Montagu Love

Portrait Montagu Loveактер - США
Родился 15. марта 1877 в New Hampshire, GB
Ушёл 17. май 1943 в Hollywood, California, USA
Также известна как : Montague Love,

Montagu Love was born on March 15, 1877 in New Hampshire, GB. He was an American актер, known for All this, and heaven too (1938), The Adventures of Robin Hood (1943), The Son of the Sheik (1926), Montagu Love's first movie on record is from 1915. Montagu Love died on May 17, 1943 in Hollywood, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1946.

Montagu Love Фильмография [Auszug]
1946: [04/05] Devotion (Актеры: Rev. Bronte ), Режиссер Curtis Bernhardt, with Ida Lupino, Paul Henreid, Olivia de Havilland,
1943: [07.23] Wings Over the Pacific (Актеры: Jim Butler ), Режиссер Phil Rosen, with Inez Cooper, Edward Norris,
1943: [01.21] Forever and a day (Актеры: Sir John Bunn ), Режиссер Robert Stevenson, Frank Lloyd, with Cedric Hardwicke, Buster Keaton, Charles Laughton,
1943: [05.14] The Adventures of Robin Hood (Актеры: Bishop of the Black Canons), Режиссер Michael Curtiz, William Keighley, with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone,
1942: [] Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (Актеры: General Jerome Lawford), Режиссер John Rawlins, with Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Evelyn Ankers,
1940: [11.01] The mark of Zorro (Актеры: Don Alejandro Vega), Режиссер Rouben Mamoulian, with Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Garrett Fort,
1940: [10.19] A Dispatch from Reuter's (Актеры: Mr. John Delane), Режиссер Wilhelm Dieterle, with Edward G. Robinson, Edna Best, Eddie Albert,
1940: [] North West Mounted Police (Актеры: Inspector Cabot), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Preston Foster,
1939: [] Sons of Liberty (Актеры: George Washington), Режиссер Michael Curtiz, with , Harry Cording, Al Bridge,
1939: [/ /1] Gunga Din (Актеры), Режиссер George Stevens, with Joan Fontaine, Abner Biberman, Victor McLaglen,
1938: [] All this, and heaven too (Актеры), Режиссер Anatole Litvak, with Barbara O'Neil, Mary Anderson, Walter Hampden,
1938: [] The Buccaneer (Актеры: Adm. Cockburn), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with , Robert Barrat, Douglass Dumbrille,
1937: [] The Prince and the Pauper (Актеры: König Heinrich VIII.), Режиссер William Keighley, with Errol Flynn, Henry Stephenson, Claude Rains,
1937: [06.04] Parnell (Актеры: William Ewart Gladstone), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Edna May Oliver, Alan Marshal, Myrna Loy,
1934: [11.14] The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (Актеры: Director ), Режиссер Stephen Roberts, with Ronald Colman, Joan Bennett, Colin Clive,
1933: [01.12] His Double Life (Актеры: Duncan Farrel), Режиссер Arthur Hopkins, with Roland Young, Lillian Gish,
1932: [] Vanity Fair (Актеры), Режиссер Chester M. Franklin, with Conway Tearle, Barbara Kent,
1930: [10.30] Kismet (Актеры: The Jailer ), Режиссер John Francis Dillon, with Otis Skinner, Loretta Young, David Manners,
1930: [07.05] Inside the Lines (Актеры: Governor of Gibraltar), Режиссер Roy Pomeroy, with Betty Compson, Ralph Forbes,
1930: [] Back Pay (Актеры), Режиссер William A. Seiter, with Corinne Griffith, Grant Withers,
1929: [] The Last warning (Актеры), Режиссер Paul Leni, with Laura La Plante, Roy D'Arcy,
