Anthony Quinn

Portrait Anthony QuinnActor - USA
Born April 21, 1915 in Mexico
Died June 3, 2001 in Boston

Anthony Quinn was born on April 21, 1915 in Mexico. He was an American Actor, known for Warlock (1959), Sinbad the Sailor (1947), Los Amigos (1972), Anthony Quinn's first movie on record is from 1937. Anthony Quinn died on June 3, 2001 in Boston. His last motion picture on file dates from 2001.
Biographical Notes in German: ANTHONY QUINNS große Filmkarriere begann 1963. Der mehrfache Oscar-Preisträger wirkte in deren Verlauf in über 260 Filmen mit. zu seinen bekanntesten Rollen zählt Alexis Sorbas im gleichnamigen Film von Michael Cacoyannis.

Anthony Quinn Filmography [Auszug]
2001: [] Avenging Angelo (Cast), Directed by Martyn Burke, with , ,
1999: [] Camino de Santiago (Road to Santiago) (Cast: Félix Foulé ), Directed by Robert Young, with Anne Archer, José Luis Gómez,
1997: [/ /1] Project Mankind (Cast), with Gérard Depardieu, Charlton Heston,
1995: [/ /1] A walk in the clouds (Cast), Directed by Alfonso Arau, with Giancarlo Giannini, Keanu Reeves,
1995: [/ /1] Seven Servants (Cast), Directed by Daryush Shokof, with Sonja Kirchberger, Audra Ann McDonaldo,
1994: [/ /1] Hercules: Hercules in the Underworld (Cast: Zeus), Directed by Bill L. Norton, with Timothy Blame, Cliff Curtis, Mark Ferguson,
1994: [/ /1] Hercules in the maze of Minotaur (Cast: Zeus), Directed by Josh Becker, with Geoff Allen, Terry Batchelor, Nic Fay,
1994: [/ /1] Hercules and the circle of Fire (Cast), Directed by Doug Lefler, with Kevin Sorbo,
1993: [/ /1] Hercules and the lost kingdom (Cast: Zeus), Directed by Harley Cokliss, with Onno Boelee, Renée O'Connor,
1993: [/ /1] Hercules and the Amazon Women (Cast: Zeus), Directed by Bill L. Norton, with Roma Downey, Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ludlam,
1993: [/ /1] This can't be love (Cast: Michael Raymond), Directed by Anthony Harvey, with Jami Gertz, Maxine Miller, Kevin McNulty,
1992: [] The last action hero (Cast: Tony Vivaldi), Directed by John McTiernan, with Lee Reherman, Michael V. Gazzo, Angie Everhart,
1991: [/ /1] Only the Lonely (Cast: Nick), Directed by Chris Columbus, with James Belushi, John Candy, Macaulay Culkin,
1989: [/ /1] Revenge (Cast: Tiburon Mendez), Directed by Tony Scott, with Jesse Corti, Tomas Milian,
1988: [] Ghosts can't do it (Cast: M.B. Scott, "Der Grosse"), Directed by John Derek, with Leo Damian, Bo Derek, Don Murray,
1981: [/ /1] The salamander (Cast), Directed by Peter Zinner, with Martin Balsam, Franco Nero,
1981: [/ /1] Brainwash (Producer), Directed by Bobby Roth, with Christopher Allport, John Considine, Hugh Gillin,
1981: [/ /1] High Risk (Cast: Mariano), Directed by Stewart Raffill, with Ernest Borgnine, James Brolin, James Coburn,
1978: [] Caravans (Cast), Directed by James Fargo, with Michael Sarrazin, Christopher Lee,
1977: [/ /1] The greek tycoon (Cast: Theo), Directed by J. Lee Thompson, with Edward Albert, Jacqueline Bisset, Charles Durning,
1976: [/ /1] L' eredità Ferramonti (Cast: Ferramonti), Directed by Mauro Bolognini, with Adriana Asti, Luigi Proietti,
1976: [/ /1] Tigers don't cry (Cast: Krankenpfleger), Directed by Peter Collinson, with Janet du Plessis, Ken Gampu, John Phillip Law,
