Bessie Love

Herec - USA
Narodilo 10. září 1898 v Texas, USA
Zemžel 26. duben 1986 v London

Bessie Love was born on September 10, 1898 in Texas, USA. She was an American Herec, known for The Barefoot Contessa (1954), On her Majesty's Secret service (1969), Mousey (1974), Bessie Love's first movie on record is from 1916. Bessie Love died on April 26, 1986 in London. Her last motion picture on file dates from 1983.
Zivotopisné poznámky (v němčině): eigentlich Juanita Horton, debütierte bei D.W. Griffith in BIRTH OF A NATION und war in seinem monumentalen Opus INTOLERANCE die Braut von Kanaa. Meist in Rollen des unschuldigen, naiven Mädchens dann auch in mehreren Film von Douglas Fairbanks und Thomas H. Ince. Den Höhepunkt ihrer Popularität hatte Bessie Love in der Zeit des Stummfilms, sie spielte dann in den Dreissiger Jahren in einigen Broadway-Revuefilmen kleinere Rollen. 1940 übersiedelte sie nach England, in den Fünfziger Jahren spielte sie unter anderem in dem Mankiewicz-Film THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA. Die Rolle der Lillybelle in Tony Scotts "The Hunger" war ihre letzte Filmrolle. (lhg 2019)

Bessie Love Filmografie [Auszug]
1983: [] The Hunger (Herci: Lillybelle ), Režie Tony Scott, with Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon,
1981: [/ /1] Reds (Herci: Mrs. Partlow ), Režie Warren Beatty, with Warren Beatty, Edward Herrmann, Diane Keaton,
1980: [/ /1] Ragtime (Herci: Old Lady - T.O.C. ), Režie Miloš Forman, with James Cagney, Brad Dourif, Norman Mailer,
1974: [/ /1] Mousey (Herci: Mrs. Richardson), with Kirk Douglas, Suzanne Lloyd,
1971: [/ /1] Catlow (Herci: Mrs. Frost), Režie Sam Wannamaker, with Yul Brynner, Jeff Corey, Richard Crenna,
1970: [] Sunday, Bloody Sunday (Herci: Answering Service Lady ), Režie John Schlesinger, with Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson, Murray Head,
1969: [/ /1] On her Majesty's Secret service (Herci), Režie Peter H. Hunt, with Telly Savalas, Diana Rigg,
1968: [12.00] Loves of Isadora (Herci), Režie Karel Reisz, with Vanessa Redgrave, James Fox, Jason Robards,
1968: [] Battle beneath the Earth (Herci),
1966: [] Promise her anything (Herci), Režie Arthur Hiller, with Warren Beatty, Michael Bradley, Leslie Caron,
1964: [] Children of the Damned (Herci),
1961: [/ /1] The Roman spring of Mrs. Stone (Herci), with Warren Beatty, Vivien Leigh, Lotte Lenya,
1958: [/ /1] Nowhere to go (Herci), with George Nader,
1957: [] The Story of Esther Costello (Herci), Režie David Miller, with Rossano Brazzi, Joan Crawford,
1955: [/ /1] Touch and Go (Herci), Režie Michael Truman, with Roland Culver, John Fraser, Jack Hawkins,
1954: [10.06] Beau Brummell (Herci), Režie Curtis Bernhardt, with Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Ustinov,
1954: [] The Barefoot Contessa (Herci: Mrs. Eubanks), Režie Joseph L. Mankiewicz, with Ava Gardner, Humphrey Bogart, Rossano Brazzi,
1954: [] The Weak and the Wicked (Herci),
1951: [/ /1] No Highway in the Sky (Herci), Režie Henry Koster, with James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, Glynis Jones,
1946: [] Journey together (Herci), Režie John Boulting,
1942: [] Sons of the Sea (Herci),
1940: [] Atlantic Ferry (Herci), Režie Walter Forde,
1931: [] Morals for Women (Herci),
1930: [] Good News (Herci), Režie Nick Grinde, with Cliff Edwards, ,
