Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Produktion - США
День рождения неизвестен
Также известна как : MGM,

The day of birth of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is not on record. an American Produktion, known for Hallelujah (1929), Action of the Tiger (1957), International Velvet (1977), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)'s first movie on record is from 1920. His last motion picture on file dates from 2012.
биография (на немецком языке): Amerikanische Filmproduktion, hervorgegangen aus dem Zusammenschluss der Produktionen Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures und Louis B. Mayer.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Фильмография [Auszug]
2012: [12.12] The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Производство), Режиссер Peter Jackson, with Ian McKellen, , ,
2012: [03.16] 21 Jump Street (Производство), Режиссер Phil Lord, Chris Miller, with , , ,
2011: [03.27] Mildred Pierce (Производство), Режиссер Todd Haynes, with , , Melissa Leo,
2006: [04/07] Lucky Number Slevin (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Paul McGuigan, with Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu,
2006: [03.21] Basic Instinct 2 (Производство), Режиссер Michael Caton-Jones, with , , ,
2003: [08.29] Jeepers Creepers 2 (Производство), Режиссер Victor Salva, with Nicki Lynn Aycox, Drew Bell, Jonathan Breck,
2000: [11.27] The Claim (Производство), Режиссер Michael Winterbottom, with Wes Bentley, Milla Jovovich, Nastassja Kinski,
1999: [] Inherit the Wind (Производство), Режиссер Daniel Petrie, with Jack Lemmon,
1993: [/ /1] Fatal instinct (Производство), Режиссер Carl Reiner, with Armand Assante, Sherilyn Fenn, Christopher McDonald,
1992: [/ /1] Diggstown (Производство), Режиссер Michael Ritchie, with Thomas Wilson Brown, James Woods, Oliver Platt,
1992: [/ /1] Baboon Heart (Производство), Режиссер Tony Bill, with Christian Slater, ,
1992: [/ /1] The Meteor Man (Производство), Режиссер Robert Townsend, with , Robert Guillaume, Eddie Griffin,
1992: [/ /1] Benny & Joon (Производство), Режиссер Jeremiah Chechik, with Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, Aldan Quinn,
1992: [/ /1] Cloak and Diaper (Производство), Режиссер Herbert Ross, with Tom Arnold, Obba Babatunde, Larry Miller,
1992: [/ /1] Son of the Pink Panther (Производство), Режиссер Blake Edwards, with Shabana Azmi, Claudia Cardinale, Robert Davi,
1989: [/ /1] A Dry white Season (Производство), Режиссер Euzhan Palcy, with Marlon Brando, Susannah Harker, Zakes Mokae,
1988: [/ /1] The January Man (Производство), Режиссер Pat O'Connor, with Danny Aiello, Faye Grant, Harvey Keitel,
1988: [06.15] Bull Durham (Производство), Режиссер Ron Shelton, with Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins,
1986: [11.20] Running Scared (Производство), Режиссер Peter Hyams, with Steven Bauer, Billy Chrystal, Darlanne Fluegel,
1982: [] The Year of Living Dangerously (Производство), Режиссер Peter Weir, with Mike Emporio, Paul Sonkkila, Bembol Roco,
1981: [////1] Sunday Lovers (Производство), Режиссер Bryan Forbes, Edouard Molinaro, with Gene Wilder, Lynn Redgrave, Kathleen Quinlan,
1978: [] Brass Target (Производство), Режиссер John Hough, with Sophia Loren, John Cassavetes, George Kennedy,
1977: [/ /1] International Velvet (Производство), Режиссер Bryan Forbes, with , Christopher Plummer, Tatum O'Neal,
1977: [/ /1] Coma (Производство), Режиссер Michael Crichton, with Rip Torn, Tom Selleck, Harry Rhodes,
1972: [07.14] The Wrath of God (Производство), Режиссер Ralph Nelson, with Robert Mitchum, Rita Hayworth, Frank Langella,
1972: [/ /1] Travels with my Aunt (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Louis Gossett Jr., Alec McCowen, Maggie Smith,
1972: [] The Carey Treatment (Производство), Режиссер Blake Edwards, with James Coburn, Jennifer O'Neill, Pat Hingle,
1971: [/ /1] The Boy friend (Производство), with Glenda Jackson,
1971: [/ /1] Get Carter (Производство), Режиссер Mike Hodges, with Michael Caine, Britt Ekland, Ian Hendry,
1971: [/ /1] Elvis - That's the way it is (Производство), Режиссер Denis Sanders, with Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, Juliet Prowse,
1970: [/ /1] Dirty Dingus Magee (Производство), Режиссер Burt Kennedy, with Michele Carey, John Dehner, Jack Elam,
1970: [] Ryan's Daughter (Производство), Режиссер David Lean, with Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum, John Mills,
1970: [/ /1] Brewster McCloud (Производство), Режиссер Robert Altman, with Bud Cort, Sally Kellerman, Michael Murphy,
1970: [/ /1] No Blade of Grass (Производство), Режиссер Cornel Wilde, with Nigel Davenport, Jean Wallace, ,
1970: [/ /1] ... tick ... tick ... tick (Производство), Режиссер Ralph Nelson, with Jim Brown, Lynn Carlin, Fredric March,
1969: [05.00] The Appointment (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Sidney Lumet, with Omar Sharif, Anouk Aimée, Didi Perego,
1968: [/ /1] Alfred the Great (Производство), Режиссер Clive Donner, with Colin Blakely, Peter Vaughan, Prunella Ransom,
1968: [/ /1] Ice Station Zebra (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges,
1968: [] Goodbye Mr. Chips (Производство), Режиссер Herbert Ross, with Petula Clark, Peter O'Toole,
1968: [/ /1] Candy (Производство), Режиссер Christian Marquand, with , Nicoletta Machiavelli, John Huston,
1968: [] The impossible years (Производство), Режиссер Michael Gordon, Michael Gordon, with Lola Albright, John Harding, Susan French,
1967: [/ /1] Welcome to hard times (Производство), Режиссер Burt Kennedy, with John Anderson, , Michael Shea,
1967: [] C'era una volta (Производство), Режиссер Francesco Rosi, with Dolores Del Rio, Leslie French, Sophia Loren,
1967: [/ /1] Moving Target (Производство), Режиссер Sergio Corbucci, with , Ty Hardin, Javier Grajeda,
1966: [] Penelope (Производство), Режиссер Arthur Hiller, with Natalie Wood, Ian Bannen, Dick Shawn,
1966: [/ /1] The Money Trap (Производство), Режиссер Burt Kennedy, with Joseph Cotten, Fred Essler, Glenn Ford,
1965: [12.22] Доктор Живаго (Doctor Zhivago) (Производство), Режиссер David Lean, with Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin,
1965: [] 7 Women (Производство), Режиссер John Ford, with Eddie Albert, Anne Bancroft, Mildred Dunnock,
1965: [/ /1] Once a thief (Производство), Режиссер Ralph Nelson, with Alain Delon, Van Heflin, Jack Palance,
1965: [/ /1] Lady L. (Производство), Режиссер Peter Ustinov, with Peter Ustinov, Michel Piccoli, Cecil Parker,
1965: [03.05] The Rounders (Производство), Режиссер Burt Kennedy, with Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda, Sue Ann Langdon,
1964: [12.30] The Yellow Rolls Royce (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Anthony Asquith, with Ingrid Bergman, Rex Harrison, Shirley MacLaine,
1964: [09.25] L' insoumis (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Alain Cavalier, with Alain Delon, Lea Massari, Georges Géret,
1964: [] The Americanization of Emily (Производство), Режиссер Arthur Hiller, with Julie Andrews, James Coburn, Melvyn Douglas,
1964: [/ /1] Viva las Vegas (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Nicky Blair, Cesare Danova, William Demarest,
1964: [] Murder Ahoy (Производство), Режиссер George Pollock, with Stringer Davis, L Jeffries, Margaret Rutherford,
1963: [08.00] The Alphabet Murders (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Frank Tashlin, with Margaret Rutherford, Tony Randall, Anita Ekberg,
1963: [/ /1] The Wheeler Dealers (Производство), Режиссер Arthur Hiller, with Jim Backus, James Garner, Phil Harris,
1963: [/ /1] Mail Order Bride (Производство), Режиссер Burt Kennedy, with Buddy Ebsen, Keir Dullea, Lois Nettleton,
1963: [/ /1] The V.I.P.'s (Производство), Режиссер Anthony Asquith, with , Dennis Price, Linda Christian,
1963: [/ /1] A ticklish affair (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Eddie Applegate, Edgar Buchanan, Red Buttons,
1963: [////1] Two weeks in another town (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Edit Angold, , Claire Trevor,
1963: [/ /1] Of Human Bondage (Производство), Режиссер Henry Hathaway, Ken Hughes, with Laurence Harvey, Jack Hedley, Roger Livesey,
1963: [/ /1] Unsinkable Molly Brown (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, with Hermione Baddeley, Ed Begley, Fred Essler,
1963: [/ /1] Advance to the rear ! (Производство), Режиссер George Marshall, with Jim Backus, Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas,
1962: [10.31] Period of adjustment (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер George Roy Hill, with Anthony Franciosa, Jane Fonda, Jim Hutton,
1962: [] Lolita (Производство), Режиссер Stanley Kubrick, with James Mason, Shelley Winters, Sue Lyon,
1962: [/ /1] Mutiny on the Bounty (Производство), Режиссер Lewis Milestone, Carol Reed, with Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard, Richard Harris,
1962: [/ /1] It Happened at the World's Fair (Производство), Режиссер Norman Taurog, with Edith Atwater, Yvonne Craig, Gary Lockwood,
1961: [/ /1] King of Kings (Производство), Режиссер Nicholas Ray, with Ron Randell, Maurice Marsac, Viveca Lindfors,
1961: [/ /1] How the West was won (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, Henry Hathaway, with Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Carolyn Jones,
