Lewis Stone

Portrait Lewis Stoneактер - США
Родился 15. ноября 1879 в Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Ушёл 12. сентября 1953 в Beverly Hills, California, USA

Lewis Stone was born on November 15, 1879 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. He was an American актер, known for All the Brothers were valiant (1953), Wild Orchids (1928), Queen Christina (1933), Lewis Stone's first movie on record is from 1915. Lewis Stone died on September 12, 1953 in Beverly Hills, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1953.

Lewis Stone Фильмография [Auszug]
1953: [/ /1] All the Brothers were valiant (Актеры: Captain Holt), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Ann Blyth, Peter Whitney, James Whitmore,
1952: [/ /1] The Prisoner of Zenda (Актеры: Kardinal), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr, James Mason,
1952: [/ /1] It's a big country (Актеры), Режиссер William A. Wellman, Don Hartman, with Fredric March, Janet Leigh, Gene Kelly,
1952: [/ /1] Talk about a Stranger (Актеры: William J. Wardlaw), Режиссер David Bradley, with George Murphy, Nancy Reagan, Billy Gray,
1952: [06.27] Scaramouche (Актеры: Georges de Valmorin), Режиссер George Sidney, with Stewart Granger, Janet Leigh, Eleanor Parker,
1951: [11.16] The Unknown Man (Актеры: Judge James V. Hulbrook ), Режиссер Richard Thorpe, with Walter Pidgeon, Ann Harding, Barry Sullivan,
1951: [] Just this once (Актеры: Richter Samuel Coulter), Режиссер Don Weis, with Richard Anderson, ,
1951: [06.08] Night Into Morning (Актеры: Dr. Horace Snyder), Режиссер Fletcher Markle, with Ray Milland, John Hodiak, Nancy Reagan,
1950: [/ /1] Key to the city (Актеры), Режиссер George Sidney, with Raymond Burr, Clark Gable, James Gleason,
1948: [/ /1] State of the Union (Актеры), Режиссер Frank Capra, with Katharine Hepburn, Van Johnson, Angela Lansbury,
1948: [] Any number can play (Актеры: Ben Gavery Snelerr), Режиссер Mervyn Le Roy, with Audrey Totter, Caleb Peterson, Frank Morgan,
1944: [05.04] Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble (Актеры: Judge Hardy), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Mickey Rooney, Fay Holden,
1942: [] Andy Hardy's Double Life (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Cecilia Parker, Mickey Rooney,
1941: [] Life begins for Andy Hardy (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with , Mickey Rooney, Ray McDonald,
1940: [/ /1] Andy Hardy meets debutante (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with , Mickey Rooney, Addison Richards,
1939: [/ /1] The Ice Follies of 1939 (Актеры), Режиссер Reinhold Schünzel, Jack Conway, with Lew Ayres, Marie Blake, Joan Crawford,
1939: [] The Hardys Ride High (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Marsha Hunt, Mickey Rooney,
1938: [] Love finds Andy Hardy (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with Judy Garland, Fay Holden, Mary Howard,
1937: [] Bad Man of Brimstone (Актеры), Режиссер J. Walter Ruben, with Wallace Beery, Virginia Bruce, Dennis O'Keefe,
1937: [] You're Only Young Once (Актеры), Режиссер George B. Seitz, with , Cecilia Parker,
1936: [/ /1] Suzy (Актеры: Baron [Charville]), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with , Tyler Brooke, David Clyde,
1936: [04.10] The small town girl (Актеры: Doctor Dakin ), Режиссер William A. Wellman, Robert Z. Leonard, with Janet Gaynor, Robert Taylor, Binnie Barnes,
1935: [08/16] China Seas (Актеры: Davids), Режиссер Tay Garnett, with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Rosalind Russell,
1935: [] West Point of the Air (Актеры: General Carter), Режиссер Richard Rosson, with Wallace Beery, Robert Young,
1935: [] Shipmates Forever (Актеры: Admiral Richard Melville), Режиссер Frank Borzage, with Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell,
1935: [01.18] The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger (Актеры: Mr. Wickfield), Режиссер George Cukor, with Freddie Bartholomew, Frank Lawton, W.C. Fields,
1934: [/ /1] The girl from Missouri (Актеры: Frank Cousins), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Lionel Barrymore, Clara Blandick, Jean Harlow,
1934: [] Treasure Island (Актеры: Capt. Alexander Smollett), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Lionel Barrymore, Jackie Cooper, Wallace Beery,
1933: [/ /1] Queen Christina (Актеры: Kanzler Oxenstierna), Режиссер Rouben Mamoulian, with Cora Sue Collins, David Torrence, ,
1933: [/ /1] Bureau of missing persons (Актеры), Режиссер Roy del Ruth, with Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien,
1933: [] The white sister (Актеры), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Edward Arnold, Clark Gable, Louise Closser Hale,
1933: [04.28] Looking Forward (Актеры: Gabriel Service Sr.), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Lionel Barrymore, Benita Hume,
1932: [11.05] The Mask of Fu-Manchu (Актеры: Nayland Smith), Режиссер Charles Brabin, Charles Vidor, with Boris Karloff, Karen Morley, Myrna Loy,
1932: [08/27] Divorce in the Family (Актеры: John Parker ), Режиссер Charles F. Reisner, with Jackie Cooper, Conrad Nagel,
