Directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner, with Claus Holm, Sabine Bethmann, Rudolf Forster,
1955: [/ /1] Sarajewo - Um Thron und Liebe (Cast), Directed by Fritz Kortner, with , Otto Kerry, Hubert Hilten,
1955: [/ /1] Hanussen (Cast), Directed by O.W. Fischer, Georg Marischka, with O.W. Fischer, Reinhard Kolldehoff,
1954: [01.15] Ludwig II. - Glanz und Ende eines Königs (Cast: Prinz Otto von Bayern), Directed by Helmut Käutner, with O.W. Fischer, Ruth Leuwerik, Marianne Koch,
1954: [03.04] Kinder, Mütter und ein General (Cast), Directed by Laszlo Benedek, with Hilde Krahl, Ewald Balser, Therese Giehse,
1951: [12.21] Decision before dawn (Legion of Damned) (Cast), Directed by Anatole Litvak, with Peter Martin Urtel, Wilfried Seyferth, Oskar Werner,
1947: [/ /1] Morituri (Cast), Directed by Eugen York, with Alfred Cogho, Carl Heinz Schroth, Walter Richter,
0: [03.04] Fitzcarraldo (Cast: Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald genannt Fitzcarraldo), Directed by Werner Herzog, with Claudia Cardinale, Grande Othelo,

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