1959: [] Butterfield 8 (Производство), Режиссер Daniel Mann, with Elizabeth Taylor, Mildred Dunnock, Susan Oliver,
1959: [/ /1] Never so few (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Philip Ahn, Steve McQueen, Gina Lollobrigida,
1959: [/ /1] Home from the hill (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Constance Ford, George Hamilton, Robert Mitchum,
1959: [] North by northwest (Производство), Режиссер Alfred Hitchcock, with Cary Grant, Eva Maria Saint, James Mason,
1958: [12.18] И подбежали они (Some came Running) (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine,
1958: [/ /1] The Law and Jake Wade (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Richard H. Cutting, Burt Douglas, Eddie Firestone,
1958: [] Cat on a hot tin roof (Производство), Режиссер Richard Brooks, with Elizabeth Taylor, Madeleine Sherwood, Judith Anderson,
1958: [/ /1] Party Girl (Производство), Режиссер Nicholas Ray, with Corey Allen, Robert Taylor, Kent Smith,
1958: [/ /1] Tom thumb (Производство), Режиссер George Pal, with Jessie Matthews, Bernard Miles, Peter Sellers,
1958: [05.00] Gigi (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, ,
1958: [03.05] Оседлай ветер (Saddle the wind) (Производство), Режиссер Robert Parrish, John Sturges, with Robert Taylor, Julie London, John Cassavetes,
1957: [10.08] Until they sail (Производство), Режиссер Robert Wise, with Joan Fontaine, , Paul Newman,
1957: [/ /1] Action of the Tiger (Производство), Режиссер Terence Young, with Martine Carol, Gustavo Rocca, José Nieto,
1957: [] The Brothers Karamazov (Производство), Режиссер Richard Brooks, with Richard Basehart, William Shatner, Maria Schell,
1957: [/ /1] The Wings of Eagles (Производство), Режиссер John Ford, with Henry O'Neill, Sig Ruman, Barry Kelley,
1957: [] Шелковые чулки (Silk stockings) (Производство), Режиссер Rouben Mamoulian, with Zoja Karabanova, , Belita,
1957: [/ /1] Designing Woman (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall, Dolores Gray,
1957: [/ /1] Barretts of Wimpole street (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with John Gielgud, Jennifer Jones, Virginia McKenna,
1957: [] The Vintage (Производство), Режиссер Jeffrey Hayden, with Pier Angeli, Mel Ferrer, John Kerr,
1957: [05.02] The living idol (Производство), Режиссер Albert Lewin, René Cardona III, with Steve Forrest, Liliane Montevecchi, James Robertson Justice,
1956: [] The Iron Petticoat (Производство), Режиссер Ralph Thomas, with Robert Helpmann, Katharine Hepburn, Bob Hope,
1956: [11.01] Дружеское увещевание (Friendly persuasion) (Производство), Режиссер William Wyler, with Anthony Perkins, Phyllis Love, Walter Catlett,
1956: [/ /1] These wilder years (Производство), Режиссер Roy Rowland, with Dean Jones, Lewis H. Martin, Will Wright,
1956: [] Tea and Sympathy (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Deborah Kerr, John Kerr, Leif Erickson,
1956: [/ /1] The Rack (Производство), Режиссер Arnold Laven, with Paul Newman, Walter Pidgeon, Rod Taylor,
1956: [/ /1] Teahouse of the august moon (Производство), Режиссер Daniel Mann, with Eddie Albert, Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford,
1956: [] Lust for Life (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Kirk Douglas, James Donald, Anthony Quinn,
1956: [] Man on Fire (Производство), Режиссер Ranald MacDougall, with Bing Crosby, Inger Stevens, Mary Fickett,
1955: [08.11] It's always fair weather (Производство), Режиссер Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, with Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, Steve Mitchell,
1955: [/ /1] Moonfleet (Производство), Режиссер Fritz Lang, with , Liliane Montevecchi, Sean McClory,
1955: [/ /1] Forbidden Planet (Производство), Режиссер Fred M. Wilcox, with Richard Anderson, , Walter Pidgeon,
1955: [/ /1] The Scarlet Coat (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Michael Wilding, Cornel Wilde, James Westerfield,
1955: [] Bhowani Junction (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Edward Chapman, , Abraham Sofaer,
1955: [/ /1] Guys and Dolls (Производство), Режиссер Joseph L. Mankiewicz, with Vivian Blaine, Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons,
1955: [////1] Tribute to a bad man (Производство), Режиссер Robert Wise, with , Irene Papas, Jeanette Nolan,
1955: [/ /1] Trial (Производство), Режиссер Mark Robson, with Dorothy Green, Katy Jurado, John Hoyt,
1955: [] Солдат удачи (Soldier of Fortune) (Производство), Режиссер Edward Dmytryk, with Gene Barry, Alexander D'Arcy, Clark Gable,
1955: [] The blackboard jungle (Производство), Режиссер Richard Brooks, with Glenn Ford, Anne Francis, Margaret Hayes,
1954: [/ /1] Mogambo (Производство), Режиссер John Ford, with Clark Gable, Grace Kelly, Laurence Naismith,
1954: [] Brigadoon (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly, Pat O'Malley,
1954: [////1] Bad Day at Black Rock (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Lee Marvin,
1954: [/ /1] The Student Prince (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, Curtis Bernhardt, with Ann Blyth, John Ericson, Edmund Purdom,
1954: [] Saadia (Производство), Режиссер Albert Lewin, with Cornel Wilde, Mel Ferrer, Rita Gam,
1954: [/ /1] Rose Marie (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn Le Roy, with Ann Blyth, Ray Collins, Howard Keel,
1954: [] Betrayed (Производство), Режиссер Gottfried Reinhardt, with Clark Gable, , Victor Mature,
1954: [] Men of the Fighting Lady (Производство), Режиссер Andrew V. Marton, with Louis Calhern, Van Johnson, Frank Lovejoy,
1953: [12.04] Escape from Fort Bravo (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Polly Bergen, William Campbell, William Demarest,
1953: [08.21] The big Leaguer (Производство), Режиссер Robert Aldrich, with John R. McKee, , Lalo Rios,
1953: [] Knights of the Round Table (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Stanley Baker,
1953: [/ /1] Julius Caesar (Производство), Режиссер Joseph L. Mankiewicz, with Marlon Brando, Michael Pate, Edmond O'Brien,
1953: [] The band Wagon (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant,
1953: [] Fast company (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Howard Keel, Polly Bergen,
1953: [] Kiss me Kate (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Keenan Wynn, Ron Randell, Tommy Rall,
1953: [/ /1] The actress (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Dawn Bender, Norma Jean Nilsson, Anthony Perkins,
1953: [/ /1] Torch Song (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, with Joan Crawford, Michael Wilding, Gig Young,
1953: [/ /1] Young Bess (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Fee Malten, Elaine Stewart, Jean Simmons,
1953: [/ /1] Dream Wife (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Sheldon, with Buddy Baer, Bruce Bennett, Eduard Franz,
1953: [] Terror on a Train (Производство), Режиссер Ted Tetzlaff, with Glenn Ford, ,
1953: [06.19] Arena (Производство), Режиссер Richard Fleischer, with Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen,
1953: [03.18] Never let me go (Производство), Режиссер Delmer Daves, with Clark Gable, Gene Tierney, Bernard Miles,
1953: [02.20] Айвенго (Ivanhoe) (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine,
1952: [/ /1] The Prisoner of Zenda (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr, James Mason,
1952: [07.18] Shadow in the Sky (Производство), Режиссер Fred M. Wilcox, with Ralph Meeker, Nancy Reagan, James Whitmore,
1952: [/ /1] It's a big country (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, Don Hartman, with Fredric March, Janet Leigh, Gene Kelly,
1952: [/ /1] The Girl in White (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with June Allyson, Arthur Kennedy, Gary Merrill,
1952: [/ /1] My man and I (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with Robert Burton, Claire Trevor, José Torvay,
1952: [/ /1] Battle circus (Производство), Режиссер Richard Brooks, with June Allyson, , Perry Sheehan,
1952: [] The Belle of New York (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, with Fred Astaire, Vera Ellen, Marjorie Main,
1952: [] The Naked Spur (Производство), Режиссер Anthony Mann, with James Stewart, Janet Leigh, Robert Ryan,
1952: [] Pat and Mike (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Charles Bronson, William Ching, Katharine Hepburn,
1952: [06.27] Scaramouche (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Stewart Granger, Janet Leigh, Eleanor Parker,
1952: [03.17] Singin' in the Rain (Производство), Режиссер Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds,
1951: [01.11] Женщина с запада (Westward the Women) (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with Julie Bishop, Henry Nakamura, Renata Vanni,
1951: [11.16] The Unknown Man (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Walter Pidgeon, Ann Harding, Barry Sullivan,
1951: [10/26] По широкой Миссури (Across the wide Missouri) (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with Ben Watson, Adolphe Menjou, María Elena Marqués,
1951: [08.26] Американец в Париже (An American in Paris) (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant,
