Tully Marshall

Portrait Tully MarshallHerec - USA
Narodil 13. duben 1864 v Nevada City, CA, US
Zemžel 10. květen 1943 v Encino, CA, US

Tully Marshall was born on April 13, 1864 in Nevada City, CA, US. He was an American Herec, known for Grand Hotel (1932), Intolerance (1916), The Cat and the Canary (1927), Tully Marshall's first movie on record is from 1914. Tully Marshall died on May 10, 1943 in Encino, CA, US. His last motion picture on file dates from 1943.

Tully Marshall Filmografie [Auszug]
1943: [10.06] Hitler's Madman (Herci: Teacher (/xx/)), Režie Douglas Sirk, with Patricia Morison, John Carradine, Alan Curtis,
1942: [] This gun for hire (Herci), Režie Frank Tuttle, with Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Robert Preston,
1942: [/ /1] Ten gentlemen of West Point (Herci), Režie Henry Hathaway, with Douglass Dumbrille, Henry Davenport, Esther Dale,
1941: [] Ball of Fire (Herci: Professor Robinson), Režie Howard Hawks, with Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Oskar Homolka,
1940: [] Go West (Herci: Dan Wilson), Režie Edward Buzzell, with Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx,
1940: [/ /1] Brigham Young (Herci), Režie Henry Hathaway, with Frank M. Thomas, Brian Donlevy, Jane Darwell,
1937: [/ /1] She asked for it (Herci), Režie Earl C. Kenton, with Harry Beresford, Alan Birmingham, Richard Carle,
1937: [/ /1] Souls at Sea (Herci), Režie Henry Hathaway, with George Zucco, Porter Hall, Paul Fix,
1935: [] Black Fury (Herci: Tommy Poole), Režie Michael Curtiz, with Akim Tamiroff, Paul Muni, Karen Morley,
1932: [11.17] Afraid to Talk (Herci: District Attorney. Anderson), Režie Edward L. Cahn, with Eric Linden, Sidney Fox,
1932: [/ /1] Hatchet Man (Herci), Režie William A. Wellman, with Edmund Breese, Loretta Young, Evelyn Selbie,
1932: [/ /1] Red Dust (Herci), Režie Victor Fleming, with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Gene Raymond,
1932: [04.12] Grand Hotel (Herci: Gerstenkorn), Režie Edmund Goulding, with Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Joan Crawford,
1932: [04.09] Scarface, Shame of the Nation (Herci: Chefredaktor), Režie Howard Hawks, with , Osgood Perkins, Ines Palance,
1932: [03.05] Arsène Lupin (Herci: Gaston Gourney-Martin), Režie Jack Conway, with John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Karen Morley,
1932: [02.13] The Beast of the City (Herci: Michaels), Režie Charles Brabin, with Walter Huston, Jean Harlow, Wallace Ford,
1931: [] The unholy garden (Herci: Baron de Jonghe), Režie George Fitzmaurice, with Ronald Colman, Fay Wray,
1931: [02.01] Fighting Caravans (Herci), Režie Otto Brower, David Burton, with Gary Cooper, Lili Damita, Ernest Torrence,
1930: [12.19] Tom Sawyer (Herci: Muff Potter), Režie John Cromwell, with Jackie Coogan, Junior Durkin, Mitzi Green,
1930: [/ /1] The big trail (Herci), Režie Raoul Walsh, with Marion Lessing, Ward Bond, El Brendel,
1930: [] Under a Texas Moon (Herci), Režie Michael Curtiz, with Raquel Torres, Frank Fay, Tom Dix,
1930: [] Murder Will Out (Herci), Režie Clarence G. Badger, with Lila Lee, Jack Marshall, Noah Beery,
1929: [11.21] Show of Shows (Herci: Performer in 'The Pirate' / Soldier (segment 'Rifle Execution') ), Režie John G. Adolfi, with Frank Fay, William Courtenay, H.B. Warner,
1929: [/ /1] Queen Kelly (Herci), Režie Erich von Stroheim, with Gloria Swanson, Walter Byron, Seena Owen,
1929: [/ /1] The mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (Herci: Ambassador (/xx/)), Režie Rowland V. Lee, with Warner Oland, Noble Johnson, Evelyn Selbie,
1929: [/ /1] La Tiger Rose (Herci: Hector McCollins), Režie George Fitzmaurice, with Monte Blue, , Louis Mercier,
1929: [] Thunderbolt (Herci), Režie Josef von Sternberg, with Richard Arlen, George Irving, E.H. Calvert,