1929: [] The Divine Lady (Актеры), Режиссер Frank Lloyd, with Corinne Griffith, Victor Varconi, H.B. Warner,
1929: [] A Most Immoral Lady (Актеры), Режиссер John Griffith Wray, with Leatrice Joy, Walter Pidgeon, Sidney Blackmer,
1929: [] Mysterious Island (Актеры), Режиссер Lucien Hubbard, with Lionel Barrymore, , Lloyd Hughes,
1929: [] Synthetic Sin (Актеры: Brandy), Режиссер William A. Seiter, with Colleen Moore, Antonio Moreno, Edythe Chapman,
1928: [11.23] The Wind (Актеры: Roddy), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson,
1928: [] The Hawk's Nest (Актеры), Режиссер Benjamin Christensen, with Milton Sills, Mitchell Lewis,
1928: [02.01] The Devil's Skipper (Актеры: First Mate), Режиссер John G. Adolfi, with Belle Bennett, Gino Corrado,
1927: [12.01] The Haunted Ship (Актеры: Captain Simon Gant), Режиссер Forrest Sheldon, with Dorothy Sebastian, Tom Santschi,
1927: [11.05] Good Time Charley (Актеры: John Hartwell), Режиссер Michael Curtiz, with Warner Oland, Helene Costello, Clyde Cook,
1927: [09.25] The Rose of the Golden West (Актеры: General Vallero), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Mary Astor, Harvey Clark, Flora Finch,
1927: [] The Night of Love (Актеры: Duke de la Garda), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Vilma Banky, William H. Tooker, Sally Rand,
1927: [04.19] King of Kings (Актеры: Centurion), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Sidney Franklin, Theodore Kosloff, David Imboden,
1926: [11.14] The Silent Lover (Актеры: Ben Achmed ), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Milton Sills, Natalie Kingston, William Humphrey,
1926: [08.06] Don Juan (Актеры: Graf Giano Donati), Режиссер Alan Crosland, with John Barrymore, Jane Winton, John Roche,
1926: [/ /1] The Son of the Sheik (Актеры: Ghabah), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Banky, Charles Requa,
1926: [] Hands up! (Актеры: Captain Edward Logan), Режиссер Clarence G. Badger, with George A. Billings, Virginia Lee Corbin, Charles K. French,
1924: [01.06] Restless Wives (Актеры: Hugo Cady ), Режиссер Gregory La Cava, with Doris Kenyon, James Rennie,
1923: [12.17] Вечный город (The Eternal City) (Актеры: Charles Minghelli ), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Barbara La Marr, Bert Lytell, Lionel Barrymore,
1922: [10.01] The Secrets of Paris (Актеры: The Schoolmaster), Режиссер Kenneth S. Webb, with Lew Cody, Gladys Hulette, Effie Shannon,
1922: [09.12] What's Wrong with the Women (Актеры: Arthur Belden), Режиссер Roy William Neill, with Wilton Lackaye, Constance Bennett,
1921: [09.18] Shams of Society (Актеры: Herbert Porter ), Режиссер Thomas B. Walsh, with Barbara Castleton, Edwards Davis,
1921: [] The Case of Becky (Актеры), Режиссер Chester M. Franklin, with Constance Binney, , Frank McCormack,
1921: [] Forever (Актеры: Colonel Ibbetson), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Wallace Reid, Elsie Ferguson,
1920: [10.03] The Riddle: Woman (Актеры: Larz Olrik), Режиссер Edward José, with Madge Bellamy, Adele Blood, William P. Carleton,
1920: [07.18] The World and His Wife (Актеры: Don Julian), Режиссер Robert G. Vignola, with Alma Rubens, Gaston Glass,
1919: [11.24] The Steel King (Актеры: John Blake), Режиссер Oscar Apfel, with June Elvidge, Charles Mackay,
1919: [06.09] Through the Toils (Актеры: Noel Graham / Lewis Moffat), Режиссер Harry O. Hoyt, with Ellen Cassidy, ,