1951: [/ /1] Тереза (Teresa) (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Pier Angeli, Ave Ninchi, Ralph Meeker,
1951: [] Quo Vadis? (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, with Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn,
1951: [/ /1] Kind Lady (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Angela Lansbury,
1951: [/ /1] The People against O'Hara (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Michael Tolan, Spencer Tracy, Pat O'Brien,
1951: [] Pandora and the flying Dutchman (Производство), Режиссер Albert Lewin, with Ava Gardner, Marius Goring, James Mason,
1951: [/ /1] Show Boat (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Joe E. Brown, , Agnes Moorehead,
1951: [] Lone star (Производство), Режиссер Vincent Sherman, with Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Broderick Crawford,
1951: [] Go for Broke! (Производство), Режиссер Robert Pirosh, with Akira Fukunaga, Van Johnson, George Miki,
1951: [03.28] The wild north (Производство), Режиссер Andrew V. Marton, with Stewart Granger, Wendell Corey, Cyd Charisse,
1951: [03.03] Fixin' Fool (Производство), Режиссер Dave O'Brien, with , Dave O'Brien, ,
1950: [11.30] Dial 1119 (Производство), Режиссер Gerald Mayer, with , Virginia Field, Sam Levene,
1950: [] The Asphalt Jungle (Производство), Режиссер John Huston, with Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Marilyn Monroe,
1950: [////1] Mystery Street (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with Bruce Bennett, Sally Forrest, Elsa Lanchester,
1950: [/ /1] Right Cross (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges, with June Allyson, Dick Powell, Ricardo Montalban,
1950: [/ /1] The magnificent Yankee (Производство), Режиссер John Sturges,
1950: [/ /1] The Happy Years (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with Peter Thompson, Darryll Hickman, Margalo Gillmore,
1950: [/ /1] To please a lady (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Lela Bliss, Clark Gable, Will Geer,
1950: [/ /1] Mister 880 (Производство), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Edmund Gwenn, Burt Lancaster, Dorothy McGuire,
1950: [/ /1] Key to the city (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Raymond Burr, Clark Gable, James Gleason,
1950: [/ /1] Annie get your gun (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Edward Arnold, , Clinton Sundberg,
1950: [] Crisis (Производство), Режиссер Richard Brooks, with Cary Grant, José Ferrer, Paula Raymond,
1950: [] The Miniver Story (Производство), Режиссер H.C. Potter, with Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, John Hodiak,
1949: [02.10] East Side, West Side (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn Le Roy, with Barbara Stanwyck, James Mason, Douglas Kennedy,
1949: [09.29] The Doctor and the Girl (Производство), Режиссер Curtis Bernhardt, with Glenn Ford, Charles Coburn, Gloria DeHaven,
1949: [09.00] У стен Малапаги (La Mura di Malapaga) (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер René Clément, with Jean Gabin, Isa Miranda, Vera Talchi,
1949: [08.25] Madame Bovary (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with George Zucco, Henri Letondal, Alf Kjellin,
1949: [/ /1] Take me out to the ball game (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Edward Arnold, Douglas Fowley, ,
1949: [////1] Border incident (Производство), Режиссер Anthony Mann, with Howard Da Silva, James Mitchell, Ricardo Montalban,
1949: [/ /1] Adam's Rib (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Hope Emerson, Tom Ewell, Jean Hagen,
1949: [/ /1] Поле битвы (Battleground) (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with James Whitmore, John Hodiak, Douglas Fowley,
1949: [////1] Tension (Производство), Режиссер John Berry, with Tom d'Andrea, Peter Brocco, Virginia Brissac,
1949: [/ /1] In the good old summertime (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Clinton Sundberg, , ,
1949: [/ /1] Caught (Производство), Режиссер Max Ophüls, John Berry, with Curt Bois, Ruth Brady, Frank Ferguson,
1949: [] The red Danube (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Walter Pidgeon, Ethel Barrymore, Peter Lawford,
1949: [/ /1] On the town (Производство), Режиссер Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, with Betty Garrett, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller,
1949: [] Big Jack (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Wallace Beery, Richard Conte, Marjorie Main,
1949: [] Side Street (Производство), Режиссер Anthony Mann, with Harry Antrim, Adele Jergens, Edwin Maxwell,
1949: [] Summer Stock (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, with Judy Garland, Carleton Carpenter, ,
1949: [] The Stratton Story (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with June Allyson, James Stewart, Frank Morgan,
1949: [04.00] Little Women (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, with June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Margaret O'Brien,
1948: [11.25] Три крестных отца (Three godfathers) (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер John Ford, with John Wayne, Pedro Armendáriz, Harry Carey Jr.,
1948: [] The Three Musketeers (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Gene Kelly, Frank Morgan, Vincent Price,
1948: [////1] Акт насилия (Act of Violence) (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Mary Astor, Van Heflin, Taylor Holmes,
1948: [/ /1] State of the Union (Производство), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Katharine Hepburn, Van Johnson, Angela Lansbury,
1948: [/ /1] On an island with you (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Marie Windsor, Ricardo Montalban, Nolan Leary,
1948: [////1] A date with Judy (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Jane Powell, Wallace Beery, Elizabeth Taylor,
1948: [] The Force of Evil (Производство), Режиссер Abraham Polonsky, with Howland Chamberlin, John Garfield, Thomas Gomez,
1948: [/ /1] The kissing bandit (Производство), Режиссер Laszlo Benedek, with Kathryn Grayson, Frank Sinatra, Cyd Charisse,
1948: [] Any number can play (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn Le Roy, with Audrey Totter, Caleb Peterson, Frank Morgan,
1948: [] Easter Parade (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, with Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford,
1948: [] Command decision (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with Edward Arnold, Charles Bickford, Brian Donlevy,
1948: [05.??] Homecoming (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, with Clark Gable, , Anne Baxter,
1948: [03/23] Поиск (The Search) (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Montgomery Clift, Aline MacMahon, Jarmila Novotna,
1948: [02.23] Summer Holiday (Производство), Режиссер Rouben Mamoulian, with Mickey Rooney, Gloria DeHaven, Walter Huston,
1947: [08/27] The Hucksters (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Edward Arnold, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner,
1947: [] Sea of Grass (Производство), Режиссер Elia Kazan, with Naomi Childers, , Ruth Nelson,
1947: [/ /1] Cass Timberlane (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Mary Astor, Albert Dekker, Tom Drake,
1947: [/ /1] Song of Love (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Robert Walker, Else Janssen, Eilene Janssen,
1947: [] Good News (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, with , Clinton Sundberg, Tom Dugan,
1947: [] Desire me (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, George Cukor, with Greer Garson, Robert Mitchum, Richard Hart,
1947: [] It happened in Brooklyn (Производство), Режиссер Richard Whorf, with Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson, Peter Lawford,
1947: [] Alias a Gentleman (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Gladys George, Trevor Bardette, Sheldon Leonard,
1947: [] Mighty McGurk (Производство), Режиссер John Waters, with Wallace Beery, Dean Stockwell, Edward Arnold,
1947: [03.17] Little Mr. Jim (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Jackie Butch Jenkins, James Craig, Frances Gifford,
1947: [02.19] The Beginning or the End (Производство), Режиссер Norman Taurog, with Brian Donlevy, Robert Walker, Tom Drake,
1947: [02.04] Мой брат разговаривает с лошадьми (My brother talks to horses) (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Jackie Butch Jenkins, Peter Lawford, ,
1947: [01.23] The Lady in the Lake (Производство), Режиссер Robert Montgomery, with Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan,
1946: [12.05] Пока плывут облака (Till the clouds roll by) (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated) ), Режиссер Richard Whorf, Vincente Minnelli, with Robert Walker, Van Heflin, Lucille Bremer,
1946: [11.28] Undercurrent (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, with Katharine Hepburn, Robert Taylor, Robert Mitchum,
1946: [/ /1] The Harvey Girls (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Edward Earle, Selena Royle, Kenny Baker,
1946: [/ /1] Holiday in Mexico (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney,
1946: [] Bad Bascomb (Производство), Режиссер S. Sylvan Simon, with Wallace Beery, Margaret O'Brien, Marjorie Main,