1929: [03.30] The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Herci: A townsman ), Režie Charles Brabin, with Lili Damita, Don Alvarado, Ernest Torrence,
1929: [02.23] Redskin (Herci: Navajo Jim), Režie Victor Schertzinger, with Richard Dix, Julie Carter,
1928: [03.20] The Trail of '98 (Herci: Salvation Jim), Režie Clarence Brown, with Dolores Del Rio, Ralph Forbes, Karl Dane,
1927: [] The Cat and the Canary (Herci: Roger Crosby), Režie Paul Leni, with Joe Murphy, George Siegmann, Martha Mattox,
1927: [] Drums of Love (Herci: Bopi), Režie D.W. Griffith, with Lionel Barrymore, Don Alvarado, Mary Philbin,
1926: [11.28] Twinkletoes (Herci: Dad Minasi ), Režie Charles Brabin, with Colleen Moore, Kenneth Harlan,
1926: [/ /1] The Torrent (Herci: Don Andrés, Doña Bernardas Anwalt), Režie Monta Bell, with Dorothy Sebastian, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Mack Swain,
1926: [04.11] Old Loves and New (Herci: Hosein), Režie Maurice Tourneur, with Lewis Stone, Barbara Bedford, Walter Pidgeon,
1925: [/ /1] The merry widow (Herci: Baron Sixtus Sadoja), Režie Erich von Stroheim, with Mae Murray, John Gilbert, Roy D'Arcy,
1925: [] Clothes Make the Pirate (Herci), Režie Maurice Tourneur, with Dorothy Gish, Leon Errol, Nita Naldi,
1925: [01.18] Smouldering Fires (Herci: Scotty), Režie Clarence Brown, with Pauline Frederick, Laura La Plante, Malcolm McGregor,
1924: [11.09] He who gets slapped (Herci: Count Mancini), Režie Victor Sjöström, with Harvey Clark, Brandon Hurst, Clyde Cook,
1924: [11.03] Along Came Ruth (Herci: Israel Hubbard), Režie Edward F. Cline, with Viola Dana, Walter Hiers,
1923: [07.00] Broken Hearts of Broadway (Herci: Barney Ryan ), Režie Irving Cummings, with Colleen Moore, Johnnie Walker, Alice Lake,
1923: [05/07] Fools and Riches (Herci: John Dorgan ), Režie Herbert Blaché, with Herbert Rawlinson, ,
1923: [03.16] The covered wagon (Herci: Jim Bridger ), Režie James Cruze, with J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson, Alan Hale,
1923: [01.02] The Brass Bottle (Herci: Professor Hamilton), Režie Maurice Tourneur, with Harry Myers, Ernest Torrence,
1922: [12.01] Deserted at the Altar (Herci: Squire Simpson), Režie Albert H. Kelley, William K. Howard, with Bessie Love, William Scott,
1922: [11.12] The village blacksmith (Herci: Ezra Brigham, Judge), Režie John Ford, with , Virginia True Boardman, Virginia Valli,
1922: [04.16] Is Matrimony a Failure? (Herci: Amos Saxby), Režie James Cruze, with T. Roy Barnes, Lila Lee, Lois Wilson,
1921: [12/00] What happened to Rosa (Herci: Percy Peacock), Režie Victor Schertzinger, with Mabel Normand, Doris Pawn,
1921: [11.28] Hail the Woman (Herci: odd jobs man), Režie John Griffith Wray, with Florence Vidor, Charles Meredith, Edward Martindel,
1921: [] The Cup of Life (Herci), Režie Rowland V. Lee, with Madge Bellamy, Hobart Bosworth, Monty Collins,
1920: [12.14] The Stealers (Herci), Režie John G. Adolfi, with Mae Marsh, Kathleen Kirkham,
1920: [09.19] (Herci: Thomas Gunnison), Režie Clarence G. Badger, with Will Rogers, Mary Alden, Priscilla Bonner,
1920: [07.00] The Slim Princess (Herci: Papova), Režie Victor Schertzinger, with Mabel Normand, Hugh Thompson,
1920: [04.00] The Gift Supreme (Herci: Irving Stagg), Režie Oliver L. Sellers, with Bernard J. Durning, Seena Owen, Melbourne MacDowell,
1919: [11.30] Hawthorne of the U.S.A. (Herci: Nitchi), Režie James Cruze, with Wallace Reid, Lila Lee, Harrison Ford,
1919: [10.12] The Grim Game (Herci: Richard Raver ), Režie Irving Willat, with , Ann Forrest, Thomas Jefferson,
1919: [09.28] The Life Line (Herci: Joe Heckett), Režie Maurice Tourneur, with Jack Holt, Wallace Beery, Lew Cody,
1919: [09.21] Her Kingdom of Dreams (Herci: Langley), Režie Marshall Neilan, with Anita Stewart, Spottiswoode Aitken, Frank Currier,
1919: [07.21] The Fall of Babylon (Herci: High Priest of Bel), Režie D.W. Griffith, with Winifred Westover, Loyola O'Connor, Margaret Mooney,