1975: [/ /1] Il grande bluff (Cast: Bang), Directed by Sergio Corbucci, with Capucine, Adriano Celentano, Corinne Clery,
1974: [] Marseille contract (Cast: Ventura), Directed by Robert Parrish, with Michael Caine, James Mason,
1973: [/ /1] The Don is dead (Cast), Directed by Richard Fleischer, with Charles Cioffi, Robert Foster, Al Lettieri,
1972: [/ /1] Los Amigos (Cast: Der stumme Smith), Directed by Paolo Cavara, with Franco Graziosi, Franco Nero,
1972: [/ /1] Across the 110th Street (Cast), Directed by Barry Shear, with Yaphet Kotto,
1970: [09.16] R.P.M. (Cast: Prof. F.W.J. 'Paco' Perez), Directed by Stanley Kramer, with Ann-Margret, Gary Lockwood,
1970: [/ /1] Flap (The Last Warrior) (Cast), Directed by Carol Reed, with Rodolfo Acosta, Susana Miranda,
1970: [06.11] (Cast: Will Cade), Directed by Guy Green, with Ingrid Bergman, Fritz Weaver,
1969: [/ /1] The secret of Santa Vittoria (Cast), Directed by Stanley Kramer, with Valentina Cortese, Giancarlo Giannini, Hardy Krüger,
1969: [/ /1] A dream of Kings (Cast), Directed by Daniel Mann, with Inger Stevens,
1968: [/ /1] The Shoes of the Fisherman (Cast: Kyril Lakota), Directed by Michael Anderson, with Vittorio De Sica, John Gielgud, David Janssen,
1968: [04.28] La bataille de San Sebastian (Guns for San Sebastian) (Cast: Alastray), Directed by Henri Verneuil, with Leon Askin, Charles Bronson, Anjanette Comer,
1967: [09.08] L' avventuriero (Cast), Directed by Terence Young, with Rita Hayworth, Richard Johnson,
1967: [04.26] La 25e heure (The 25th Hour) (Cast: Johann Moritz), Directed by Henri Verneuil, with Grégoire Aslan, Françoise Rosay, Serge Reggiani,
1966: [/ /1] Gotti (Cast: Neil Dellacroce), Directed by Robert Harmon, with Armand Assante, Richard C. Sarafian,
1966: [] Lost Command (Cast), Directed by Mark Robson, with Alain Delon, George Segal,
1965: [/ /1] A high wind in Jamaica (Cast: Chavez), Directed by Alexander Mackendrick, with James Coburn, Deborah Baxter,
1965: [/ /1] La fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo (Marco the Magnificent, The Fabulous Adventures of Marco Polo) (Cast), Directed by Denys de la Patellière, Noel Howard, with Orson Welles, Omar Sharif,
1964: [09.17] The Visit (Cast: Serge Miller), Directed by Bernhard Wicki, with Ingrid Bergman, Irina Demick,
1964: [] Behold a Pale Horse (Cast: Vinolas), Directed by Fred Zinnemann, with Christian Marquand, Gregory Peck, Raymond Pellegrin,
1963: [/ /1] Zorbas the Greek (Cast), Directed by Michael Cacoyannis, with Eleni Anousaki, Alan Bates, George Foundas,
1962: [] Lawrence of Arabia (Cast: Auda Aby Tayi), Directed by David Lean, with Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness,
1962: [/ /1] Requiem for a heavyweight (Cast), Directed by Ralph Nelson, with Mickey Rooney,
1961: [/ /1] Barabba (Cast: Barabbas), Directed by Richard Fleischer, with Jack Palance, Silvana Mangano,
1961: [06.22] Guns from Navarone (I cannoni di Navarone) (Cast: Col. Andrea Stavros), Directed by J. Lee Thompson, with Gregory Peck, David Niven,
1960: [/ /1] The Savage Innocents (Cast: Inuk), Directed by Nicholas Ray, with Anthony Chin, Michael Chow, Marco Guglielmi,
1960: [] Heller in pink tights (Cast), Directed by George Cukor, with Margaret O'Brien, Sophia Loren, Ramon Novarro,