1946: [05.02] The Postman always rings twice (Производство), Режиссер Tay Garnett, with , John Garfield, Cecil Kellaway,
1946: [01.24] Up Goes Maisie (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Ann Sothern, George Murphy, Hillary Brooke,
1945: [12.09] Stairway to Light (Производство), Режиссер Sammy Lee, with Paul Andor, Wolfgang Zilzer,
1945: [10.??] Week-end at the Waldorf (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Ginger Rogers, , Walter Pidgeon,
1945: [08.13] Ziegfeld Follies (Производство), Режиссер Charles Walters, Vincente Minnelli, with Audrey Totter, Lena Horne, Kathryn Grayson,
1945: [] They were expendable (Производство), Режиссер John Ford, Robert Montgomery, with , Jack Pennick, Robert Montgomery,
1945: [/ /1] This Man's Navy (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with Noah Beery jr., Will Fowler, Frank Fenton,
1945: [/ /1] The Picture of Dorian Gray (Производство), Режиссер Albert Lewin, with Lowell Gilmore, Hurd Hatfield, Angela Lansbury,
1945: [] Thrill of a Romance (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Van Johnson, , Frances Gifford,
1945: [] The Thin Man goes home (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Minor Watson, Donald Meek, Donald Mac Bride,
1945: [] Adventure (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Joan Blondell, Clark Gable, Greer Garson,
1945: [05.00] Without love (Производство), Режиссер Harold S. Bucquet, with Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball,
1945: [03.31] Twice Blessed (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Preston Foster, Gail Patrick, ,
1945: [03.08] Keep Your Powder Dry (Производство), Режиссер Edward Buzzell, with , Laraine Day, Susan Peters,
1944: [] Седьмой Крест (The Seventh Cross) (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Spencer Tracy, Signe Hasso, Hume Cronyn,
1944: [/ /1] Lost in a Harem (Производство), Режиссер Charles Riesner, with Budd Abbott, Lou Costello,
1944: [/ /1] Anchors aweigh (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Pamela Britton, Billy Gilbert, Kathryn Grayson,
1944: [] Lost Angel (Производство), Режиссер Roy Rowland, with Margaret O'Brian, James Craig, Marsha Hunt,
1944: [] Dragon Seed (Производство), Режиссер Harold S. Bucquet, Jack Conway, with Lionel Barrymore, Akim Tamiroff, Frances Rafferty,
1944: [] Meet the People (Производство), Режиссер Charles F. Reisner, with Lucille Ball, Dick Powell, Virginia O'Brien,
1944: [] See Here, Private Hargrove (Производство), with Robert Walker, Donna Reed,
1944: [06.15] American Romance (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Brian Donlevy, Ann Richards, Walter Abel,
1944: [05/11] The White Cliffs of Dover (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Irene Dunne, Alan Marshal, Roddy McDowall,
1944: [04.00] The Heavenly Body (Производство), Режиссер Alexander Hall, Vincente Minnelli, with William Powell, Hedy Lamarr, James Craig,
1943: [01.00] Thousands Cheer (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Kathryn Grayson, Gene Kelly, Mary Astor,
1943: [12.15] Madame Curie (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, Albert Lewin, with Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Henry Travers,
1943: [10.06] Hitler's Madman (Производство), Режиссер Douglas Sirk, with Patricia Morison, John Carradine, Alan Curtis,
1943: [/ /1] Thousand Cheer (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with , Wally Cassell, Benny Carter,
1943: [/ /1] Pilot No. 5 (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney, with Ava Gardner,
1943: [/ /1] Presenting Lily Mars (Производство), Режиссер Norman Taurog, with Annabelle Logan, Connie Gilchrist, Judy Garland,
1943: [04.09] Cabin in the Sky (Производство), Режиссер Vincente Minnelli, Busby Berkeley, with Rex Ingram, Butterfly McQueen, Willie Best,
1943: [02.10] Song of Russia (Производство), Режиссер Gregory Ratoff, with Leo Bulgakov, Robert Taylor, Patricia Prest,
1942: [10/21] For me and my gal (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Ben Blue, , Richard Quine,
1942: [10.01] Somewhere I'll find you (Производство), Режиссер Wesley Ruggles, with Clark Gable, , ,
1942: [07.09] I married an Angel (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Sidney D'Albrook, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy,
1942: [/ /1] Eyes in the night (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Edward Arnold, Reginald Denny, John Emery,
1942: [/ /1] Kid Glove Killer (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Lee Bowman, Eddie Quillan, John Litel,
1942: [/ /1] Woman of the Year (Производство), Режиссер George Stevens, with Fay Bainter, William Bendix, Gladys Blake,
1942: [/ /1] Ship ahoy ! (Производство), Режиссер Edward Buzzell, with Tommy Dorsey, Bert Lahr, Virginia O'Brien,
1942: [/ /1] Pacific Rendezvous (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney,
1942: [] Keeper of the Flame (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Diana Dill, Audrey Christie, Percy Kilbride,
1942: [] Tortilla Flat (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Hedy Lamarr, Spencer Tracy, John Garfield,
1942: [] The Lady or the Tiger? (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1942: [06.21] The Affairs of Martha (Производство), Режиссер Jules Dassin, with Marsha Hunt, Richard Carlson, Marjorie Main,
1942: [03/00] Nazi Agent (Производство), Режиссер Jules Dassin, with Conrad Veidt, Anne Ayars, Frank Reicher,
1941: [01.17] Johnny Eager (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, with Henry O'Neill, Edward Arnold, Robert Taylor,
1941: [12.11] H.M. Pulham, Esq. (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Robert Young, Van Heflin, Charles Halton,
1941: [10.01] Honky Tonk (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Clark Gable, , ,
1941: [09.00] Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Ingrid Bergman, Sara Allgood, Donald Crisp,
1941: [08/08] Whistling in the Dark (Производство), Режиссер S. Sylvan Simon, with Red Skelton, Conrad Veidt, Ann Rutherford,
1941: [] The Big Store (Производство), Режиссер Charles Riesner, with Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx,
1941: [/ /1] They met in Bombay (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Matthew Boulton, Eduardo Ciannelli, Clark Gable,
1941: [] The Two-faced Woman (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Greta Garbo, Constance Bennett, Melvyn Douglas,
1941: [/ /1] Free and Easy (Производство), Режиссер George Sidney,
1941: [/ /1] Love Crazy (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Vladimir Sokolov, Donald MacBride, Myrna Loy,
1941: [/ /1] Shadow of the thin man (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Loring Smith, William Powell, Henry O'Neill,
1941: [] Your last act (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1941: [05.15] Woman's Face (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Joan Crawford, Melvyn Douglas, Conrad Veidt,
1941: [01/10] Maisie Was a Lady (Производство), Режиссер Edwin L. Marin, with Ann Sothern, Lew Ayres, Maureen O'Sullivan,
1940: [07.02] Northwest-Passage (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Walter Brennan, Ruth Hussey, Nat Pendleton,
1940: [] Go West (Производство), Режиссер Edward Buzzell, with Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx,
1940: [/ /1] The Philadelphia Story (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Cary Grant, John Halliday, Katharine Hepburn,
1940: [/ /1] Susan and God (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Dan Dailey, Constance Collier, Rose Hobart,
1940: [/ /1] Strike up the band (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Judy Garland, June Preisser, Mickey Rooney,
1940: [/ /1] I love you again (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Charles Arnt, Morgan Wallace, Nella Walker,
1940: [/ /1] The Old South (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1940: [/ /1] Bitter Sweet (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with George Sanders, Ian Hunter, Fay Holden,
1940: [/ /1] Boom Town (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Lionel Atwill, Clark Gable, Hedy Lamarr,
1940: [/ /1] Stuffie (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1940: [/ /1] Third finger, left hand (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Melvyn Douglas, Myrna Loy, Ernest Whitman,
1940: [] Forbidden Passage (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Hugh Beaumont, Addison Richards, Harry Woods,
1940: [] 20 Mule team (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Anne Baxter, Wallace Beery, Leo Carrillo,
1940: [] A Way in the Wilderness (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Shepperd Strudwick,
1940: [] The Great Meddler (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1940: [] Blonde Inspiration (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Marion Martin, George Lessey, Alma Kruger,
1940: [] Forty little mothers (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Eddie Cantor, Judith Anderson, Rita Johnson,
1940: [] Wyoming (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Wallace Beery, Leo Carrillo, Ann Rutherford,
1940: [03.12] Comrade X (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Eve Arden, Felix Bressart, Clark Gable,