1932: [] Letty Lynton (Актеры), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery, Nils Asther,
1932: [06.25] Red headed woman (Актеры), Режиссер Jack Conway, with Charles Boyer, Jean Harlow, Chester Morris,
1932: [06.04] New morals for old (Актеры: Mr. Thomas ), Режиссер Charles Brabin, with Robert Young, Margaret Perry,
1932: [04.12] Grand Hotel (Актеры: Doktor Otternschlag), Режиссер Edmund Goulding, with Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Joan Crawford,
1932: [03.26] The Wet Parade (Актеры: Colonel Roger Chilcote ), Режиссер Victor Fleming, with Dorothy Jordan, Robert Young,
1932: [12.26] Mata Hari (Актеры: Andriani), Режиссер George Fitzmaurice, with Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Cecil Cunningham,
1931: [12.26] Strictly Dishonorable (Актеры: Judge Dempsey), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Paul Lukacs, Sidney Fox,
1931: [10/24] The Sin of Madelon Claudet (Актеры: Carlo Boretti), Режиссер Edgar Selwyn, with Helen Hayes, Neil Hamilton,
1931: [/ /1] Romance (Актеры), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Greta Garbo, Gavin Gordon,
1931: [/ /1] Inspiration (Актеры), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Greta Garbo, Robert Montgomery,
1931: [05.31] Always Goodbye (Актеры: John Graham ), Режиссер Kenneth Mackenna, William Cameron Menzies, with Elissa Landi, Paul Cavanaugh,
1931: [04.18] The Secret Six (Актеры), Режиссер George William Hill, with Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow,
1930: [08.23] The Office Wife (Актеры), Режиссер Lloyd Bacon, with Joan Blondell, Hobart Bosworth,
1930: [] The Big House (Актеры: Gefängnisdirektor), Режиссер George William Hill, with Robert Emmett O'Connor, Fletcher Norton, Chester Morris,
1930: [] My Past (Актеры: Mr. John Thornley), Режиссер Roy del Ruth, with Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon,
1930: [] Passion Flower (Актеры: Antonio 'Tony' Morado), Режиссер William C. de Mille, with Kay Francis, Kay Johnson, Charles Bickford,
1929: [] Madame X (Актеры), Режиссер Lionel Barrymore, with Ullrich Haupt, Ruth Chatterton,
1929: [] The Patriot (Актеры), Режиссер Ernst Lubitsch, with Florence Vidor, Emil Jannings,
1928: [] Wild Orchids (Актеры: John Sterling), Режиссер Sidney Franklin, with Greta Garbo, Nils Asther,
1928: [/ /1] Woman of Affairs (Актеры), Режиссер Clarence Brown, with Hobart Bosworth, John Gilbert,
1927: [03.27] (Актеры: Patrick Marlowe / John Carew), Режиссер King Baggot, with Barbara Bedford, Ann Rork,
1927: [02.13] An Affair of the Follies (Актеры: Hammersley), Режиссер Millard Webb, with Billie Dove, Lloyd Hughes,
1926: [01.31] Девушка с Монмартра (The Girl from Montmartre) (Актеры: Jerome), Режиссер Alfred E. Green, with Barbara La Marr, Robert Ellis,
1926: [04.11] Old Loves and New (Актеры: Gervas Carew), Режиссер Maurice Tourneur, with Barbara Bedford, Walter Pidgeon,
1925: [09.13] What Fools Men (Актеры: Joseph Greer), Режиссер George Archainbaud, with Shirley Mason, Ethel Grey Terry,
1925: [08.09] Fine Clothes (Актеры: Earl of Denham), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Percy Marmont, Alma Rubens,
1925: [07.12] The Lady Who Lied (Актеры: Horace Pierpont), Режиссер Edwin Carewe, with Virginia Valli, Louis Payne,
1925: [06.22] The lost world (Актеры: Sir John Roxton), Режиссер Harry O. Hoyt, with Bessie Love, Wallace Beery,
1925: [03/20] Confessions of a Queen (Актеры: Der König), Режиссер Victor Sjöström, with Alice Terry, John Bowers,
1924: [11.02] Husbands and Lovers (Актеры: James Livingston (as Lewis S. Stone)), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Dale Fuller, Winter Hall,
1924: [03.03] Why Men Leave Home (Актеры: John Emerson), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Helene Chadwick, Mary Carr,
1923: [09.30] Скарамуш (Scaramouche) (Актеры: The Marquis de la Tour d'Azyr), Режиссер Rex Ingram, with Lloyd Ingraham, Alice Terry, Ramon Novarro,
1922: [02.04] The Dangerous Age (Актеры: John Emerson ), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Cleo Madison, Edith Roberts,
1922: [10.02] Лёгкомысленные девицы (Trifling Women) (Актеры: Marquis Ferroni), Режиссер Rex Ingram, with Barbara La Marr, Ramon Novarro, Pomeroy Doc Cannon,
1922: [07.31] Узник крепости Зенда (The Prisoner of Zenda) (Актеры: Rassendyll / King Rudolf), Режиссер Rex Ingram, with Alice Terry, Robert Edeson,
1922: [01.16] (Актеры: Father Brian Kelly (as Lewis S. Stone)), Режиссер Jerome Storm, with Jane Novak, Wallace Beery,
1921: [08.20] The Child thou gavest me (Актеры: Edward Berkeley ), Режиссер John M. Stahl, with Barbara Castleton, Adele Farrington, Winter Hall,
1921: [] The Concert (Актеры: Augustus Martinot), Режиссер Victor Schertzinger, with Lydia Yeamans Titus, , Russell Powell,
1920: [09.09] Milestones (Актеры), Режиссер Paul Scardon, with Alice Hollister, Gertrude Robinson,
1916: [02.14] Honor's Altar (Актеры: Warren Woods (AKA Lewis S. Stone)), Режиссер Walter Edwards, with Walter Edwards, Bessie Barriscale,
1915: [06.21] The Man Who Found Out (Актеры: (/xx/)), Режиссер N. N., with Sidney Ainsworth, Beverly Bayne, John Thorn,

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