1960: [/ /1] Portrait in Black (Cast), Directed by Michael Gordon, Michael Gordon, with , Anna May Wong,
1959: [/ /1] Warlock (Cast), Directed by Edward Dmytryk, with Tom Drake, Wallace Ford, Dolores Michaels,
1959: [] Last train from Gun Hill (Cast: Craig Belden), Directed by John Sturges, with Kirk Douglas, Carolyn Jones,
1958: [12.01] The Buccaneer (Director), with Yul Brynner, Claire Bloom, Charles Boyer,
1958: [09.03] Black Orchid (Cast: Frank Valente), Directed by Martin Ritt, with Sophia Loren, Peter Mark Richman,
1958: [/ /1] Hot spell (Cast), Directed by Daniel Mann,
1957: [] The River's Edge (Cast), Directed by Allan Dwan, with Harry Carey Jr., Chubby Johnson, Tom McKee,
1957: [] Wild is the Wind (Cast: Gino), Directed by George Cukor, with Anna Magnani, Anthony Franciosa,
1956: [12.21] The wild party (Cast: Tom Kupfen), Directed by Harry Horner, with , Arthur Franz,
1956: [12.19] Nôtre-Dame de Paris (Cast: Quasimodo), Directed by Jean Delannoy, with Gina Lollobrigida, Jean Danet,
1956: [/ /1] The man from Del Rio (Cast: Dave Robles), Directed by Harry Horner, with Barry Atwater, Peter Whitney, Douglas Spencer,
1956: [////1] The ride back! (Cast: Kallen), Directed by Allen Miner, with William Conrad, Joe Dominguez, Lita Milan,
1956: [] Lust for Life (Cast: Paul Gauguin), Directed by Vincente Minnelli, with Kirk Douglas, James Donald,
1955: [/ /1] Seven cities of gold (Cast), Directed by Robert D. Webb, with Richard Egan, Jeffrey Hunter, Rita Moreno,
1955: [/ /1] The naked street (Cast), Directed by Maxwell Shane, with Anne Bancroft, Farley Granger,
1954: [12.27] Attila, flagello di Dio (Cast: Attila), Directed by Pietro Francisci, with Sophia Loren, Eduardo Cianelli,
1954: [10.06] Ulisse (Ulysses, The Loves and Adventures of Ulysses) (Cast: Antinoos), Directed by Mario Camerini, Mario Bava, with Kirk Douglas, Silvana Mangano, Rossana Podestà,
1954: [09.06] La Strada (The Road) (Cast: Zampanò), Directed by Federico Fellini, with Valentina Frascaroli, Richard Basehart, Giulietta Masina,
1954: [05/26] The Long Wait (Cast: Johnny McBride), Directed by Victor Saville, with Charles Coburn, Gene Evans,
1953: [] Ride, Vaquero! (Cast: José Esqueda), Directed by John Farrow, with Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Howard Keel,
1953: [/ /1] East of Sumatra (Cast), Directed by Budd Boetticher, with Jeff Chandler, John Sutton,
1953: [/ /1] Seminole (Cast: Osceola, John Powell), Directed by Budd Boetticher, with Richard Carlson, Barbara Hale, Rock Hudson,
1953: [] Blowing wild (Cast), Directed by Hugo Fregonese, with Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman,
1953: [] Cavalleria rusticana (Cast: Alfio), Directed by Carmine Gallone, with May Britt, Ettore Manni, Kerima,
1952: [/ /1] Against all Flags (Cast: Kapitän Brasiliano), Directed by George Sherman, with Errol Flynn, Maureen O'Hara,
1952: [/ /1] The Brigand (Cast: Prinz Ramon), Directed by Phil Karlson, with Anthony Dexter, Jody Lawrance,
1952: [/ /1] City beneath the sea (Cast), Directed by Budd Boetticher, with Suzan Ball, George Mathews, Mala Powers,
1952: [06.18] The world in his arms (Cast: Kapitän Portugee), Directed by Raoul Walsh, with Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth, Carl Esmond,