1940: [03.01] Странный груз (Strange Cargo) (Производство), Режиссер Frank Borzage, with Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Ian Hunter,
1939: [10.31] Babes in Arms (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Charles Winninger,
1939: [10.28] Let's Talk Turkey (Производство: (a Pete Smith Specialty)), Режиссер Felix E. Feist, with , , ,
1939: [10.07] Set 'em Up (Производство), Режиссер Felix E. Feist, with , , ,
1939: [08.12] The Wizard of Oz (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, George Cukor, with Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger,
1939: [08.12] Take a Cue (Производство), Режиссер Felix E. Feist, with , , ,
1939: [07.01] Culinary Carving (Производство), Режиссер Felix E. Feist, with , , ,
1939: [////1] The Marx Brothers at the Circus (Производство), Режиссер Edward Buzzell, with Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx,
1939: [/ /1] Tarzan finds a son (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Maureen O'Sullivan, Ian Hunter, Morton Lowry,
1939: [/ /1] On borrowed Time (Производство), with Lionel Barrymore, Beulah Bondi, Cedric Hardwicke,
1939: [] Another thin man (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Alexander D'Arcy, Sheldon Leonard, Otto Kruger,
1939: [] Lucky Night (Производство), Режиссер Norman Taurog, with Robert Taylor, Henry O'Neill, Bernard J. Nedell,
1939: [] One against the World (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Jonathan Hale,
1939: [] The Ash can fleet (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1939: [] Forgotten Victory (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1939: [] Weather Wizards (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1939: [] Пока Америка спит (While America sleeps) (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with , Richard Tucker, Paul Stanton,
1939: [] Help wanted! (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1939: [] Fast and Furious (Производство), Режиссер Busby Berkeley, with Ann Sothern, Franchot Tone, Ruth Hussey,
1939: [] Stand up and Fight (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Robert Taylor, Wallace Beery, Helen Broderick,
1939: [06.10] Ninotchka (Производство), Режиссер Ernst Lubitsch, with Ernst Lubitsch, Sig Ruman, Edwin Maxwell,
1939: [05.20] Prophet Without Honor (Производство), Режиссер Felix E. Feist, with Carey Wilson, Tom Neal,
1939: [01.27] Idiot's delight (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Edward Arnold, Laura Hope Crews, Fritz Feld,
1939: [11.10] The Shining Hour (Производство), Режиссер Frank Borzage, with Joan Crawford, Margaret Sullavan, Robert Young,
1938: [11.04] The great Waltz (Производство), Режиссер Julien Duvivier, Victor Fleming, with Luise Rainer, Fernand Gravey, Miliza Korjus,
1938: [10.21] The Citadel (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Robert Donat, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker,
1938: [07.08] Marie Antoinette (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, Julien Duvivier, with Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power, John Barrymore,
1938: [07.01] Port of Seven Seas (Производство), Режиссер James Whale, Sam Wood, with Wallace Beery, Frank Morgan, Maureen O'Sullivan,
1938: [] Too hot to handle (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with , Walter Pidgeon, Marjorie Main,
1938: [/ /1] Conquest (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Charles Boyer, Leif Erickson, Greta Garbo,
1938: [/ /1] Test pilot (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with , Myrna Loy, Priscilla Lawson,
1938: [/ /1] Man-Proof (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Franchot Tone, William Stack, Rosalind Russell,
1938: [] The Toy Wife (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Robert Young, Clinton Rosemond, Luise Rainer,
1938: [] Dramatic School (Производство), Режиссер Robert B. Sinclair, with , John Hubbard, Virginia Grey,
1938: [] A Friend indeed (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1938: [] The Story of Dr. Carver (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Clinton Rosemond,
1938: [] That Mothers might live (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann, with Shepperd Strudwick,
1938: [] Tracking the sleeping death (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1938: [] They live again (Производство), Режиссер Fred Zinnemann,
1938: [] Of Human Hearts (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Walter Huston, James Stewart, Beulah Bondi,
1938: [] Judge Hardy's children (Производство), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Jacqueline Laurent,
1938: [06.02] Three Comrades (Производство), Режиссер Frank Borzage, with Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan, Franchot Tone,
1937: [/ /1] Double wedding (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Sidney Toler, Jessie Ralph, William Powell,
1937: [] The good earth (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with Philip Ahn, Walter Connolly, Tilly Losch,
1937: [/ /1] Saratoga (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Lionel Barrymore, Mary Dees, Clark Gable,
1937: [/ /1] Personal Property (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Ernest Vajda, Marla Shelton, ,
1937: [/ /1] Thoroughbreds don't cry (Производство), Режиссер Alfred E. Green, with , C. Aubrey Smith, Ronald Sinclair,
1937: [] Bad Guy (Производство), Режиссер Edward L. Cahn, with Bruce Cabot, Edward Norris, Warren Hymer,
1937: [] The Emperor's Candlesticks (Производство), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with William Powell, Luise Rainer, Robert Young,
1937: [] Big City (Производство), Режиссер Frank Borzage, with Regis Toomey, Luise Rainer, Eddie Quillan,
1937: [] Navy Blue and Gold (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with James Stewart, Robert Young, Florence Rice,
1937: [////1] Topper (Производство), Режиссер Norman Z. McLeod, with Constance Bennett, , Hedda Hopper,
1937: [06.04] Parnell (Производство), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Edna May Oliver, Alan Marshal, Myrna Loy,
1937: [03.26] Maytime (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, John Barrymore,
1936: [01.01] Camille (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore,
1936: [08.28] The Gorgeous Hussy (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore,
1936: [08.20] Romeo and Juliet (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard, John Barrymore,
1936: [] Wive versus Secretary (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with James Stewart, Billy Newell, Myrna Loy,
1936: [/ /1] The great Ziegfeld (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Virginia Bruce, Luise Rainer, Myrna Loy,
1936: [] Libeled Lady (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Spencer Tracy, William Powell, Myrna Loy,
1936: [] After the thin man (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with James Stewart, Jessie Ralph, William Powell,
1936: [] Rose Marie (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Nelson Eddy, Reginald Owen, George Regas,
1936: [] San Francisco (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy,
1936: [] Love on the Run (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone,
1936: [] Riffraff (Производство), Режиссер J. Walter Ruben, with , Paul Hurst, Arthur Housman,
1936: [] Спасение Тарзана (Tarzan escapes) (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, John Farrow, with , Maureen O'Sullivan, ,
1936: [] The Devil Doll (Производство), Режиссер Tod Browning, with , Grace Ford, Pedro de Cordoba,
1936: [] Our Relations (Производство), Режиссер Harry Lachman, with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Alan Hale,
1936: [] Speed (Производство), Режиссер Edwin L. Marin, with Wendy Barrie, Una Merkel, Weldon Heyburn,
1936: [] His Brother's Wife (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Barbara Stanwyck, Jed Prouty, Leonard Mudie,
1936: [] Pirate Party on Catalina Island (Производство), with Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, John Gilbert,
1936: [/ /1] Suzy (Производство), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with , Tyler Brooke, David Clyde,
1936: [05.29] Fury (Производство), Режиссер Fritz Lang, with Spencer Tracy, Sylvia Sidney, Walter Abel,
1936: [04.10] The small town girl (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер William A. Wellman, Robert Z. Leonard, with Janet Gaynor, Robert Taylor, Binnie Barnes,
1936: [03.20] Petticoat Fever (Производство), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Irving Bacon, , Winifred Shotter,
1936: [02.15] The Voice of Bugle Ann (Производство), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O'Sullivan, Eric Linden,
1935: [08.30] Анна Каренина (Anna Karenina) (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Greta Garbo, Fredric March, Freddie Bartholomew,
1935: [08/16] China Seas (Производство), Режиссер Tay Garnett, with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Rosalind Russell,
1935: [07.12] The Murder man (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated) ), Режиссер Tim Whelan, with Spencer Tracy, Virginia Bruce, Lionel Atwill,
