William V. Mong

актер, Сценарист, Режиссер - США
Родился 25. июня 1875 в Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Ушёл 10. декабря 1940 в Studio City, California, USA

William V. Mong was born on June 25, 1875 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. He was an American актер, Сценарист, Режиссер, known for The Strong Man (1926), The vampire bat (1933), The Sign of the Cross (1932), William V. Mong's first movie on record is from 1910. He was married to Esme Warde. William V. Mong died on Dezember 10, 1940 in Studio City, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1934.

William V. Mong Фильмография [Auszug]
1934: [] Treasure Island (Актеры: Pew), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Lionel Barrymore, Jackie Cooper, Wallace Beery,
1933: [91.21] The vampire bat (Актеры: Sauer ), Режиссер Frank R. Strayer, with Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas,
1932: [11.25] No more orchids (Актеры: Burkehart ), Режиссер Walter Lang, with Carole Lombard, Lyle Talbot, Walter Connolly,
1932: [11.20] A Strange Adventure (Актеры: Silas Wayne ), Режиссер Phil H. Whitman, Hampton Del Ruth, with Regis Toomey, June Clyde, Lucille La Verne,
1932: [07.06] By Whose Hand (Актеры: J.W. Martin / Graham), Режиссер Benjamin Stoloff, with Ben Lyon, Barbara Weeks, Kenneth Thomson,
1932: [02.10] The Sign of the Cross (Актеры: Licinius ), Режиссер Cecil B. DeMille, with Fredric March, Elissa Landi, Claudette Colbert,
1931: [] A Dangerous Affair (Актеры: Lionel), Режиссер Edward Sedgwick, with , Charles B. Middleton, DeWitt Jennings,
1930: [05.17] In Gay Madrid (Актеры: Rivas), Режиссер Robert Z. Leonard, with Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, Lottice Howell,
1929: [] Noah's Ark (Актеры: Wirt / Wache), Режиссер Michael Curtiz, Darryl F. Zanuck, with George O'Brien, Paul McAllister, Myrna Loy,
1929: [01.27] Seven Footprints to Satan (Актеры: The Professor), Режиссер Benjamin Christensen, with Thelma Todd, Creighton Hale, Sheldon Lewis,
1927: [08.22] Alias the Lone Wolf (Актеры: Whitaker Monk), Режиссер Edward H. Griffith, with Bert Lytell, Lois Wilson,
1926: [11.23] What price glory ? (Актеры: Cognac Pete ), Режиссер Raoul Walsh, with Dolores Del Rio, Edmund Lowe,
1926: [11.14] The Silent Lover (Актеры: Kobol ), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Milton Sills, Natalie Kingston, William Humphrey,
1926: [09.19] The Strong Man (Актеры: Holy Joe' ), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Harry Langdon, Priscilla Bonner, Gertrude Astor,
1926: [] The Shadow of the Law (Актеры: Egan ), Режиссер Wallace Worsley, with Clara Bow, Forrest Stanley, Stuart Holmes,
1925: [11.01] The People vs. Nancy Preston (Актеры: Pasquale), Режиссер Tom Forman, with Marguerite de la Motte, John Bowers, Frankie Darro,
1925: [11.00] the Shadow on the Wall (Актеры: Robert Glaxton), Режиссер B. Reeves Eason, with Eileen Percy, Creighton Hale,
1925: [08.09] Fine Clothes (Актеры: Philip), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Lewis Stone, Percy Marmont, Alma Rubens,
1925: [01.04] Barriers Burned Away (Актеры: Peg-Leg Sullivan ), Режиссер W. S. Van Dyke, with Mabel Ballin, Eric Mayne, Frank Mayo,
1924: [] What shall I do? (Актеры), Режиссер John G. Adolfi, with Louise Dresser, John Harron, Dorothy Mackaill,
1924: [03.03] Why Men Leave Home (Актеры: Grandpa Sutton ), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Lewis Stone, Helene Chadwick, Mary Carr,