1930: [] Conspiracy (Herci), Režie Christy Cabanne,
1930: [] Chasing Rainbows (Herci: Carlie Semour), Režie Charles F. Reisner, with Charles King, Jack Benny,
1930: [] See America Thirst (Herci),
1930: [] They learned about Women (Herci), Režie Jack Conway, Sam Wood,
1929: [] Sahy of the Scandals (Herci),
1929: [] Broadway Melody (Herci: Hank Mahoney), Režie Harry Beaumont, with Charles King, Anita Page,
1929: [] Hollywood Revue of 1929 (Herci), Režie Charles Riesner, with Buster Keaton, Lionel Barrymore,
1929: [] The Girl in the Snow (Herci),
1929: [] The Idle Rich (Herci: Helen Thayer ), Režie William C. de Mille, with Conrad Nagel, Leila Hyams,
1928: [/ /1] The Matinee idol (Herci), Režie Frank Capra,
1928: [] Anybody here seen Kelly? (Herci),
1927: [02.07] Rubber Tires (Herci: Mary Ellen Stack ), Režie Alan Hale, with Erwin Connelly, Frank Coghlan jr.,
1927: [] Dress Parade (Herci),
1927: [] A Harp in Hock (Herci),
1926: [] The Song and Dance Man (Herci),
1926: [] Going Crooked (Herci),
1926: [] Meet the Prince (Herci),
1926: [] Young April (Herci),
1926: [06.20] Lovey Mary (Herci: Lovey Mary), Režie King Baggot, with William Haines, Mary Alden,
1925: [] The King on Main Street (Herci), Režie Monta Bell,
1925: [] The Purple Down (Herci),
1925: [] New Brooms (Herci),
1925: [] A Son of his Father (Herci),
1925: [] Soul-Fire (Herci), Režie Jack Robertson,
1925: [06.22] The lost world (Herci: Paula White), Režie Harry O. Hoyt, with Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery,
1924: [10.05] The Silent Watcher (Herci: Mary, his wife), Režie Frank Lloyd, with , Hobart Bosworth,
1924: [] Those who dance (Herci: Vida), Režie Lambert Hillyer, with Blanche Sweet, Warner Baxter,
1924: [] The Lyon Sea (Herci), Režie Thomas H. Ince,
1924: [] Dynamite Smith (Herci),
1924: [] Sundown (Herci), Režie Harry O. Hoyt, Laurence Trimble, with Roy Stewart, Hobart Bosworth,
1924: [] Tongues of Flame (Herci),
1924: [] Torment (Herci),
1924: [] The Woman on the Jury (Herci),
1923: [10.04] Slave of Desire (Herci: Pauline Gaudin), Režie George D. Baker, with George Walsh, Carmel Myers,
1923: [09.30] St. Elmo (Herci: Edna Earle), Režie Jerome Storm, with John Gilbert, Barbara La Marr,
1923: [] The Ghost Patrol (Herci),
1923: [] Gentle Julia (Herci), Režie Rowland V. Lee,
1923: [] Human Wreckage (Herci),
1923: [] Three who paid (Herci),
1923: [05.27] Mary of the Movies (Herci: Cameo), Režie John McDermott, with Marion Mack, Florence Lee, ,
1923: [05.10] Purple Dawn (Herci: Mui Far ), Režie Charles R. Seeling, with Bert Sprotte, William E. Aldrich, James B. Leong,
1923: [03.27] Souls for Sale (Herci: Cameo), Režie Rupert Hughes, with Eleanor Boardman, Mae Busch, Barbara La Marr,
1922: [12.01] Deserted at the Altar (Herci: Anna Moore (the country girl) ), Režie Albert H. Kelley, William K. Howard, with Tully Marshall, William Scott,
1922: [11.12] The village blacksmith (Herci: Rosemary Martin), Režie John Ford, with , Virginia True Boardman, Virginia Valli,
1922: [] Bulldog Courage (Herci),
1922: [] Forget-me-not (Herci),
1922: [] Night Life in Hollywood (Herci),
1922: [] The Vermilion Pencil (Herci),
1921: [10.30] The Spirit of the Lake (Herci), Režie Robert N. Bradbury, with Tom Santschi, Ruth Stonehouse,
1921: [10.16] The Honor of Ramirez (Herci: Ramirez' Bride), Režie Robert N. Bradbury, with Tom Santschi, Ruth Stonehouse,