1935: [/ /1] Mutiny on the Bounty (Производство), Режиссер Frank Lloyd, with Ivan F. Simpson, Spring Byington, Francis Lister,
1935: [/ /1] Mad Love (Производство), Режиссер Karl Freund, with Sara Haden, Harold Huber, Isabel Jewell,
1935: [] Escapade (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Virginia Bruce, Luise Rainer, William Powell,
1935: [/ /1] Reckless (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Allan Jones, Mickey Rooney, Henry Stephenson,
1935: [] Whipsaw (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with Lillian Leighton, Halliwell Hobbes, Howard C. Hickman,
1935: [] West Point of the Air (Производство), Режиссер Richard Rosson, with Wallace Beery, Robert Young, Lewis Stone,
1935: [03.29] Naughty Marietta (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, W.S. Van Dyke, with Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Frank Morgan,
1935: [02.22] After office hours (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Katharine Alexander, Harvey Stephens, Charles Richman,
1935: [01.25] Society Doctor (Производство), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Chester Morris, Robert Taylor, Virginia Bruce,
1935: [01.04] Biography of a Bachelor Girl (Производство), Режиссер Edward H. Griffith, with Ann Harding, Robert Montgomery, Edward Everett Horton,
1934: [10.27] My Grandfather's Clock (Производство), Режиссер Felix E. Feist, with , Charles Judels, ,
1934: [07.13] Stamboul Quest (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with Rudolph Anders, Lionel Atwill, Mischa Auer,
1934: [12.07] A Wicked Woman (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Mady Christians, Jean Parker, Charles Bickford,
1934: [] Забывая Про Всех Других (Forsaking all others) (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Robert Montgomery,
1934: [] Merry Widow (Производство), Режиссер Ernst Lubitsch, with Jeanette MacDonald, George Barbier, Una Merkel,
1934: [/ /1] The Thin Man (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Henry Wadsworth, Maureen O'Sullivan, Natalie Moorhead,
1934: [/ /1] The girl from Missouri (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Lionel Barrymore, Clara Blandick, Jean Harlow,
1934: [] Да здравствует Вилья! (Viva Villa !) (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, Howard Hawks, with Wallace Beery, Fay Wray, Émile Chautard,
1934: [/ /1] Evelyn Prentice (Производство), Режиссер William K. Howard, with William Powell, Myrna Loy, Una Merkel,
1934: [/ /1] The painted veil (Производство), Режиссер Richard Boleslawski, with Greta Garbo, Warner Oland, Jean Hersholt,
1934: [/ /1] Operator 13 (Производство), Режиссер Richard Boleslawski, with Marion Davies, Gary Cooper, Jean Parker,
1934: [] Manhattan Melodrama (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with George Sidney, Noel Madison, Myrna Loy,
1934: [] Men in white (Производство), Режиссер Richard Boleslawski, with Frank Puglia, Myrna Loy, Otto Kruger,
1934: [] Цепи (Chained) (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Una O'Connor, Joan Crawford, Stuart Erwin,
1934: [] Treasure Island (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Lionel Barrymore, Jackie Cooper, Wallace Beery,
1934: [] Laughing Boy (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with William B. Davidson, Ramon Novarro, Catalina Rambula,
1934: [] What price Jazz (Производство), Режиссер Sam Baerwitz, with Ted Fiorito, George Irving, Shirley Ross,
1934: [] Sadie McKee (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Leo G. Carroll, Joan Crawford, Gene Raymond,
1934: [04.16] Tarzan and his mate (Производство), Режиссер Cedric Gibbons, Jack Conway, with , Maureen O'Sullivan, Neil Hamilton,
1933: [11.24] Dancing lady (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone,
1933: [10.27] Day of Reckoning (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Richard Dix, Madge Evans, Conway Tearle,
1933: [10/13] Bombshell (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Lee Tracy, Frank Morgan, Una Merkel,
1933: [10.06] Night flight (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with John Barrymore, Helen Hayes, Clark Gable,
1933: [08.23] Dinner at Eight (Производство), Режиссер George Cukor, with Marie Dressler, John Barrymore, Wallace Beery,
1933: [09.29] Stage Mother (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Alice Brady, Maureen O'Sullivan, Franchot Tone,
1933: [08/25] Turn back the clock (Производство), Режиссер Edgar Selwyn, with Lee Tracy, Mae Clarke, Otto Kruger,
1933: [07.27] The Stranger's return (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Lionel Barrymore, Beulah Bondi, Miriam Hopkins,
1933: [/ /1] Queen Christina (Производство), Режиссер Rouben Mamoulian, with Cora Sue Collins, David Torrence, ,
1933: [/ /1] Hold your man (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with Dorothy Burgess, Stuart Erwin, Clark Gable,
1933: [/ /1] Tugboat Annie (Производство), Режиссер Mervyn LeRoy, with Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery, Robert Young,
1933: [/ /1] The Prizefighter and the Lady (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, Howard Hawks, with Max Baer, Myrna Loy, Otto Kruger,
1933: [/ /1] Penthouse (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with George E. Stone, Nat Pendleton, Robert Emmett O'Connor,
1933: [] Сегодня мы живём (Today we live) (Производство), Режиссер Howard Hawks, with Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone,
1933: [] The white sister (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Edward Arnold, Clark Gable, Louise Closser Hale,
1933: [06.23] When ladies meet (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, Robert Z. Leonard, with Alice Brady, Luis Alberni, Martin Burton,
1933: [05.02] Reunion in Vienna (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with John Barrymore, Diana Wynyard, Frank Morgan,
1933: [02.03] The Secret of Madame Blanche (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Irene Dunne, Lionel Atwill, Phillips Holmes,
1932: [12.30] Strange Interlude (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Clark Gable, Alexander Kirkland, Ralph Morgan,
1932: [12.23] Rasputin and the Empress (Производство), Режиссер Richard Boleslawski, Charles Brabin, with Lionel Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore, Ralph Morgan,
1932: [11.05] The Mask of Fu-Manchu (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, Charles Vidor, with Boris Karloff, Karen Morley, Myrna Loy,
1932: [10.01] Kongo (Производство), Режиссер William J. Cowen, with Walter Huston, Lupe Velez, Virginia Bruce,
1932: [08/27] Divorce in the Family (Производство), Режиссер Charles F. Reisner, with Jackie Cooper, Conrad Nagel, Lewis Stone,
1932: [07.09] The Washington Masquerade (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Lionel Barrymore, Karen Morley, Diane Sinclair,
1932: [/ /1] Freaks (Производство), Режиссер Tod Browning, with Roscoe Ates, , ,
1932: [/ /1] Flesh (Производство), Режиссер John Ford, with Wallace Beery, Herman Bing, Ricardo Cortez,
1932: [/ /1] Payment deferred (Производство), Режиссер Lothar Mendes, with Charles Laughton, Ray Milland, Maureen O'Sullivan,
1932: [/ /1] Red Dust (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Gene Raymond,
1932: [/ /1] Le plombier amoureux (Производство), Режиссер Claude Autant-Lara, with Jeannette Ferney, George Davis, Jean Del Val,
1932: [/ /1] As you desire me (Производство), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Greta Garbo, Erich von Stroheim, Melvyn Douglas,
1932: [.00.] Emma (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Purnell Pratt, George Meeker, Myrna Loy,
1932: [/ /1] County Hospital (Производство), Режиссер James Parrott, with Billy Gilbert, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel,
1932: [] Gabriel over the White House (Производство), Режиссер Gregory La Cava, with Claire du Brey, Jean Parker, William Pawley,
1932: [] Polly of the Circus (Производство), Режиссер Alfred Santell, with Marion Davies, Clark Gable, Raymond Hatton,
1932: [] Blondie of the Follies (Производство), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Marion Davies, Anita Loos, Robert Montgomery,
1932: [] The passionate plumber (Производство), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Rolfe Sedan, Jean Del Val, Paul Porcasi,
1932: [] Letty Lynton (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery, Nils Asther,
1932: [06.25] Red headed woman (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Charles Boyer, Jean Harlow, Chester Morris,
1932: [06.04] New morals for old (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Robert Young, Margaret Perry, Lewis Stone,
1932: [04.12] Grand Hotel (Производство), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Joan Crawford,
1932: [04.09] But the Flesh is weak (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Robert Montgomery, Nora Gregor, ,
1932: [03.26] The Wet Parade (Производство), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Dorothy Jordan, Robert Young, Lewis Stone,
1932: [03.05] Arsène Lupin (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Karen Morley,
1932: [02.13] The Beast of the City (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Walter Huston, Jean Harlow, Wallace Ford,