1924: [02.04] Имя тебе — Женщина (Thy Name Is Woman) (Актеры: Pedro, the Fox, Guerinas husband), Режиссер Fred Niblo, with Ramon Novarro, Barbara La Marr,
1923: [10.28] In the Palace of the King (Актеры: Perez), Режиссер Emmett J. Flynn, with Blanche Sweet, Edmund Lowe, Hobart Bosworth,
1922: [] Monte Cristo (Актеры: Caderousse), Режиссер Emmett J. Flynn, with John Gilbert, , Robert McKim,
1921: [10.30] Ladies Must Live (Актеры: Max Bleeker ), Режиссер George Loane Tucker, with Robert Ellis, Mahlon Hamilton, Betty Compson,
1921: [07/31] Shame (Актеры: Li Clung), Режиссер Emmett J. Flynn, with John Gilbert, Mickey Moore, Frankie Lee,
1921: [05.00] Playthings of Destiny (Актеры: Conklin ), Режиссер Edwin Carewe, with Anita Stewart, Herbert Rawlinson, Walter McGrail,
1921: [04.00] Sowing the Wind (Актеры: Watkins), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Anita Stewart, James Morrison, Myrtle Stedman,
1921: [03.14] A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Актеры: Merlin the Magician), Режиссер Emmett J. Flynn, with Harry Myers, Pauline Starke, Rosemary Theby,
1920: [11.14] 813 (Актеры: Chapman ), Режиссер Charles Christie, Scott Sidney, with Wedgwood Nowell, Ralph Lewis, Wallace Beery,
1920: [10.00] The Mutiny of the Elsinore (Актеры: Snoop Jenkins, aka The Rat ), Режиссер Edward Sloman, with Mitchell Lewis, Helen Ferguson, Noah Beery jr.,
1920: [09.06] The County Fair (Актеры: Solon Hammerhead), Режиссер Maurice Tourneur, Edmund Mortimer, with Helen Jerome Eddy, David Butler, Edythe Chapman,
1920: [08.66] The Chorus Girl's Romance (Актеры: Prof. Dillinger), Режиссер William C. Dowlan, with Viola Dana, Gareth Hughes, Phil Ainsworth,
1920: [08.11] Life's Twist (Актеры: Charlie Moye), Режиссер Christy Cabanne, with Bessie Barriscale, Walter McGrail, King Baggot,
1920: [] Burning Daylight (Актеры: Necessity ), Режиссер Edward Sloman, with Mitchell Lewis, Helen Ferguson,
1920: [02.01] The Luck of Geraldine Laird (Актеры: Leo Goldman (as William Mong), Режиссер Edward Sloman, with Bessie Barriscale, Niles Welch, Boyd Irwin,
1919: [06.16] Fools and Their Money (Актеры: Martin Tompkins), Режиссер Herbert Blaché, with Emmy Wehlen, Jack Mulhall, Emmett King,
1919: [06.08] Love's Prisoner (Актеры: Jonathan Twist), Режиссер John Francis Dillon, with Olive Thomas, Joe King,
1919: [04.28] The Amateur Adventuress (Актеры: William Claxtonbury), Режиссер Henry Otto, with Emmy Wehlen, Allan Sears, Eugene Pallette,
1919: [04.28] After His Own Heart (Актеры: Judah P. Corpus), Режиссер Harry L. Franklin, with Hale Hamilton, Naomi Childers, ,
1919: [04.27] The Follies Girl (Актеры: Edward Woodruff), Режиссер John Francis Dillon, with Olive Thomas, Wallace MacDonald,
1919: [01.06] The Spender (Актеры: Stetson), Режиссер Charles Swickard, with Bert Lytell, Thomas Jefferson,
1918: [09.07] The Flame of the West (Режиссер), with Cleo Madison, Louis M. Wells, Charles Gunn,
1918: [] The Law of the Great Northwest (Актеры: Petain Monest), Режиссер Raymond Wells, with , Gino Corrado, William J. Dyer,
1918: [06.30] The Painted Lily (Актеры: Daniel Fanjoy), Режиссер Thomas N. Heffron, with Jack Richardson, Dorothy Hagan,
1918: [06.02] The Man who woke up (Актеры: William Oglesby ), Режиссер J.W. McLaughlin, with Pauline Starke, Darrell Foss,
1918: [02.03] The Hopper (Актеры: The Hopper), Режиссер Thomas N. Heffron, with Walt Whitman, George Hernandez, Irene Hunt,
1918: [01.20] The Flames of Chance (Актеры: Man (/xx/) ), Режиссер Raymond Wells, with Margery Wilson, Jack Mulhall, Anna Dodge,