1919: [05.18] The Lady of Red Butte (Herci: Spanish Ed), Režie Victor Schertzinger, with Dorothy Dalton, Thomas Holding,
1919: [03.30] Daughter of Mine (Herci: Pap Mendelsohn / Lord Noblebrow ), Režie Clarence G. Badger, with Madge Kennedy, John Bowers,
1919: [03.23] The Girl Who Stayed at Home (Herci: Cuties old Friend), Režie D.W. Griffith, with Adolphe Lestina, Carol Dempster, Frances Parks,
1919: [02.23] Maggie Pepper (Herci: Sam Darkin), Režie Chester Withey, with Ethel Clayton, Elliott Dexter, Winifred Greenwood,
1919: [01.26] Cheating Cheaters (Herci), Režie Allan Dwan, with Clara Kimball Young, Anna Q. Nilsson, Jack Holt,
1918: [12.15] The Squaw Man (Herci: Sir John Applegate), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Elliott Dexter, Ann Little, Katherine MacDonald,
1918: [12.08] Arizona (Herci: (--??--)), Režie Albert Parker, with Douglas Fairbanks, Theodore Roberts, Kate Price,
1918: [07.28] Bound in Morocco (Herci: Ali Pah Shush), Režie Allan Dwan, with Douglas Fairbanks, Pauline Curley, Edythe Chapman,
1918: [] The Man from funeral range (Herci), Režie James Cruze, Walter Edwards, with Phil Ainsworth, James Cruze, Willis Marks,
1918: [] Too many millions (Herci), Režie James Cruze, with Noah Berry, Ora Carew, Winifred Greenwood,
1918: [] We Can't Have Everything (Herci: The Director), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Kathlyn Williams, Elliott Dexter, Wanda Hawley,
1918: [06.16] Old Wives for New (Herci: Simcox), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Elliott Dexter, Florence Vidor, Sylvia Ashton,
1918: [05.05] M'Liss (Herci: Judge Joshua McSnagley ), Režie Marshall Neilan, with Mary Pickford, Theodore Roberts, Thomas Meighan,
1918: [03.28] The Whispering Chorus (Herci: F.P. Clumley), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Raymond Hatton, Kathlyn Williams, Edythe Chapman,
1917: [12.30] A modern musketeer (Herci: Phillip Marden / James Brown ), Režie Allan Dwan, with Douglas Fairbanks, Marjorie Daw, Kathleen Kirkham,
1917: [12.16] The Devil-Stone (Herci: Silas Martin), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Geraldine Farrar, Wallace Reid, Hobart Bosworth,
1917: [05.31] Unconquered (Herci: Juke), Režie Frank Reicher, with Fannie Ward, Jack Dean, Hobart Bosworth,
1917: [05.14] A Romance of the Redwoods (Herci: Sam Sparks), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Mary Pickford, Elliott Dexter,
1917: [01.25] The Golden Fetter (Herci: Henry Slade), Režie Edward LeSaint, with Wallace Reid, Anita King,
1916: [12.25] Joan the Woman (Herci: L'Oiseleur), Režie Cecil B. DeMille, with Geraldine Farrar, Raymond Hatton, Hobart Bosworth,
1916: [12.10] Oliver Twist (Herci: Fagin), Režie James Young, with Marie Doro, Edythe Chapman,
1916: [08.13] The Devil's Needle (Herci: John Minturn), Režie Chester Withey, with Norma Talmadge, Marguerite Marsh,
1916: [08.05] Intolerance (Herci: High Priest of Bel / Friend of the Musketeer), Režie D.W. Griffith, with Lillian Gish, Spottiswoode Aitken, Elmer Clifton,
1916: [05.21] A Child of the Paris Streets (Herci: Jacques Dufrane), Režie Lloyd Ingraham, with Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, Jennie Lee,
1916: [02.20] Martha's Vindication (Herci: Sell Hawkins), Režie Chester M. Franklin, Sidney Franklin, with Norma Talmadge, Seena Owen, Ralph Lewis,
1915: [01.09] Let Katie Do It (Herci: Oliver Putnam), Režie Chester M. Franklin, Sidney Franklin, with Jane Grey, Luray Huntley,
1915: [12.23] The Painted Soul (Herci: Charles Ray ), Režie Scott Sidney, with Bessie Barriscale, Milton Ross,
1915: [11.28] The Sable Lorcha (Herci: Soy), Režie Lloyd Ingraham, with Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lee,
1914: [02.00] Paid in Full (Herci: Joe Brooks), Režie Augustus E. Thomas, with Caroline French, Riley Hatch,

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