1932: [12.26] Mata Hari (Производство), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Cecil Cunningham,
1931: [01.16] Hell Divers (Производство), Режиссер George William Hill, with Wallace Beery, Clark Gable, Dorothy Jordan,
1931: [11.13] The Champ (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Roscoe Ates, Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper,
1931: [11.07] The Guardsman (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with , , Roland Young,
1931: [10/24] The Sin of Madelon Claudet (Производство), Режиссер Edgar Selwyn, with Helen Hayes, Lewis Stone, Neil Hamilton,
1931: [09.05] The Squaw Man (Производство), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Warner Baxter, Lupe Velez, Eleanor Boardman,
1931: [08.08] Sporting Blood (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Clark Gable, Madge Evans, Ernest Torrence,
1931: [07.04] The Man in Possession (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with Robert Montgomery, Charlotte Greenwood, ,
1931: [/ /1] Daybreak (Производство), Режиссер Jacques Feyder, with William Bakewell, Helen Chandler, Jean Hersholt,
1931: [/ /1] Buster se marie (Производство), Режиссер Claude Autant-Lara, Edward Brophy, with Paul Morgan, André Berley, André Luguet,
1931: [/ /1] Casanova wider Willen (Производство), Режиссер Edward Brophy, with George Davies, Buster Keaton, Gerda Mann,
1931: [/ /1] Romance (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Greta Garbo, Gavin Gordon, Lewis Stone,
1931: [/ /1] Inspiration (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Greta Garbo, Robert Montgomery, Lewis Stone,
1931: [] Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Alan Hale,
1931: [] Dance, Fools, Dance (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Joan Crawford, , Cliff Edwards,
1931: [] A free soul (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Lionel Barrymore, Clark Gable, James Gleason,
1931: [] Laughing sinners (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Neil Hamilton, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford,
1931: [] Sidewalks of New York (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White, with Buster Keaton, Anita Page, Cliff Edwards,
1931: [] Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (Производство), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Buster Keaton, , Edward Brophy,
1931: [] Our Wife (Производство), with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Ben Turpin,
1931: [] Five and Ten (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Marion Davies, Leslie Howard, Richard Bennett,
1931: [] La fruta amarga (Производство), Режиссер Arthur Gregor, José Lopez Rubio, with Virginia Fábregas, Juan de Landa,
1931: [] This Modern Age (Производство), Режиссер Nick Grinde, with Joan Crawford, Pauline Frederick, Neil Hamilton,
1931: [] Love-Tails of Morocco (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1931: [] Trader Hound (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1931: [] So Quiet on the Canine Front (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1931: [04.18] The Secret Six (Производство), Режиссер George William Hill, with Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, Lewis Stone,
1931: [02.03] Mordprozess Mary Dugan (Производство), Режиссер Arthur Robison, with Nora Gregor, Egon von Jordan, Peter Erkelenz,
1931: [01.24] The Great Meadow (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Johnny Mack Brown, Eleanor Boardman, Lucille La Verne,
1931: [01.10] The Bachelor Father (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Marion Davies, Ralph Forbes, C. Aubrey Smith,
1930: [12.30] Paid (Производство), Режиссер Sam Wood, with Joan Crawford, Robert Armstrong,
1930: [11.22] War Nurse (Производство), Режиссер Edgar Selwyn, with Robert Montgomery, Anita Page, June Walker,
1930: [11.07] Olympia (Производство), Режиссер Jacques Feyder, with Nora Gregor, Theo Shall, Julia Serda,
1930: [10.17] Billy the Kid (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Johnny Mack Brown, Wallace Beery, Kay Johnson,
1930: [08.16] Call of the flesh (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Renée Adorée, Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan,
1930: [08.14] Eyes of the World (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Henry King, with Fern Andra, Frederic Burst, John Holland,
1930: [/ /1] Anna Christie (Производство), Режиссер Jacques Feyder, with Charles Bickford, Marie Dressler, Greta Garbo,
1930: [] A Lady to Love (Производство), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Vilma Banky, Edward G. Robinson, Robert Ames,
1930: [] The easiest way (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Andy Shuford, J. Farrell MacDonald, Eizabeth Ann Keever,
1930: [] The Unholy Three (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Lon Chaney, Lila Lee, Elliott Nugent,
1930: [] Dough Boys (Производство), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Buster Keaton, Sally Eilers, Cliff Edwards,
1930: [] Montana Moon (Производство), Режиссер Malcolm St. Clair, with Joan Crawford, Johnny Mack Brown, Dorothy Sebastian,
1930: [] The Divorcee (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Conrad Nagel, Robert Montgomery, Norma Shearer,
1930: [] The Two Barks Brothers (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1930: [] The Big Dog House (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1930: [] The Dogway Melody (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1930: [] Who Killed Rover? aka The Dogville Murder Case (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1930: [05.30] The Florodora Girl (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Marion Davies, Lawrence Gray, Ilka Chase,
1930: [05.17] In Gay Madrid (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, Lottice Howell,
1930: [03.22] Free and Easy (Производство), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Buster Keaton, Anita Page, Trixie Friganza,
1930: [01.31] The Ship from Shanghai (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Louis Wolheim, Conrad Nagel, Kay Johnson,
1930: [01.17] Not so dumb (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Marion Davies, George Davis, Sally Star,
1930: [01.03] The Bishop Murder Case (Производство), Режиссер David Burton, Nick Grinde, with Basil Rathbone, Leila Hyams, Roland Young,
1929: [12.27] Devil-May-Care (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, ,
1929: [09.14] The Unholy Night (Производство), Режиссер Lionel Barrymore, with Ernest Torrence, Roland Young, Dorothy Sebastian,
1929: [08.03] Climbing the Golden Stairs (Производство), Режиссер Gus Edwards, with Charles King, , ,
1929: [/ /1] The Kiss (Производство), Режиссер Jacques Feyder, with Lew Ayres, Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel,
1929: [/ /1] Spite Marriage (Производство), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Edward Earle, Buster Keaton, Dorothy Sebastian,
1929: [/ /1] The single standard (Производство), Режиссер John S. Robertson, with Greta Garbo, Zeffie Tilbury, Kathlyn Williams,
1929: [/ /1] Double Whoopee (Производство), Режиссер Lewis R. Foster, with Stan Laurel, Tiny Sandford, Charley Rogers,
1929: [] Where East is East (Производство), Режиссер Tod Browning, with Lon Chaney, Lupe Velez, ,
1929: [] Broadway Melody (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Charles King, Anita Page, Bessie Love,
1929: [] Hollywood Revue of 1929 (Производство), Режиссер Charles Riesner, with Bessie Love, Buster Keaton, Lionel Barrymore,
1929: [] Untamed (Maskenbildner), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Robert Montgomery, Grace Cunard, Joan Crawford,
1929: [] Speedway (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with William Haines, Anita Page, Ernest Torrence,
1929: [] Navy Blues (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with William Haines, Anita Page, Karl Dane,
1929: [] College Hounds (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1929: [] Hot Dogs (Производство), Режиссер Zion Myers, Jules White,
1929: [03.30] The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Производство), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Lili Damita, Don Alvarado, Ernest Torrence,
1929: [08.20] Hallelujah (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Fanny Belle de Knight, William Fountaine, Harry Gray,
1928: [11.23] The Wind (Производство), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Montagu Love,
1928: [11.17] The Masks of the Devil (Производство), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with John Gilbert, Alma Rubens, Theodore Roberts,
1928: [11.11] Show People (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with , William Haines, Harry Gribbon,
1928: [11.02] The Viking (Производство), Режиссер Roy William Neill, with Donald Crisp, Pauline Starke, LeRoy Mason,
1928: [09.28] The Cardboard Lover (Производство), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Marion Davies, Jetta Goudal, Nils Asther,
1928: [09.15] The Cameraman (Производство), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with Buster Keaton, Marceline Day, Harry Gribbon,