1917: [12.09] Fanatics (Актеры: Hugh Groesbeck), Режиссер Raymond Wells, with Adda Gleason, J. Barney Sherry,
1917: [04.08] Chubby Takes a Hand (Режиссер), with Zoe Rae, Daniel Leighton,
1917: [03.08] Good-for-Nothing Gallagher (Режиссер), with T.D. Crittenden, Paul Byron,
1917: [02.26] The Girl and the Crisis (Режиссер), with Dorothy Davenport, Charles Perley, Harry Holden,
1917: [01.27] The Daring Chance (Режиссер), with Harry Griffith, Harry Holden,
1917: [01.02] An Old Soldier's Romance (Режиссер), with Nellie Allen, Charles Dorian,
1916: [12.26] Birds of a Feather (Режиссер), with Nellie Allen, Harry Holden,
1916: [09.24] To Another Woman (Актеры), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Edward Hearn,
1916: [08.12] Along the Malibu (Актеры), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Louis M. Wells,
1916: [08.05] The Girl in Lower 9 (Режиссер), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Charles Gunn,
1916: [07.27] Priscilla's Prisoner (Режиссер), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Charles Gunn, Ray Hanford,
1916: [07/16] The Crimson Yoke (Режиссер), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Jack Mulhall,
1916: [06.26] Shoes (Актеры: 'Cabaret' Charlie), Режиссер Lois Weber, with Mary MacLaren, Harry Griffith, Mrs. Witting,
1916: [06.08] Alias Jane Jones (Сценарист), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Ray Hanford,
1916: [06.14] When the Wolf Howls (Сценарист), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Bertram Grassby,
1916: [05.29] The Iron Hand (Актеры: Slim), Режиссер Ulysses Davis, with Edward Clark, Hobart Bosworth, Jack Curtis,
1916: [05.15] Virginia (Актеры), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Margaret Whistler, Ray Hanford,
1916: [04.24] Eleanor's Catch (Актеры: Flash Darcy), Режиссер Cleo Madison, with Cleo Madison, Lule Warrenton,
1916: [04.17] Her Bitter Cup (Актеры: Henry Burke), Режиссер Cleo Madison, Joe King, with Cleo Madison, Adele Farrington,
1916: [04.03] Two Men of Sandy Bar (Актеры: Don Jose de Castro (AKA William Mong)), Режиссер Lloyd B. Carleton, with Hobart Bosworth, Jack Curtis, Charles H. Hickman,
1915: [05/22] Alias Holland Jimmy (Режиссер), with Cleo Madison,
1914: [07.17] The Severed Hand (Актеры), Режиссер Wilfred Lucas, with Cleo Madison, George Larkin, ,
1912: [04.11] The Redemption of 'Greek Joe' (Режиссер), with Rex de Rosselli, William Stowell,
1912: [04.09] Driftwood (Сценарист), Режиссер Otis Thayer, with Kathlyn Williams, Myrtle Stedman, ,
1912: [04.01] His Chance to Make Good (Сценарист), Режиссер Otis Thayer, with , Rex de Rosselli, ,
1912: [03.29] All on Account of Checkers (Сценарист), Режиссер Otis Thayer, with , Jessie Stewart, ,
1912: [03.25] Sons of the North Woods (Сценарист), Режиссер Frank Beal, with Charles Clary, Lester Cuneo, ,
1912: [03.14] The Slip (Сценарист), Режиссер Otis Thayer, with W.D. Emerson, Edgar G. Wynn, Rex de Rosselli,
1912: [02.27] In Little Italy (Режиссер), with Rex de Rosselli, Adrienne Kroell, ,
1912: [02.22] When Memory Calls (Сценарист), Режиссер Frank Beal, with Charles Clary, Kathlyn Williams, George Lynn,
1912: [02.05] The Girl He Left Behind (Актеры: Harley Abel - the Inventor ), Режиссер Otis Thayer, with , Edgar G. Wynn,
1912: [01.25] Two Old Pals (Режиссер), with , , Mildred Holland,
1910: [08.11] Lost in the Soudan (Актеры: Lieutenant Payne), Режиссер Otis Turner, with Tom Mix,
1910: [06.09] The Range Riders (Актеры), Режиссер Francis Boggs, Otis Turner, with Tom Mix, Myrtle Stedman,

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