1921: [] The Living Dead (Herci),
1921: [] Penny of Top Hill Trail (Herci),
1921: [] The Sea Lion (Herci), Režie Rowland V. Lee,
1921: [] The Swamp (Herci),
1920: [] The Ethernal Three (Herci),
1920: [] Bonnie May (Herci),
1920: [] The Midlanders (Herci),
1920: [] Pegeen (Herci),
1919: [] Carolyn of the Corners (Herci),
1919: [] Cupid Forecloses (Herci),
1919: [] A Fighting Colleen (Herci),
1919: [] The Little Boss (Herci),
1919: [] Over the Garden Wall (Herci),
1919: [] The Wishing Ring Man (Herci),
1919: [04.21] A Yankee Princess (Napsal), Režie David Smith, with Robert Gordon, George C. Pearce,
1919: [01.27] The Enchanted Barn (Herci: Shirley Hollister ), Režie David Smith, with J. Frank Glendon, Joseph Singleton,
1918: [12.02] The Dawn of Understanding (Herci: Sue Prescott ), Režie Charles R. Seeling, David Smith, with George A. Williams, John Gilbert,
1918: [06.30] A Little Sister of Everybody (Herci: Celeste Janvier), Režie Robert Thornby, with George Fisher, Joseph J. Dowling,
1918: [05.05] How Could You, Caroline? (Herci: Caroline Rogers ), Režie Frederick A. Thomson, with James Morrison, ,
1918: [03.10] The Great Adventure (Herci: Rags ), Režie Alice Guy, with Flora Finch, Donald Hall,
1917: [09.09] Polly Ann (Herci: Polly Ann), Režie Charles Miller, with J.P. Lockney, Rowland V. Lee,
1917: [08.19] Wee Lady Betty (Herci: Wee Lady Betty), Režie Charles Miller, with Frank Borzage, Charles K. French, Walter Perkins,
1917: [07.15] The Sawdust Ring (Herci: Janet Magie ), Režie Charles Miller, Paul Powell, with Harold Goodwin, Jack Richardson,
1917: [04.22] Cheerful Givers (Herci: Judy), Režie Paul Powell, with Kenneth Harlan, Josephine Crowell,
1917: [03.18] A Daughter of the Poor (Herci: Rose Eastman), Režie Edward Dillon, with Carmel Myers, Max Davidson,
1917: [01.21] Nina, The Flower Girl (Herci: Nina), Režie Lloyd Ingraham, with Elmer Clifton, Bert Hadley,
1916: [12.23] The Heiress at Coffee Dan's (Herci: Waffles), Režie Edward Dillon, with Frank Bennett, Max Davidson,
1916: [10.29] A Sister of Six (Herci: Prudence), Režie Chester M. Franklin, Sidney Franklin, with Ben Lewis, Georgie Stone,
1916: [08.20] Hell-to-Pay Austin (Herci: Briar Rose Dawson ), Režie Paul Powell, with Wilfred Lucas, Ralph Lewis,
1916: [08.05] Intolerance (Herci: The Bride of Canaa), Režie D.W. Griffith, with Lillian Gish, Spottiswoode Aitken, Elmer Clifton,
1916: [07.23] Stranded (Herci: The Girl ), Režie Lloyd Ingraham, with DeWolf Hopper, Carl Stockdale, Frank Bennett,
1916: [/ /1] Reggie mixes in (Herci: Agnes), Režie Christy Cabanne, with Frank Bennett, Joseph Singleton, Allan Sears,
1916: [] The Mystery of the leaping fish (Herci: Inane), Režie John Emerson, with Douglas Fairbanks, Alma Rubens,
1916: [04.21] The Good Bad Man (Herci: Amy), Režie Allan Dwan, with Mary Alden, George Beranger, Fred Burns,
1916: [04.09] The Aryan (Herci: Mary Jane Garth ), Režie Reginald Barker, William S. Hart, with William S. Hart, Gertrude Claire, Charles K. French,
1916: [03.12] The Flying Torpedo (Herci: Hulda ), Režie Jack O'Brien, Christy Cabanne, with John Emerson, Spottiswoode Aitken, William Lawrence,
1916: [02.06] Acquitted (Herci: Helen Carter), Režie Paul Powell, with Wilfred Lucas, Mary Alden,

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