1928: [08.04] The mysterious lady (Производство), Режиссер Fred Niblo, with Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel, Gustav von Seyffertitz,
1928: [] Wild Orchids (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone, Nils Asther,
1928: [/ /1] Woman of Affairs (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Hobart Bosworth, Lewis Stone, John Gilbert,
1928: [01.14] The divine woman (Производство), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson, Lowell Sherman,
1928: [] Laugh, Clown, Laugh (Производство), Режиссер Herbert Brenon, with Lon Chaney, Loretta Young, Bernard Siegel,
1928: [06/16] Forbidden Hours (Производство), Режиссер Harry Beaumont, with Ramon Novarro, Renée Adorée, Dorothy Cumming,
1928: [06.09] Detectives (Производство), Режиссер Chester M. Franklin, with Karl Dane, George K. Arthur, Marceline Day,
1928: [04.28] The Actress (Производство), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with Norma Shearer, Owen Moore, Gwen Lee,
1928: [04/21] The Patsy (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Orville Caldwell, Marion Davies, Marie Dressler,
1928: [02.11] Rose-Marie (Производство), Режиссер Lucien Hubbard, with Joan Crawford, James Murray, House Peters,
1927: [02.18] Толпа (The Crowd) (Производство: (A King Vidor Production) ), Режиссер King Vidor, with Eleanor Boardman, James Murray, Bert Roach,
1927: [12.08] The Enemy (Производство), Режиссер Fred Niblo, with Lillian Gish, Ralph Forbes, Ralph Emerson,
1927: [11.29] Любовь (Love) (Производство), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, Dimitri Buchowetzki, with Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Brandon Hurst,
1927: [11.20] In Old Kentucky (Производство), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with James Murray, Helene Costello, Wesley Barry,
1927: [11.19] Man, Woman and Sin (Производство), Режиссер Monta Bell, with John Gilbert, Jeanne Eagels, Gladys Brockwell,
1927: [11.12] Becky (Производство), Режиссер John P. McCarthy, with Sally O'Neil, Owen Moore, Harry Crocker,
1927: [10.15] Call of the Cuckoo (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Clyde Bruckman, with Max Davidson, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy,
1927: [09.21] The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (Производство), Режиссер Ernst Lubitsch, John M. Stahl, with Ramon Novarro, Moira Shearer, Gustav von Seyffertitz,
1927: [/ /1] Altars of Desire (Производство), Режиссер Christy Cabanne, with George Beranger, Robert Edeson, Maude George,
1927: [/ /1] Spoilers of the West (Производство), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Tim McCoy, Marjorie Daw, William Fairbanks,
1927: [] The Unknown (Производство), Режиссер Tod Browning, with Lon Chaney, Norman Kerry, Joan Crawford,
1927: [05.14] Captain Salvation (Производство), Режиссер John S. Robertson, with Lars Hanson, Marceline Day, Pauline Starke,
1927: [05.07] California (Производство), Режиссер W.S. Van Dyke, with Tim McCoy, Dorothy Sebastian, Marc McDermott,
1927: [05.01] Lovers? (Производство), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Ramon Novarro, Alice Terry, Edward Martindel,
1927: [03.26] Mr. Wu (Производство: (A William Nigh Production) ), Режиссер William Nigh, with Lon Chaney, Louise Dresser, Renée Adorée,
1927: [03.05] Heaven on Earth (Производство), Режиссер Phil Rosen, with Renée Adorée, Conrad Nagel, Gwen Lee,
1927: [02.26] The Understanding Heart (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Joan Crawford, Rockliffe Fellowes, Ralph Bushman,
1927: [01.22] The Show (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер Tod Browning, with John Gilbert, Renée Adorée, Lionel Barrymore,
1926: [12.25] Flesh and the Devil (Производство), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Eugenie Besserer, Marc McDermott, Barbara Kent,
1926: [12.20] The Fire Brigade (Производство), Режиссер William Nigh, with May McAvoy, Charles Ray, Holmes Herbert,
1926: [12.04] Love's Blindness (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер John Francis Dillon, with Pauline Starke, Antonio Moreno, Lilyan Tashman,
1926: [11.07] Upstage (Производство), Режиссер Monta Bell, with Norma Shearer, Oscar Shaw, Tenen Holtz,
1926: [10.03] The temptress (Производство), Режиссер Fred Niblo, Mauritz Stiller, with Roy D'Arcy, Tom Dugan, Hector V. Sarno,
1926: [09.30] Bardelys the Magnificent (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with John Gilbert, Karl Dane, Eleanor Boardman,
1926: [09.19] The Gay Deceiver (Производство), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Lew Cody, Malcolm McGregor, Marceline Day,
1926: [/ /1] The Boob (Производство), Режиссер William A. Wellman, with George K. Arthur, Edythe Chapman, Joan Crawford,
1926: [/ /1] Brown of Harvard (Производство), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Donald Reed, Guinn Williams, Edward Connelly,
1926: [/ /1] The scarlet letter (Производство), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with John Cowles, Joyce Coad, Marcelle Corday,
1926: [/ /1] Valencia (Производство), Режиссер Dimitri Buchowetzki,
1926: [05.24] Paris (Производство), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Charles Ray, Joan Crawford, Douglas Gilmore,
1926: [03.28] The exquisite Sinner (Производство), Режиссер Phil Rosen, Josef von Sternberg, with Conrad Nagel, Renée Adorée, Paulette Duval,
1926: [04.19] Beverly of Graustark (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with Marion Davies, Antonio Moreno, Creighton Hale,
1926: [02.01] The Auction Block (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated) ), Режиссер Hobart Henley, with Charles Ray, Eleanor Boardman, Sally O'Neil,
1926: [01.04] Dance Madness (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Conrad Nagel, , Douglas Gilmore,
1925: [02.24] La Bohème (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Blanche Payson, Gino Corrado, Mathilde Comont,
1925: [12.30] Ben Hur (Производство), Режиссер Fred Niblo, Charles Brabin, with Ramon Novarro, Francis X. Bushman, May McAvoy,
1925: [12.27] Sally, Irene and Mary (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Constance Bennett, Joan Crawford, Sally O'Neil,
1925: [12.27] The Great Love (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер Marshall Neilan, with Robert Agnew, Viola Dana, Frank Currier,
1925: [12.13] The masked Bride (Производство), Режиссер Christy Cabanne, Josef von Sternberg, with Mae Murray, Francis X. Bushman, Roy D'Arcy,
1925: [11.15] Bright Lights (Производство: (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Charles Ray, Pauline Starke, Lilyan Tashman,
1925: [11.05] The Big Parade (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with John Gilbert, Renée Adorée, Hobart Bosworth,
1925: [10.04] The Midshipman (Производство), Режиссер Christy Cabanne, with Ramon Novarro, Harriett Hammond, Wesley Barry,
1925: [09.20] Sun-Up (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Pauline Starke, Conrad Nagel, Lucille La Verne,
1925: [09.13] Never the Twain Shall Meet (Производство), Режиссер Maurice Tourneur, with Anita Stewart, Bert Lytell, Huntley Gordon,
1925: [08.16] The unholy Three (Производство), Режиссер Tod Browning, with Lon Chaney, Mae Busch, Matt Moore,
1925: [/ /1] The merry widow (Производство), Режиссер Erich von Stroheim, with Mae Murray, John Gilbert, Roy D'Arcy,
1925: [/ /1] Pretty ladies (Производство), Режиссер Monta Bell, with Myrna Loy, ZaSu Pitts, Tom Moore,
1925: [] The Blackbird (Производство), Режиссер Tod Browning, with Lon Chaney, Owen Moore, Renée Adorée,
1925: [] His secretary (Производство), Режиссер Hobart Henley, with Donald Reed, Norma Shearer, Lew Cody,
1925: [] The Rag Man (Производство), Режиссер Edward F. Cline, with William Conklin, Jackie Coogan, Max Davidson,
1925: [] Old Clothes (Производство), Режиссер Edward F. Cline, with Jackie Coogan, Joan Crawford, Max Davidson,
1925: [] Lady of the Night (Производство), Режиссер Monta Bell, with Norma Shearer, Malcolm McGregor, Dale Fuller,
1925: [04.25] Proud Flesh (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Eleanor Boardman, Pat O'Malley, Harrison Ford,
1924: [12.04] Greed (Производство), Режиссер Erich von Stroheim, with Gibson Gowland, ZaSu Pitts, Jean Hersholt,
1924: [11.09] He who gets slapped (Производство), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Harvey Clark, Brandon Hurst, Clyde Cook,
1924: [10.08] Wine of Youth (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Eleanor Boardman, James Morrison, Johnnie Walker,
1924: [09.01] Sinners in Silk (Производство), Режиссер Hobart Henley, with Eleanor Boardman, Adolphe Menjou, Conrad Nagel,
1924: [] The Snob (Производство), Режиссер Monta Bell, with John Gilbert, Norma Shearer, Conrad Nagel,
1924: [05.10] His Hour (Производство), Режиссер King Vidor, with Emily Fitzroy, John Gilbert, Aileen Pringle,
1923: [] The Three Ages (Производство), Режиссер Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton, with Buster Keaton, Wallace Beery, Lillian Lawrence,
1923: [] A Wife's Romance (Дистрибьютор), Режиссер Thomas N. Heffron, with Clara Kimball Young, Lewis Dayton, ,
1920: [] Circus Rookies (Производство), with Karl Dane, George K. Arthur, Louise Lorraine,

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