Charles Lederer

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Author, Director - USA
Borndate unknown
The day of birth of Charles Lederer is not on record. He is an American Author, Director, known for His Girl Friday (1940), Fingers at the Window (1942), Monkey Business (1952), Charles Lederer's first movie on record is from 1931. His last motion picture on file dates from 1964.

Filmography [Auszug]
1964: A global affair
1962: Follow that dream
1962: Mutiny on the Bounty (Les Révoltés du Bounty)
1960: Ocean's eleven
1960: Can-Can
1959: It started with a kiss
1958: The fiend who walked the west
1958: Never steal anything small
1957: The Spirit of St. Louis
1955: Kismet
1953: Gentlemen prefer Blondes
1952: O'Henry's Full House (Baghdad on the Subway (Working title))
1952: Monkey Business (Howard Hawks' Monkey Business, Darling, I'm growing younger)
1949: I was a male war bride
1949: Red, Hot and Blue
1947: Kiss of Death
1942: Fingers at the Window
1941: Love Crazy
1940: I love you again
1940: His Girl Friday
1940: Comrade X
1931: Front Page

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