1951: [/ /1] Viva Zapata! (Cast: Eufemio Zapata), Directed by Elia Kazan, with Marlon Brando, Jean Peters,
1951: [/ /1] Mask of the Avenger (Cast: Larocca), Directed by Phil Karlson, with John Derek, Eugene Iglesias, Jody Lawrance,
1951: [] The brave Bulls (Cast), Directed by Robert Rossen, with Mel Ferrer, Eugene Iglesias, Miroslava,
1947: [/ /1] Tycoon (Cast), Directed by Richard Wallace, with Laraine Day, Judith Anderson, James Gleason,
1947: [] The imperfect Lady (Mrs. Loring's Secret, They Met at Midnight) (Cast), Directed by Lewis Allen, with Teresa Wright, Charles Coleman, George Zucco,
1947: [01.13] Sinbad the Sailor (Cast: Emir ), Directed by Richard Wallace, with Douglas Fairbanks jr., Maureen O'Hara, Walter Slezak,
1946: [////1] California (Cast: Don Luis Rivera), Directed by John Farrow, with Ray Milland, Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Fitzgerald,
1945: [/ /1] Back to Bataan (Cast: Capt. Andreas Bonifacio), Directed by Edward Dmytryk, with , J. Alex Havier, Edmund Glover,
1945: [03.22] Where Do We Go from Here? (Cast: Chief Badger ), Directed by Gregory Ratoff, with Fred MacMurray, Joan Leslie, June Haver,
1943: [/ /1] Buffalo Bill (Cast: Die Gelbe Hand), Directed by William A. Wellman, with , William Hade, Frank Fenton,
1942: [11.10] Road to Morocco (Cast: Mullay Kasim), Directed by David Butler, with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour,
1942: [] The Black Swan (Rafael Sabatini's The Black Swan) (Cast: Wogan), Directed by Henry King, with Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara, Laird Cregar,
1942: [] The Ox-Bow Incident (Cast: Juan Martinez), Directed by William A. Wellman, with Henry Fonda, Marc Lawrence,
1942: [] Larceny, Inc. (Cast), Directed by Lloyd Bacon, with Barbara Jo Allen, John Qualen, Harry Davenport,
1941: [07.19] Bullets for O'Hara (Cast: Tony van Dyne), Directed by William K. Howard, with , Roger Pryor,
1941: [] They died with their boots on (Cast: Crazy Horse), Directed by Raoul Walsh, with George P. Huntley jr., Stanley Ridges,
1941: [05.30] Blood and Sand (Cast: Manolo de Palma), Directed by Rouben Mamoulian, with Tyrone Power, Rita Hayworth, Linda Darnell,
1940: [09/21] City for Conquest (Cast: Murray Burns), Directed by Anatole Litvak, Jean Negulesco, with Blanche Yurka, Frank McHugh, George Lloyd,
1939: [05.05] Union Pacific (Pacific express) (Cast: Cordray ), Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, with Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Akim Tamiroff,
1938: [/ /1] Bulldog Drummond in Africa (Cast: Fordine), Directed by Louis King, with Heather Angel, John Howard,
1938: [] Dangerous to know (Cast), Directed by Robert Florey, with Lloyd Nolan, Gail Patrick,
1938: [] The Buccaneer (Cast: Beluche), Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, with , Robert Barrat, Douglass Dumbrille,
1937: [] Daughter of Shanghai (Cast), Directed by Robert Florey, with Philip Ahn, Charles Bickford, Anna May Wong,
1937: [04.12] Under Strange Flags (Cast: Rebel Soldier (/xx/)), Directed by Irving Willat, with Tom Keene, Luana Walters, ,

Awards [selection]

Oscars 1957: Best Actor in Supporting Role in Lust for Life

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