1919: [04.21] The Quickening Flame (Актеры: John Steele ), Режиссер Travers Vale, with June Elvidge, Mabel Ballin,
1919: [03.17] The Hand Invisible (Актеры), Режиссер Harry O. Hoyt, with Virginia Hammond, William Sorelle,
1919: [02.03] The Rough Neck (Актеры: John Masters), Режиссер Oscar Apfel, with Robert Broderick, George De Carlton,
1918: [11.25] The Grouch (Актеры: Donald Graham), Режиссер Oscar Apfel, with Dorothy Green, Al Hart,
1918: [09.23] To Him That Hath (Актеры: David Aldrich), Режиссер Oscar Apfel, with , George De Carlton,
1918: [06.10] The Cabaret (Актеры: Jaffrey Darrel), Режиссер Harley Knoles, with June Elvidge, Carlyle Blackwell,
1918: [06.02] Stolen Orders (Актеры: John Le Page), Режиссер George Kelson, Harley Knoles, with Kitty Gordon, June Elvidge,
1918: [05.20] Vengeance (Актеры: Lorin Cuddlestone / John Cuddlestone), Режиссер Travers Vale, with Barbara Castleton, George MacQuarrie,
1918: [04.01] The Cross Bearer (Актеры: Cardinal Mercier ), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Jeanne Eagels, Tony Merlo,
1918: [02.18] Broken Ties (Актеры: John Fleming ), Режиссер Arthur Ashley, with June Elvidge, Arthur Ashley,
1917: [12.10] Good for Nothing (Актеры: Undetermined Role (uncredited ), Режиссер Carlyle Blackwell, with Carlyle Blackwell, Evelyn Greeley, Kate Lester,
1917: [12.03] The Awakening (Актеры: Jacques Revilly), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Dorothy Kelly, John Davidson,
1917: [10.05] Rasputin, the Black Monk (Актеры: Gregory Novik / Rasputin), Режиссер Arthur Ashley, with Henry Hull, June Elvidge,
1917: [07.09] The Brand of Satan (Актеры: Jacques Cordet), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Gerda Holmes, Evelyn Greeley,
1917: [05.21] Yankee Pluck (Актеры: Baron Wootchi), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Ethel Clayton, Edward T. Langford, Johnny Hines,
1917: [04.16] Forget-Me-Not (Актеры: Gabriel Barrato / Benedetto Barrato ), Режиссер Émile Chautard, with Kitty Gordon, Alec B. Francis,
1917: [03.12] The Dancer's Peril (Актеры: Michael Pavloff), Режиссер Travers Vale, with Alice Brady, Philip Hahn, Harry Benham,
1916: [12.10] The Challenge (Актеры: Quarrier), Режиссер Donald MacKenzie, with Helene Chadwick, Charles Gotthold,
1916: [11.27] The Men She Married (Актеры: Jerry Trainer), Режиссер Travers Vale, with Gail Kane, Arthur Ashley,
1916: [10.16] The Hidden Scar (Актеры: Henry Dalton), Режиссер Barry O'Neil, with Ethel Clayton, Holbrook Blinn, Irving Cummings,
1916: [09.18] Friday the 13th (Актеры: Count Varneloff), Режиссер Émile Chautard, with Robert Warwick, Clarence Harvey, Charles Brandt,
1916: [08.28] Husband and Wife (Актеры: Patrick Alliston), Режиссер Barry O'Neil, with Ethel Clayton, Holbrook Blinn, Madge Evans,
1916: [08.07] A Woman's Way (Актеры: Oliver Whitney), Режиссер Barry O'Neil, with Ethel Clayton, Carlyle Blackwell, Alec B. Francis,
1915: [08.16] A Royal Family (Актеры: Crown Prince of Kurland), Режиссер William Nigh, with Fuller Mellish, Anna Murdock,
1915: [06.28] The Face in the Moonlight (Актеры: Ambrose), Режиссер Albert Capellani, with Robert Warwick, , H. Cooper Cliffe,
1915: [04.12] Hearts in Exile (Актеры: Graf Nikolaj), Режиссер James Young, with Clara Kimball Young, Claude Fleming,

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